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Moonlit Nights

Chapter 2: Sinful


He was more animal than man.

Kagome noticed it the first time she was injured for a man would not have handled the situation in the same way that he had.

The gash had bled profusely into the green kimono he had given her when her rags of a school uniform had become even too indecent for her tastes. And she had been sure at the time that he would have continued on his aimless journey without her.

Besides his moonlit smiles, and the food he'd set aside on occasion, he had never shown her much attention and she had not complained, happy that she could just continue to follow him with all his graceful beauty forever.

He'd been the untouchable figure from her dreams and her nightmares… until that night.

Was it only nights when he could be something other than the indifferent angel that he was?

Did the moonlight change him, was that what the symbol above his brow sought to relay?

All-in-all she didn't know and he didn't answer anything that he felt was unnecessary for him to do so… but she prayed that the sun would never rise again after that night.

The injury had not happened then, at night, but at a time when the sun had been at its highest peak. His beauty in either the sun or the moon, had never ceased to take her breath away.

She'd sat on the sidelines, entranced by a dance. It was his alone and was as forbidden and deadly as he was.

His form arched, the angles of his body were like art in her eyes, his limbs weightless as he twirled about effortlessly. Green lashes and metallic slashes waved and shifted with his elegant and deliberate movements. He was the performer and all else were merely his audience.

As one… and then two… and then three bodies fell to the ground around him, their crimson soaking through the green of blades in the meadow, the sun glinted off of his silver hair as if in applause.

Kagome did not see the threat to her life, distracted by her dark angel, but she did feel the gash as claws buried themselves and drug down her arm. The cry had not yet left her throat when the threat too thudded lifeless to the ground.

Shadowed from the sun, her stoic companion stood over her, resheathing and running pristine fingers through his silken strands at the conclusion of his deadly dance.

He did not look at her, his amber orbs focused somewhere in the distance, before he turned his back to walk away.

She followed.

He took no notice of her or her wound until the sun tucked itself behind the horizon line far away.

Laying down on her good side, Kagome clenched her eyes closed tightly, trying to ignore the pain and the hiss she wished to release because of it. And then she'd felt it.

A strong hand grasping her shoulder lightly, a pull, until she was facing the heavens, the stars in the nightsky above.

He did not say anything. His expressionless face did not relay anything. But his eyes were focused on hers as he unwrapped and freed her body from the weight of her kimono.

Ghosting deft fingers ran over the skin of her neck, her collarbone, and down to her injured arm inciting goosebumps in their wake before his golden eyes drifted to what she was sure was an ugly gash.

She almost wanted to pull away, embarrassed that he would look upon such a sight when he was perfection, but his head tilted to the side and his strong hand grasped her wrist firmly just before he descended.

Yes, he was more animal than man.

His silky tongue, lashed about her wound, warm and wet. The sensation it gave her was unexpected. It was intriguing. It was rapture.

It was sinful.

His warm breath caressed her skin as he worked. The softness of his lips forced her heart to beat frantically when they inadvertently brushed against her flesh making her shiver. Chancing the moment to look down at him just as he was approaching the crest of her wound by her shoulder, nearly finished, she went immediately dry mouthed to see that he had been watching the reactions on her face instead of the abrasion he was still licking.

Something deep inside of her lurched and she exhaled softly, needing.

Now it was sinful.

And then it was over.

She blinked and he was gone.

Gathering her clothing and wrapping herself up, she turned back over on her good side, noticing that the pain of her wound had ebbed to a minor discomfort.

Closing her eyes, and listening to her own heart as it slowly died down in intensity, she began wishing and hoping and praying that night would never end.


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