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"And so my little hoodlums, you now learned now how vampires are one of the strongest magical creatures ande.." "Mister Rotwood have you ever heard of copyright?" asked Jake. " "Yes I have Jake, why did you interrupt me." " Because your theories look like you took them from that crapy Twilight movie" (Oh I don't own twilight too, and don't like it that much I mean vampires should be more like Dracula, which I don't own too)" Mister Long that's…. And the bell rang and drowned him. And whit everyone rushing out Rotwood hadn't the time to give Jake detention.

After the other classes Jake, his friends Trixie were sitting together at lunch. Violet appears and is looking for a place and comes to theme. " Hey can I sit here?" she asks. " Yes sure, oh and again sorry for rude welcoming here." "It's alright I lived through worse."Like being shot down and shot at by villains, she said in her head, not that she could say that aloud or her cover might get blown. However before she can sit down Brad the school bully appears. " Hey new girl, why do you want to sit whit these losers when you can sit whit the Bradster here on the table of the cool ones." " Brad get lost" countered Jake who was really annoyed of him. " And what do you intend to do, it's not like you're one of these supers there saving the people." Oh,thought Jake, I don't know I could turn into a dragon and fry you. However the boiling tumult was stopped by violet interrupting them. "Actually Brad I like it here, and would prefer not to sit whit the likes of you." "What you…" "Is there a Problem Mister Morton" rang the voice of Rotwood. " No sir." And whit this he was gone. " Well mister Long I'm not here to save you or company from him I'm in fact here of giving you detention this day after school" " What aw man." Answerd Jake in his standard sentence. " I'm sorry for you Jake. But why did you have to question him?" asked Violete. " Because of his crazy story about magical beings, I mean didn't you hear him about vampires, this theorie of him was from Twilight and also his other theories about magical beings are crappy. But yeah, so and what do you think about magical beings and so?" asked Jake in the end, he hoped she would too not too much belief in Rotwoods theories as they really were wrong. " Well you're right the thesis about Vampires are really God-awfully. About magical beings in general, well I run over the pages of the book and well, let's just say that I believe more that the thesis are wrong than magical beings are real. But generally I think it would be cool to meet one then in every myth there's a grain of truth. Or so says my mother. Then everything's possible I mean superheroes have abilities of which we only could dream and who said that some of them could be magical as it would be very hard to differ someone who has superpowers from someone who has magical ones." " Yeah I mean if there would be people who were dragons they could easely pretend they were supers and so as magic could esely be covered up as some superpower and.." said Spud but was interrupted by Trixie " Yes supdinski I think this was enough of your intelligence talking." "Yeah Spud but myths are myths right, it's not like a dragon would simply show up." Answered Jake uneasy. " You're right Jake, so and what do you think about supers." "Well their cool, the powers and so and what they do, but the responsibilities, like putting your duty in protecting the siticens before your own live, well that wouldn't be to easy." " Yea right" and she was relived. Jake too as Violet seemed not inclined to belive most normal stories of magical beings were tre, like the one about dragons being evil. Well the dark dragon was, but he was dead, wasn't he. " So what do you do here for fun" asked she. "Skating" answerd Spud. "Oh, well I can't skate." "What is if we teached you in it, it's not that hard to learn the basics of it." Offered Trixie." I don't know really, I'm not really sure if I can and.. "Oh come on that would be a good idea. I woul helph you learn it after detention." Came from Jake. "Well ok, I'll give it a try" "Ähm Jake not to ruin your fun but don' you have that Job whit your gramps." Remembered Spud his friend of his job aka dragon duty. "Oh come on for once I can easily let it slip it's not like there is much to do after all." He remembered as the Huntsclan, and in extension his former girlfriend were gone, and the Dark Dragon dead too, there weren't too much troublemakers well a few but not as strong or threatening as these two.

And as for Violet, while she was a super in training, there weren't that many villains, expect the normal criminals, of which the police or her parents could take care of. Also there aren't that much criminals in the moment because of her and her family in the area. And she really liked it to be a part of a group, as she hadn't many friends before. One day skipping her duty as super wouldn't harm anyone, because she and Flash, her little brother were learning to be superheroes under the tutelage of their parents

However Murphy 's Law says that most things happen when you least expect them or the least want theme.

But the two teenage heroes didn't care they felt something emanating from each other, but what it was or even noticing it they didn't. Jake should perhaps know of it as he knew of Cupid and his duty.

So this is my second chapter of this story and I hope you liked it.