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Chapter 23-The search

I looked at the area around me. It finally dawned on me that I was in an abandoned train station. Empty booths lined the wall behind me, and a set of train tracks was to my right. To my left, there were baskets with newspaper inside. I walked over to the magazine stands and took the first one out.

When I saw the date, my eyes widened.

February 16, 1622

Wow. The train station was more than 400 years old-and hadn't been used for a long time. But that raised the question-why was the station so nice? Why wasn't it a pile of rubble? It didn't make any sense.

I folded up the newspaper and headed towards the elevator-then my jaw dropped. The grenade the I had dropped was about to explode. I quickly grabbed Veronica's bag and ran towards the train tracks. I had to get out of here! I looked to my right and my left. To my right, there was a black tunnel and …it was the same on the other side. I quickly rummaged through Veronica's bag -until a found a flashlight.

The moment that I laid hands on it, I turned it on and sprinted towards the right tunnel. The station was going to blow up soon. I didn't want get caught in the explosion. After a was about a mile away from the station, I heard a loud boom. I glanced over my shoulder. The station was on fire…and burning Veronica. A tear fell down my face. I couldn't believe that she was dead-and Clovis might be dead too. The thought made me run faster towards the light. I couldn't let him die. I needed his help. He was the only ally that knew the layout of Paralynn. Scratch that. Indigo and Lux probably knew the land too.

Before I knew it, I had come to the light-and a crossroad. I bit my lip. Which way would led me to Clovis? I set the backpack down and fished through it.

Water…compass…clothes…food…weapons…matches…a tent…GPS. Bingo! I turned the GPS on. It showed the top of a girl's head and some tracks. After examining the picture for a minute, I realized that it was showing me. Huh. So this was a futuristic GPS. I placed my finger on the GPS and scrolled down the left path.

A few minutes later, I sighed. The left path lead to a plain. Beyond the plain, there was the beach. And near the beach-my breath stopped in my throat. The 'concentration' camp was on the screen. I could see guards bringing a whole bunch of people out of the camp. But that wasn't what made my breath stop. It was the sign behind them. The words public, execution, and today were painted on the sign. I stared at for a moment, then I almost dropped the device. Mana was in the 'public execution' line. I deep breathed and scrolled towards the forest. After a few minutes of playing around, a small smile crawled up my face. I saw a medium-sized camp. Hopefully Clovis was there with my friends.

I tucked the GPS into my pocket and took a sip of water. Ah. Water had never tasted so good. I couldn't recall the last time that I had something to drink. After I had inhaled the bottle of water, I placed it back into the backpack.

Once it was in bag, I started to sprint down the right side .I wanted to see Jade, Xanthe, James, and Clovis. …well, now I was iffy about Clovis. What if he was mad at me for not saving his sister? No. It wasn't my fault. It was the damned thief's fault. If he let me go, then Veronica would still be alive. I wouldn't be alone.

Or maybe it was my fault. I was the one who murdered Mr. Wicks. If I hadn't done that…no. I would be on my way to Brendon's palace. Or possibly the enemy's HQ. The thought sent chills down my spine. I never wanted to see-or think about the enemy's HQ. There were too many bad memories-almost drowning, endless dreams, creepy men…

I shuddered. I didn't know what was worse-Jamie and Nicole beating me up-or being in the enemy's headquarters. Both of them were horrible. Another chill ran down my spine. I wanted to think about something else. Anything that didn't have to do with Jamie, Sarah, Nicole, my aunt, Brendon, Mana, Amelia, Darla, Penny, Tam, and Veronica. That didn't leave a lot of things to think about.

I exhaled and bent over. I was tired of running. Where was Clovis? Hopefully he was close. I looked at my GPS. The little camp was close to where I was. Less than 10 minutes away. A smile crept up my face. I was close.

"Don't worry Clovis," I whispered. "I'll be there soon."

