Firstly before I can begin there is this legal thing that has to accompany this story, I don't own ADJL nor the Incredibls, they are owned by Disney in the first case and in the second I don' know. This story may or may not be further distributed but without any charge or something like that. So this is my fist FF in any of this category and I'm not that long in the scene. But I hope that this story will be good and that I can do it and not to have to stop because of the school, which is bad, not that there's someone like Mr. Rotwood but our French teachers isn't the nicest. Also I want to point out that English isn't my native tongue. So now to the story.

Well then this story begins in the United States of America, (where most stories begin) and to be more precise in New York. And for those who want it even more precise Filmore High School. A place where Teenagers go to school. Being one isn't always ease, hormones, tons of other things and love. Love something special that can not easely be described and I won't do it here now, that comes later, back to the story , love complicates the live of a teenager by a huge factor. And as we all know there are many teenager whit all these problems well most if not all have to deal whit the normal craziness of being a teenager. But there are also teenager who do have even more troublesome lives, teenager whit special abilities or to be more correct powers. Well superpowers would be the more accurate definition. Well then in Filmore High there was one such person one Jacob Luke Long, but more commonly known by his friends as Jake. And another such person would soon change that status. Well to Jake, well his powers can't directly be called superpowers more accurate would be dragonpowers as he can transform into a flying fire breathing dragon like in the legend. Contrary to what we can read in legends of old most dragons and magical beings, yes they exist concealed from the human eye, they are quit peaceful. But yeah unfortunately there are also the evil ones, which range from simple troublemaker, criminals, criminal masterminds to the really evil ones which want to take over the world like the Dark Dragon but he's no more or so, well Murphy will look into that. Well oh yeah dragons have a role as the policemen or superheroes of the magical world, like the supers in our world as they are now allowed to do their once forbidden work. Well thanks to Syndrom. And from here it leads to another new person. But before that let's have a look at Filmore High.

It began as a normal nice day for Jake, well he was sort of racing through the school floor as he didn't want to come late to mythology. However suddenly out of a corner a girl walked and bam. Jake didn't realize in the first moment what had happened, the opposite person too. However both looked up and in the moment looked each other deep into the eyes. And well it was sort of romantically where both were lost in heaven or in this case in each other's eyes, but then both were pulled back to reality as the bell rang. "Aww man I'm gonna be late again. Oh and sorry for that" and helped her up and. " Thanks" said the girl a bit shy. " Hey say I haven't seen you there, are you new here." "Yes and today's my first class but I don't know where." Jake looked at her timetable and saw that her first one was mythology. " You got mythology, that's the same as me and oh damn, we should better go now as Mr. Rotwood doesn't like tardiness. By the way my name's Jake Long." " Hi Jake I'm Violet Parr nice to meet you." And whit that both teens went to the class room were a quit agitated Professor was waiting. " Ah mister Long, late and always but seeing as that you, he pointed to Violet, helped our new student here I will let it slip this time. Now take your place. Class this is our new student Violet Parr. Violet I'm Professor Rotwood the principal and mythology Professor here. So now take your place,.., ther by mister Long." And whit that she went to her place.

"Now then class, open your book on page 109, our main objective will be vampires. Contrary to what most people think vampires can survive the light of the sun, they just sparkle when hit directly by sunlight. The nonsense that they cannot survive in the sun comes mostly from the aspect that they are nocturnical." And so he ranted more wrong facts over vampires as one could think. And so did till the end of the lesson

Well I hope you liked it it's my first one in this sort of category or sort so be nice.