Not a chapter, sorry!

A few people requested that i post the last chapter with double spacing (i lost my formatting when i posted it and didnt realise) So i thought i'd let people know that i am sitting in an internet cafe in Vientiene looking over my shoulders to make sure no westerners realise what im doing and putting spaces between each line. (also im a review whore but you knew that)

I know fake chapters are annoying but its complete so hopefully no one got excited. I hope the easier read make up for it!

This is also gives me the opportunity to let you know that i plan to write a prequel, a sequel and third part and the same story again, but from Scorpius' POV. If you like, let me know which you would like to read first and if you would read the same thing (though shorter and with a few different scenes) from Scorpius POV at all.

Also a few people were confused about the ending, thinking it cutoff because it was so abrupt. I guess it was quite optimistic of me to hope people would remember the first chapter since most of you read it back in Novemeber. But yeah, the last line mirrors the conversation back in chapter one. Its cutoff, i imagine, because Scoprius would kiss James to stop him from completing the line."Like you were thinking of me and wanking" Yeah... i quite liked the ending but it was a bit of a shot in the dark.

anyway, apologies again. I'm going to reply to reviews now and then love you and leave you till im back in august.

Kisses xxxxx