Morning Sickness & Healers

Hermione awoke with a sudden need to throw up. She shot out of bed and ran to the bathroom, pushing the door open with a bang waking Severus at the same time. She flew to the toilet and emptied last night's attempted dinner into the bowl.

Severus moaned in bed and sat up. He looked towards the bathroom and saw Hermione attempting to hold her own hair back. He got out of bed and walked towards the bathroom and went to support Hermione.

'Go away.' Hermione said as she felt him take hold of her hair.

'Hermione its fine.' Severus replied as he rubbed her back.

'I don't want you to see me like this.' She replied as she sunk to her knees and leaned against his lower legs.

'Hermione, you're sick because you're having my child. I will support you in every way, even if it means holding your hair as you throw up.' He said. 'It doesn't bother me.'

'It bothers me though.' She said as she grabbed some toilet paper and wiped her mouth.

Severus helped Hermione up and watched as she brushed her teeth and used her minty mouthwash. Severus walked back into the bedroom and got back into bed; Hermione followed.

'How long are you staying?' she asked as she cuddled up to him.

'I told Albus a week.' He replied. 'I suspect he will cover my classes. How many classes do you have this week?'

'I don't. I have independent study this week as I have a project in next week.' She replied as she yawned. 'I've booked an appointment for the Healer this afternoon.'

'Can I come?' Severus asked like a child asking for sweets.

'Of course you can.' She replied as she looked up at him. 'I want you there Severus, it's your baby I'm carrying.'

'Doesn't seem real yet.' He replied as his hand laid on her flat stomach. 'How many weeks do you think you are?'

'About five or six.' Hermione said as she put her hand on top of his. 'I'll be due around August.'

'When do you finish University?' Severus asked thinking of the logistics knowing both Hermione and himself liked to plan.

'April/May time.' She replied. 'I suppose this means I can't take up the apprenticeship now.'

'You can.' Severus replied. 'You can start either in the December or early January and we can do it yearly instead of academic years or you can wait till the September the following year and the baby will be one by then.'

'I can't really take a year out Severus, I need to be earning.' She replied. 'I can probably afford to start in the January.'

'What do you mean afford Hermione?' Severus asked as she looked at her.

'Well when I finish University, I'll need to find a place to live, so maybe rent a flat until I get a big enough deposit for a house or I could buy somewhere but in a less desirable place. I would then need to furnish that house and buy baby stuff and then books.' She said as she started to get flustered at the thought.

'You won't need to buy or rent a house Hermione, you'll both live with me.' He replied as she stroked her cheek.

'At Hogwarts?' Hermione replied confused.

'In term time yes and in holidays either Spinners End or we can buy somewhere in Hogsmeade.' He said with a slight smile. 'I can fund our baby; I could look after you for a year or seventy if you wish Hermione.'

Hermione looked up at him shocked. 'Are you asking me to live with you?' She asked.

'Yes.' He replied as he leaned down and kissed Hermione.

Hermione kissed Severus lovingly, basking in his revelation. She pulled away and smiled at him 'Yes Severus I'll move in with you.'

After Lunch, Severus and Hermione made their way to New York Memorial Hospital to see a Healer. Hermione and Severus waited in the waiting room until they were called into a private room where a young female Healer sat.

'Good Afternoon, I'm Healer Lawrence.' The Healer said as Hermione and Severus sat down. 'Now, let me guess this right, Ms Granger and Professor Snape.'

'Correct.' Hermione replied.

'Shall I put the baby under Granger or Snape?' She asked as she took hold of her muggle pen.

'Snape.' Severus said as he looked at Hermione.

'Okay.' The Healer replied as she wrote it on the notes. 'So, how are you feeling Ms Granger? Any sickness? Tiredness?'

'Both.' Hermione replied. 'I think I'm about 5 weeks.'

'Okay. So first pregnancy?' She asked.

'Yes.' Hermione replied.

'Perfect.' She replied. 'What I need to do now is perform the charm to make sure you are infact pregnant and sort out dates then at 12 weeks we can do a muggle scan and look at your baby.'

Hermione stood up and walked to the bed as instructed. She pulled up her white top and looked at Severus who was looking at her still flat stomach.

'You are indeed pregnant.' The Healer said with a smile as she performed the charm. 'And it looks like you are about 5 weeks exactly. So August 7th looks like the due date for you.'

'A summer born baby, poor thing will be the youngest in the school year.' Hermione said to Severus.

'I'm sure our child will cope.' Severus replied with a slight smile.

'Now the next time I need to see you is after Christmas now. So today is Monday 5th December, I'd like to see you for your 12 week dating scan on the 23rd January.' The Healer said with a smile.

'Okay.' Hermione said as she pulled her top down.

'Take care, take your vitamin potions and read up!' And with that final statement they were done.

Authors Notes:

I know its a short chapter. I'm trying to get back into writing but it's not happening :( I need to get back into it! Need some inspiration. If you know any good stories, any ship please inbox me!