It Never Ends
By Montez
Chapter 1
Disclaimer: I only own the DVD, but I keep hoping.

A/N: Loved the season opener, but just felt Steve wasn't quiet hurt enough by the end of the episode. I mean it was like once Max fixed him up everyone forgot he'd been stabbed AND lost consciousness at Max's place. The is my little extention at the end of the episode, for all the hurt/angst/comfort of the season 2 opener, I just felt like we could use just a little more. Hope you agree-Montez

"Son of a…" Danny whispered to himself as he sat in his newly restored office, continuing to go over the SD disk he and McGarrett had found in the locker at the airport. Next to the day just a few days ago when his world went to hell, had he had such an emotional rollercoaster of a day.

Starting with Lt. Commander Joe White arriving to help clear Steve's name in the Governor's murder, to visiting said friend, again in jail, something that literally made him sick to his stomach every time he thought about it, to meeting with Chin, whom he hadn't seen in nearly a week, thus in Danny's mind, giving him the perfect sounding board for his frustration about how slow everything was going since he couldn't in good conscious rant and yell at Steve, who was still sitting in a Maximum security prison not far from the man who'd killed his father.

Then the call that he'd feared since Chin had closed the HPD car door on his partner, Steve had been shanked in prison by none other than Victor Hess and was currently being transported to the hospital with an abdominal wound. The day continued to just get better and better when he and Chin had confronted Hess who then totally floored them by stating that he'd stabbed Steve in order to give him a chance to escape to go after Wo Fat.

Next came a call from their quirky ME Max Bergman, telling Chin that he actually had McGarrett, unconscious, at his place. Relief flooded him the moment he'd walked into Max's place to see Steve standing on his own two feet, only for his emotions to steam roll over all that as he launched into a rant about how stupid it was for Steve to escape and take out a cop in the process. From that point the rest of the day was literally a blur as he and Steve met again with Lt. Commander White who introduced Steve to the man who'd owned the Japanese medal that John McGarrett'd had inside the Champ box. To realizing McGarrett Senior had left evidence against the Governor in an airport locker, that evidence being footage from a hidden camera in the governor's study.

That in turn gave them the clue that maybe that camera was still there and still recording and had possibly caught the Governor's murder on tape, clearing Steve. With that new evidence Steve was finally cleared by the Lt. Governor, Five-0 was reinstated and had inadvertently intercepted the sale and purchase of contents for a dirty bomb. And in all honesty Danny should have been happy, his partner had been cleared of all charges, Five-0 had been reinstated though still without Kono until IA finished their bogus investigation and he would be seeing Grace in a couple days, despite the disappointment that Rachel was not pregnant with his child but Stan's.

Glancing out the window of his office Danny could see the rest of his team, his ohana, finally all in one place together again, he should be happy, he should be out there with them, but he wasn't. The pain of what Rachel had done to him, mixing with the fear and anxiety of what his friends and partner had just gone through in the last week, Williams had never found himself more mentally and physically drained than he did at that moment and now this. How was he going to show what he'd found to Steve and just what did it really mean?

"Hey buddy you're getting behind, drink up." Steve said as he stepped into Danny's office, placing another beer on the desk.

Danny glanced up at Steve, his partner still looked awful pale and now seemed to have a slight sheen of sweat covering his face, but of course he had been stabbed that morning in prison and he'd lost a fair amount of blood to have passed out at Max's place. But Williams also knew his partner had been running on pure adrenaline and shear determination since waking up at the ME's place. Danny closed the laptop, not willing to place anymore on his friend at the moment. His forehead pinching as he studied Steve, "How are you doing?" Danny asked calmly, trying to keep his normally clipped tone down some, watching McGarrett something just seemed off.

Steve took a pull on the bottle in his hands, glancing out the window of Danny's office seeing Chin, Kono, Jenna, Komakono and the last person he ever expected to see, his former Commander Joe White. He then glanced back at Danny, trying to give a reassuring smile through the haze his vision had become over the last hour or so. "I'm good." Steve said taking a deep-breath, willing away the fuzziness starting to cloud his head.

Danny didn't miss the slight shake of his head Steve did as he took another drink then absently put the beer bottle against his temple, closing his eyes. "Fine my ass, you do remember you were stabbed this morning in prison, then passed out at Max's place, after taking out the ambulance crew and an HPD officer. Then you nearly got us killed jumping onto a moving boat, I seriously doubt you are 'fine'". Williams had stood and started around his desk toward his partner.

Glancing out his window, the rest of the team was smiling and laughing, everyone except for Joe, who was intently watching his former charge, a subtle nod of his head had Danny motioning for the older man to join him, it was scary how much the SEAL trainer was just like Steve, or maybe the other way around, regardless it only took a look for Danny to know the Lt. Commander understood he might need some help.

