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Harry, and he regretted saying this, loathed Scorpius Malfoy for many reasons. When Draco's son had first been sorted into Gryffindor there had fledging little hopes; probably not shared by the elder Malfoy. Maybe the Potters and Malfoys could set aside their enmity? When Scorpius proved to be vivacious, witty, bold, those hopes had blossomed. And when he'd shown himself as insolent, temperamental and rude those hopes had died, Harry had thought irrevocably. But after a couple of years they had manifested most unexpectedly.

Standing on Platform Nine and Three-Quarters, speaking to Ginny but watching James, Harry was nervous. Over the summer James had officially 'come out of the closet', first to his mother, then to his father and finally to his family. Of course Harry hadn't minded, he was simply anxious because children could be cruel... especially Scorpius Malfoy.

"Oi! Potter!" He shoved Albus aside, planted his foot on a trunk, and leapt at Harry's eldest. His legs coiled around James' waist, his arms around James' head. "Heard you're a fag!" he shouted. "Can't say I'm surprised."

James had stumbled at first, face buried in Malfoy's chest, hands gripping his waist, but once he'd righted himself, or maybe it was only after Scorpius insulted him, he tried to push the younger boy off.

The blonde unlatched himself and dropped to the floor; at a height with James though slighter, handsome, lean and with this casual sort of grace. "Did I give you a boner, then?" he asked and burst into laughter.

So Harry hated him a little because he laughed just like Sirius, bark-like and easily. Also because he pushed Albus around some but always made sure to wink at Lily.

James shrugged. "Can't say you did." He made a show of checking himself. "Nope, nothing."

"Still," Scorpius said, "one for the wank bank, eh?" He grinned and nudged James suggestively.

Harry also couldn't stand Scorpius' language. He was the epitome of a bad influence. He swore, drank too much and too often, treated girls discourteously, was never far from a cigarette and if he wasn't wearing a leather jacket he was wearing leather pants. Like now. Twat.

The other boys, who Albus called the Morons because they'd fashioned themselves after the Marauders, came bounding up. Louis, who was Bill and Fleur's son and a seventh year like James, grinned at Harry before greeting his cousin with typical ladish behaviour. They hollered; they clapped shoulders; they cracked jokes, before arranging themselves in a circle, secluding Harry though he could still hear. Henry stood on James' other side; Brian and Tony, in sixth year with Scorpius, framed the blonde.

"Will it bother you if I still sleep naked?" Scorpius was asking, mock concerned. "Obviously you can't if you want to conceal your massive boner." The boys all laughed.

James gave him a bit of a push. "Shove off, Malfoy."

Scorpius shrieked. "He's trying to rape me!" He grinned to himself after but James rolled his eyes and his jaw shifted irritably.

Alert, Malfoy noticed and took a step forward. For one insane moment Harry thought he might apologise. But, of course, Scorpius never apologised. "Have I upset you?" He pouted, (another thing to loath – his pout was stupidly pretty). "Do you want to talk about your feelings?"

James, who hadn't doubted Scorpius' intent, scowled at him, raised an eyebrow and propped an elbow on Louis' shoulder.

"Do you want to kiss and make up?" Scorpius asked, barely containing his grin. (He also had stupidly infective, potently so, grin.)

James succumbed, smiling. "You done yet?"

"No, there's one more thing." Scorpius twirled one finger and a flurry of tiny narcissus flowers spilled forth and formed a ringlet on James' head.

Finally, as Harry willed, James lost his temper. He rubbed his head furiously, the white petals flying from the flames of hair. "For Merlin's sake, Malfoy, piss off already."

Scorpius lost his temper right back. "Take a joke, Potter. I'm not sitting with you if you're going to sulk all journey and not laugh at my hilarious jokes."

And James did laugh, albeit reluctantly, because Scorpius was funny and he was witty and charming and Harry also hated that.

"Bet you were up all last night thinking of those jokes," James said.

"Yes, Potter," Scorpius teased, "I was up all night thinking of you, like you were thinking of me... and wan-"

"Boys!" Ginny interrupted them, wrapping one arm around James' waist, for he was now taller than her. Some of the other mothers were with her and they were all clutching cameras. "Come on, one last photo."

"For your last, first day of school!" Fleur said.

So the boys threw arms around each other, the best of friends. Harry saw Scorpius take James by the head and press a kiss into his hair, murmuring something that made his son laugh. James wrapped an arm around Scorpius' neck and pulled him close, this son of Draco, James' best friend. Another reason to hate Scorpius Malfoy.

/ \

"Hey, lads, look at this." Scorpius slid the compartment door shut and lifted his shirt, a silk thing, the colour of wine. Underneath, across the pale xylophone of his ribs, were the words Toujours Pur.

"Always pure...?" Louis said doubtfully.

"Mate," said Tony, an Irish boy without a sensitive bone in his body, "that is gay."

