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All New Stories - In Full Color Graphic Novels

January 15th, 2013
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Written by C. J. Singer & P. Ventura
Illustrated by Annie Underwoord, Ophelia Hodge, Pete Trader & C. J. Singer
A WanderingWitches Production

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(news clipping from "Lawrence Journal World")


Abigail Serenity Donovan and Samuel Keith Winchester were married March 2nd, 2013, at the Victorian Veranda
Country Inn of Lawrence, Kansas. Spiritualist minister Missouri Moseley officiated.

In attendance were the bride's mother Catherine Donovan of Miami, Florida, and brother Philip Donovan of Baltimore, Maryland. Her sister Susanne Parker of San Bernardino, California, was maid of honor. The bride is daughter of the late Simon Donovan. The groom's brother Dean Winchester of Salina, Kansas, was best man. Castiel Singer, partner to the groom's brother, and his uncle Robert Singer of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, were also in attendance. The groom is the son of the late John and Mary Winchester, natives of Lawrence.

The bride is a doctor at Lawrence Neurology Specialists. The groom is a student at University of Kansas School of Law and works as a paralegal.

After the reception, the couple plans to honeymoon at Niagara Falls in Ontatio, Canada.

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(invitation card)

Come join us in a
"thank you, U.S. government, for making this legal"


Dean Campbell Winchester & Castiel James Singer
will tie the knot Saturday afternoon,
August 10th, 2013, in their own backyard.

Get ready for lots of beer, burgers, and rock'n'roll until the neighbors call the cops.

Yours is the cloth,
Mine is the hand that sews time

All of my love

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(special occasion card)

On March 30, 2014
join Dean & Castiel in welcoming

William Craig (2-7-2010)
& Joy Patricia (7-19-2012).

Brother and sister
born to others who sadly did not survive,
but who blessed us to raise in their stead,
to grow upon our family tree.

We shall protect and cherish these children our whole lives.

Because family
doesn't end with blood.
It begins with love.

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(news clipping from "Lawrence Journal World")

Rebecca Maryellen Winchester

Sam and Gail Winchester announced the birth of their first child, Rebecca Maryellen Winchester.
Rebecca arrived at 4:28 p.m. April 12th, 2015 at Lawrence Memorial Hospital, Kansas. She weighed
7 pounds, 4 ounces, and measured 19 and a half inches in length.

Family welcoming her include maternal grandmother Cathy Donovan of Miami, FL, and paternal
uncles Dean Winchester and Castiel J. Singer of Salina, KS.

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● In the writing credits for the Supernatural graphic novel series, P. Ventura is referencing princess_ventura the fan author in Chapter 7. Other than the obvious C. J. Singer, the artists are just randomly created names and not based on anyone.
● Yeah, Gail gets a MarySue middle name after all. And awesomely, there's a typo in the wedding announcement, which is appropriate for a newspaper.
● The song lyrics on Dean and Cas' invitation are from "All Of My Love" by Led Zeppelin. The whole song is so appropriate for them.
● The kids Dean and Cas adopt (possibly slightly not-entirely legally, but they have friends in VERY high places) are meant to be the children of hunters who got killed. No, the kids didn't witness it, so they're not traumatized like Dean and Sam were. They'll have normal childhoods - as normal as things get with these guys. And yes, the parents really DID give their blessing, since Castiel could go ask them in Heaven.
● Yep, Sam and Gail named their daughter for Becky, Ellen and Sam's mom. Becky squeed until she fainted.