Steve jumped slightly when Danny touched his arm, something that never happened, you couldn't normally sneak up on Steve 'Super SEAL' McGarrett, but that's just what Williams had done. "Damn it Steve, you're burning up. When was the last time you checked your wound? You haven't even been to the hospital to have it check out."

Danny looked up as Joe stepped through the doorway, "You all right son?" White's voice, ever calm and even, concern flashing in his eye's as he looked at Steve.

Damn Navy protocol had Steve actually trying to come to attention when the older man walked in, even though throughout the whole day that detail had been nonexistent outside of the 'Sir' whenever McGarrett talked with Joe. "I'm fine Sir, just…"

Williams saw the moment his friend lost focus, crossing the few feet distance just before Steve's beer bottle slipped from his grasp and his legs gave out. Joe came forward quickly as well, helping Danny ease McGarrett to the floor. "Steve? Hey can you hear me?" Danny asked as he watched his partner struggle to keep his eyes open.

It was White's voice that pulled Danny's attention for a moment from his downed partner, "Chin call an ambulance." The older man had stepped to the door, calling back into the main room, Chin pulling his phone out as the rest of the team made their way to the doorway to see what was happening.

"Come on McGarrett open your eyes and try to convince me you're fine." Danny shook Steve's shoulder as he reached to check his pulse which was beating triple time, the heat radiating off his friend was almost enough to make Danny pull back. "Steve, open you damn eyes."

"Danny?" Steve whispered out, though his eyes were still closed.

"Yeah, man I'm right here; you take it easy we've got help coming. I'm going to check your wound; we need to see if you're bleeding again, you might have an infection, okay? Just take it easy." Williams glanced up at Joe, who was now knelling next to Steve's head, the older man placing his hand on one of McGarrett's shoulder just in case he started to struggle against Williams ministrations. "Damn it Steve." Danny mumbled as he pulled up his friend's shirt and saw the white bandage Max had put on hours ago soaked with blood, Steve's dark shirt hiding the blood that had soaked through. "Chin we need the first aid kit!" Williams shouted knowing they had more gauze in the kit that would help until the ambulance arrived.

Steve weakly pushed against Danny's hands as his partner started to slowly cut away the gauze with the pocket knife he'd pulled out. A hiss of pain drew the Jersey native's eyes to his friend, "Easy man, I need to see what's going on."

"Danny…" Williams had never heard that pleading sound come from his friend before. The hiss repeated itself as Danny pulled back the dressing seeing the small wound in McGarrett's abdomen was now an angry red, swelling around the edges along with the slow leak of blood mixed with pus oozing from the wound. "God, Danny stop…" Steve barely whispered trying to draw in a ragged breath past the pain the was consuming his body.

"It's all right Son, let him check you over, just take it easy helps coming." Lt. Commander Joe White's calm voice pulled Steve's attention from his partner to his Commander.

Danny glanced up as Chin came through the doorway with the kit, quickly dropping next to the younger man pulling out supplies as they heard the ambulance pulling up out front of the building. For a moment Williams noticed how Steve quieted at Joe's few words, damn if this wasn't one of those times he loved and hated Steve's SEAL training. Hating it because Steve took the older man's words as an order to virtually 'suck it up', but loved it for the same reason, his partner had stopped struggling and with his eye's pinched closed, his fists clinched at his side, his breathing ragged but focused, McGarrett was using the training he'd learned from White to get past the extreme pain he was obviously in.

His friend had gone so still that Danny couldn't help but call out to him as he wiped the area and placed another piece of gauze over the wound, the sound of paramedics coming through the office just background noise. "Steve, you still with me?"

"Yeah…" Was the only reply as EMT's pushed their way in, Danny and Chin backing away, Joe still near his charge's head, a comforting hand on the younger man's shoulder.

Danny watched as the medics started to work, recovering the wound, checking Steve's breathing, heart rate and blood pressure, he watched, terrified, when one of the EMT's pushed against the wound, securing the dressing with tape causing Steve's whole body to arch slightly before going deathly still, "Steve!" Danny couldn't stop himself from moving toward his friend.

Chin holding him back, "Let them work." Kelly said as Joe moved back allowing the medics to finish prepping McGarrett for transport.

"We need to move now, blood pressure's low and his fever is 104." The older EMT ordered as they lifted Steve to the stretcher, wheeling him through the office.

"I'm going with him." Danny shouted. He was worried for his friend and the last ambulance ride Steve had taken led to his escape that very morning.

"We'll meet you at the hospital." Joe said calmly as the rest of the Five-0 family watched their leader and second disappear through the glass doors.