After a 5 minute break, I ran-then jumped. Feathers danced on my skin as I flew over the fence and towards the campsite. Once I was close, I turned back into a human. I sniffed the air. My nose crinkled in disgust. The air reeked of blood. Fear settled in the pit of my stomach.

Did the blood belong to Clovis? God(s) forbid that it was his. But then again, if the blood wasn't his, then who did it belong to? The answer to my question was answered as I followed a bloody trial. When I got to the end of the trail, I was in front of a tree. Blood was dripping from it. A second later, I screamed at the sight above me.

Clovis's body was hanging from the tree. His shirt was caught on a branch.

Without thinking, I climbed the tree and crawled towards Clovis. Once I was almost above him, I tapped his head.

"Clovis!," I whispered. "Are you ok?"

"…Olympia?," he whispered back.

Relief flowed through my entire body. Clovis was alive.

"Yes?," I asked.

"Where is my sister?"

The moment that he asked that, dread coursed through my veins. A tear fell from my face. Should I tell him now? Or not? I pushed the thought to the side.

"Hey Clovis?"

Clovis tried to look up at me, but it didn't work.


"I need you hold the branch so you don't fall when I cut you free."

There was silence was for a few seconds-then bloody hands wrapped the branch. I took the butcher's knife out of my belt.

"Are you ready?"

Clovis nodded as I cut the shirt. Once I was done, Clovis glanced up at me and weakly smiled.


I curtly nodded my head as I climbed down the tree.

"You're welcome."

The moment that I was down from the tree, I walked over to where (a shirtless) Clovis was hanging. I tilted my head upwards so I was looking at him.

"Here . I'll grab your torso and slowly bring you down, ok?"

He tightened his grip around the branch and nodded. "Alright."

I wrapped my arms around his torso.

"Ok, you can loosen your grip."

He bit his lip and looked down at me.

"Are you sure that I'm not too heavy?"

I cocked my head to the side and frowned. "Look, do you want to hang from the tree for eternity or do you want to get down?"

A mischievous grin appeared on Clovis's face. "You know, the view isn't bad from up here. Perfect view."

I rolled my eyes at his remark. It reminded me of the time that Mace and I were hanging from the broken staircase at Blackwater Academy.

"Are you referring to the landscape or something else," I asked him. "…I hope that you're referring to the first one."

The smile dropped from his face. "I was talking about you."

I glared at him. "Loosen your grip."

He nodded and I pulled him down to the ground. Once he was down from the tree, he folded his arms.

" All joking aside, you never answered my question. Where is Veronica?"

Another tear streaked my face as the words "she's dead" left my dry lips. Instead of yelling at me or bursting into tears, he remained silent.

"I'm sorry…," I whispered. "I-"

Clovis held his hand up. "As much as it pains me to hear that she is dead, I get it. It fucking sucks."

I numbly nodded and glanced around the rainforest. A bunch of gray monkeys were scrabbling up a strangler fig, knocking a few figs down. A jambu fruit dove flew off the highest branch. Two parrots were resting on the branch of a palm tree. The parrots were coated with the colors of the rainbow. Their eyes were like a black hole. A small, gold beak sprouted from the middle of their face. The parrots were staring at us. Before I could say anything to Clovis, the first parrot spoke.

"Rawk look Polly, rawk."

I shot the parrot a weird look. What was it squawking about and why were they staring at us? I turned my attention away from the stupid parrots. Until the second parrot opened its beak.

"Rawk Olympia and Clovis kissing in a tree, rawk."

As my jaw dropped, a furious blush spread across my face. Clovis and I were a-not in a tree and b-not kissing! Where did they get that idea?" God, parrots are stupid! …Or maybe not considering that they can mimic humans. Whatever. I gave the parrots the finger. Screw them.

When I was about to shoo them away, a coconut smashed against the tree. The parrots flinched.

"Rawk, bad Cocolovis bad, Rawkkkkk."