Louis kicked him, in defence of James, and Scorpius narrowed his eyes. "That is the Black family motto you ignorant arse." He dropped his shirt.

"The Black family?" The other boys burst out laughing whilst Scorpius threw himself into the seat beside James. "You know you're a Malfoy, right?"

Scorpius crossed his arms. "Grandmother says I'm more Black than Malfoy."

"Is that what your nana says?" Tony cooed.

"When d'you get it done?" Brian asked, cutting off Scorpius' retort.

Scorpius was scowling but he answered. "Two days ago."

"So it still hurts then?"

Scorpius jutted his chin. "No."

Brian and Tony leapt at him, pinning him to his seat and thumping his ribs till he shouted out. Henry and Louis rolled their eyes but James shoved the younger boys off, pulling Scorpius back into his seat when he tried to retaliate.

"Leave off," James sighed irritably, who found the sixth years childish at times like this. "I think it's cool."

Tony and Brain immediately agreed with him. "Well, yeah... obviously... We were just messing with you, Mal."

Scorpius tossed his head. "So…" He raised both his eyebrows and grinned at Brian. "Got if off Kelly that you finally lost your virginity, Thorne? Did you cry like a girl after? How long d'you last, huh?"

"No more than ten minutes, I bet," Tony crowed.

This was the game that they played: tease and goad and provoke until the victim snapped; with Scorpius it never lasted long whichever side he was on.

Brian, easy going as he was, usually coped quite well. Not when it came to this apparently. "Bugger off, you lot." Sensing weakness, with broad, bold grins, the other boys pounced.

"What? Less than ten minutes then?" Scorpius laughed.

"Or did you jizz just at the sight of Olivia's knickers?" James asked and they fell about in fits of laughter.

That game occupied Scorpius for an hour or so and then he left to find his on-and-off girlfriend Jasmine, returning later with mussed hair and swollen lips. James had actually dared to think he might escape his own baiting; he would be so lucky. With ten minutes of the journey left all five boys turned to him.

"So, can we still call you Potter? Or will it have to be Miss Potter now?" Henry asked.

"It'll be 'I'm so sorry' if you don't shut up," James shot back. "I had my turn back on the station. Let's just," he threw a hand in the air, "talk about our summers."

"We are talking about our summers," Henry said. "So what did you do this summer, Potter? Start with that bit about how you turned out gay."

They waited expectantly.

James blew air out of his cheeks. "Er... I dunno..." He'd known that this was coming and supposed there was no reason to disappoint them now. "I guess I realised I was gay... when I was balls deep in this guy's arse-"

Tony pretended to wretch and Louis clapped a pair of hands over his ears but the other three burst into laughter: Scorpius with his head thrown back, his laugh loud and blonde hair bright.

A smile tugged at the corner of James' mouth and he had to pull his eyes away. He grinned at the rest. "-Right, so I'm fucking him and I'm thinking 'you know what, this ain't half bad.'"

"Ain't half bad!" Louis cried, "you didn't tell it like that to the family!"

"Well I'm relieved," Henry said, cool and composed as usual, "when I first heard I thought that you might be the taker."

"Ha!" James spat to show what he thought of that idea. "Do I look like a bottom, mate?"

"A what?" Brian wheezed as wiped imaginary tears from the corner of his eye.

James flushed. "A bottom, as opposed to a top... You know, you have the giver and the taker, pitcher and catcher..."

"Oh!" Their laughter rose to hysteria; even Henry guffawed and Louis snorted in a particularly unveela like way. Scorpius gripped James' arm, falling against him as he fell into fits of laughter.

That's what James told them. He pretended that he'd met this guy whilst he and his family were on holiday; that they'd got to know each other and that they'd had a fling. In actuality he'd met loads of guys whilst on holiday, even more over the past couple of years and he'd had flings with all of them. But that wasn't what made him realise he was gay. Rather it was the way Scorpius looked in the firelight, his naked body like a wild animal's; his muscles at play beneath the moon-pale silk of his skin with shadows dancing down the curve of his spine.

Undoubtedly it was Scorpius that had made James gay.

/ \

"So why didn't you tell me then?" Scorpius demanded.

"Maybe because you'd act like this," James suggested.

"Like what? Funny, clever, irresistible." He winked.

"Like that, right there." James jabbed his cigarette at his best friend. "With the winking and mocking me in front of my parents..."

"Merlin, you're super sensitive since you turned gay," Scorpius sneered and shoved him into the wall of the tunnel.

James shoved him right back. "I've been gay for years, arsehole."

Scorpius righted himself, brushing down his dangerously tight leather pants. He snatched James' cigarette from his open mouth. "Yeah, so why didn't you tell me?" He took a long drag and waited expectantly.

The light from the torches slanted across his face, glinting in his steely eyes and shining in his white blonde hair. It had been Scorpius' idea to lift some firewhiskey from The Hog's Head, in preparation for tonight's party. James accompanied him as always, though he was apprehensive as always because, as always, he wondered if this time would be the time he finally lost control.

