Title: Three Kisses/Cold
Author: MissForsythe

Rating: K
Summary: Just two drabbles, one post Business as Usual and the other set between BaU and the finale.
Disclaimer: ahem, did you see them sleep together in Fridays episode? No? Then I don't own the show.
Author's Notes: Kiss, kiss, kiss, squee. That and no one has written anything yet so I got dibs.

Three Kisses

The first time she kisses him, it's nothing more then a friendly gesture. His cheek is cool and soft and vaguely smells like aftershave. In the weeks that follow, she ponders it. Maybe a hug would have been better, perhaps she should have left it at words. Then he starts acting all weird, wanting to shake her hand and asking high fives for silly things like coffee and extra paperclips. She'd laugh if she wasn't so horribly confused by it all.

Audrey knows that this is one of those doors that she kicked open without thinking about the things hiding behind it.

The second time, oh that glorious second time. He found Lucy Ripley for her, which in her mind, is the most logical thing yet she never thought of it first. He hands her the note, and tells her to go find her answers. The rest of his speech is blurry in her mind, because she's overwhelmed and happy and sad and all she can do is throw her arms around his neck. When she lets go, she sees those big blue eyes and she feels the butterflies come to life.

She starts to walk away, but the ground is wobbly beneath her feet and she's not ready to walk on it yet. She concedes to the butterflies and gives him the most intense kiss she can muster. His lips are soft and warm and taste like coffee, matching her own. He's so shocked that he forgets to touch her, a fact which she knows he'll make up to her at some point.

The third kiss happens the same night. She waits for him at his house until he comes back from the meeting. He doesn't say anything, but sits across from her and waits for her to talk. She tells him about Lucy Ripley and the mysterious entity that came to "erase" her. For a moment, she considers telling him about Duke and the diary, but she decides that it's a battle not worth fighting tonight.

She makes him promise that if they do this, them, that he'll take pictures and make little cell phone movies and whatever else is necessary in order for him to remember. Just when she gets going, he kisses her and the words are lost somewhere between him pulling her to her feet and her steering him inside the house.