I looked over my shoulder. Clovis was standing behind me. Part of his hair was blood red and his green eyes were drenched in anger. Blush covered his pale face and another coconut sat in his hand. His lips were in a thin line as he stared down the parrots.

The first parrot let out a burp. I resisted the urge to laugh.

" Rawk, friends in a concentration camp, rawk."

The second that the first parrot finished speaking, a coconut knocked it off the branch. I didn't have to turn around to know who did it. It was Clovis. Once the second parrot realized what had happened, it flew away.

"Leave," a voice angrily demanded.

I slowly turned around to see Clovis glaring at me. My blood boiled at the sight of him. Something in my gut told me that he had something to do with 'friends in a concentration camp'.

"Tell me what happened," I demanded while pulling the knife out my belt. "To my friends," I added.

Clovis jerked a silver knife out of his pocket and pointed the tip at my throat. I slightly flinched as I returned the gesture. He glanced down at my knife. His frowned deepened.

"Not until you tell me what happened to Veronica." He lowered his knife so it was pointing at my heart. I suppressed a gasp. "You can tell me, or I can stab your heart."

Now this might sound crazy, but I smiled.

"Fine then. Kill me. I don't give a damn. Paralynn can suffer. You can join your dad in hell."

Clovis almost dropped his knife. "Wait…what?"

I indifferently shrugged my shoulders. "I stabbed your dad's heart with a butchers knife."

There was silence as Clovis took in my words. Finally, he spoke.

"Take me with you."

His words took me by surprise. The knife wobbled in my hands. I quickly tightened my grip and lightly placed the blade on his cheek. He froze and looked into my eyes. Sadness, anger, and determination swirled in his eyes.

"You heard me. Kill me. We'll do it on 3. No more Brendon. You'll be free. At peace. I can't live without my sister. Let's do it together. Please."

A small tear ran down my cheek. His words were convincing. If I died, I would be gone. I wouldn't have to deal with Mace. Or Brendon. And everyone else. If he died, Veronica wouldn't be lonely in heaven. Or hell. Where ever she was. But…would Veronica approve?

…Silly question. No she wouldn't. Veronica would never approve. I couldn't kill Clovis. For whatever reason, I couldn't let myself do that. Why? Like I said, I didn't know. So many emotions were swirling around my head-about dying and killing Clovis.

Happiness. I wouldn't have to deal with all of this bullshit. Anger. For him asking for something so absurd. At Brendon for getting me into this whole . Leaving everything behind. Letting Mana die. Letting Jade, Xanthe, James, Lux, and Indigo die. Burdening Mace with a load of pain. Confusion. What was going to happen next? Was I actually going to go through this?

…no. There was no way that I was going to let him die. It would disgusting if I did. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. For killing someone who had saved me from Brendon's men during our escape would make me an ungrateful brat. I wasn't going to repay him by killing him.

I shielded myself from his knife. Another tear slipped down my face.

"I'm sorry Clovis, I can't do this," Veronica wouldn't allow it I can't murder one of the men who saved my life. "

What he did next shocked me. He didn't try to kill me or yell at me. Clovis knees buckled and the knife fell out of his hand. Before he could hit the ground, I caught him.

"Clovis!," I whispered. "Are you okay?!"

He let out a moan. "Another one…"

My eyes widened. "Another what?"

Clovis weakly opened up his green eyes. There was an expression of panic, fear, and pain on his face as he spoke."Another vision…"

I let out a breath out. So was he okay. That was good news. I dragged him towards a huge log and laid him on top of it. After he was on the log, I took the GPS out my bag. The first thing that I looked for was the concentration camp. When I finally got to it, I swore under my breath. Our friends were on the execution stage. The one that Mana was on a while ago. I glanced over at Clovis. He was still having a vision. Damn it. I would have to leave him here alone. Hopefully he would be ok. I looked at GPS. Mana was 7th in line. I didn't have much time. If I didn't get there soon, then our friends were going to die.