Scorpius raised an eyebrow.

James shrugged and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "I dunno... I was embarrassed I guess."

"Pff." Smoke rushed from Scorpius' nose. "Why? I don't care and that's all that matters, isn't it? I mean, that I don't care." He flicked the cigarette on the floor and carried on walking. "So if you're a gay you fancy me right?" He threw a grin over his shoulder as James followed after him. "Bet you wanna get in my pants."

James gave a shout of laughter. "Hardly!"

"Aw, come on," Scorpius said. "You know, you have a lot of making up to do considering you never once hit on me."


"Well, it's insulting."

James shook his head, falling into step with Scorpius. "You are so vain."

Scorpius stopped again, the torchlight shivering in the hollows of his cheeks lending him a sultry air. "You're shitting me. Admit I turn you on. Admit it."

James curled his fists and found his palms sweaty. He swallowed. "Piss off, Malfoy." He tried to walk on but Scorpius pushed him back, apparently genuinely offended.

"What about if I grabbed your dick? Say it; say you'd love it if I grabbed your dick."

James choked but managed a derisive tone. "With those hands, they aren't nearly big enough."

Scorpius laughed and shrugged and lit another cigarette thoughtfully. "Well, what about if I sucked it, bet that would turn you on. Besides I've seen your dick, it would fit... in my mouth anyway." Another wink.

James' throat was dry. He swallowed again. "I'd be afraid you'd bite me."

Scorpius raised an eyebrow, a habit of his. "What about if I fucked your dick?"

"Sorry?" James spluttered.

"Come on," Scorpius whined, reminding James he wasn't quite serious, "I could ride the shit out of it. You've seen me on a broom, you know I'd be good. You're blushing!" He cried in delight.

James was more than bloody blushing... because he had seen Scorpius ride a broom.

"Are you imagining me riding your dick?" Was Scorpius using that voice for affect? Low and seductive like that? "Am I good? Is my arse tight?" He wasn't sure who had taken a step forward but Scorpius was too close for comfort, in body and words. "I bet it is; I am a virgin you know, well an arse virgin." Was that James panting or Scorpius? Maybe it was both of them. "Bet it hurts at first... because your dick is so huge and my arse is so tight... we'd be so good together, wouldn't we?" Scorpius swallowed now, tilted his head sideways. "James..." He spoke quietly as though waking someone from sleep. "Potter?" and his lips parted in a smirk. "You have a boner."

James could feel the blood draining from his face and rushing to somewhere else.

Scorpius sniggered and pushed him back, they'd been standing close, so close James had been able to smell him,and turned around.

James grabbed his arm before he could move off and wrenched him back. Scorpius gave a shout and stumbled, staring in surprise. "So," James whispered, "what are you going to do about it?"

"What...?" Scorpius' murmur was throaty.

"It's a simple question, Malfoy." James tightened his fingers and Scorpius' eyes widened when James' hardness dug into his hip. "And you've already come up with a few answers..."

"Fuck, Potter," Scorpius breathed, eyes glinting, "you really can't take a joke, can you?" He shrugged James off. "Why don't you head back?" he suggested.

James was so angry he could feel himself trembling. "What, are you dismissing me?" he demanded. "You said- oh just fuck you, Malfoy!" He turned on his heel and stormed off.

He looked back just once, when he was far enough away that Scorpius mightn't be able to tell. The son of a bitch was still there, leant against the wall, the light of his cigarette flickering softly. James frowned angrily and carried on.

/ \

James returned to their dorm in such a state of anger he barely noticed the journey and certainly didn't have enough time to calm down. The boys shared looks as he threw open their door whilst Podgy, Tubby and Chubby, the other guys in James' dorm, looked ready to wet themselves.

"The fuck are you lot still doing here," he demanded. Ever since fourth year they had swapped beds with Brian, Tony and Scorpius so the 'New Marauders' could room together. "Actually-" He realised he was breathless and still hard. "Actually don't move. You," he pointed at Tubby, "can stay."

Brian frowned. "But what about Mal?" He looked confused. The dumb fuck.

"Well you can keep him company in his own fucking room!" James yelled. "I'm sick of him! And get off my bed, Abernathy, unless you want to join them." Tony leapt up, threw Louis and Henry a look and ducked out of the room; Brian on his heels.

"What happened?" Henry asked, though he sounded like he didn't give a shit; lounging in the windowsill with a smoke.

James scowled and stalked to the bathroom, slamming the door shut before falling against it. A window was open and the room was cold, whilst he was hot, damp with sweat and so hard it hurt. He gave himself a glance and screwed his eyes shut in frustration. He was sick of Scorpius, sick of fantasising about him, of lusting for him, sick of fucking his fist as he thought about him.

He groaned, closed his eyes and shoved a hand into his pants.

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