Angel's Will

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Summary: Angel died in the fight for LA and has left a will which will bring worlds together.

Note: Damn I shouldn't read challenges…mostly they result in another started fic….ahh so here it is. Instead of working on one of my other running fics here is another new one….damn…
This is my response to challenge 1790 over on Twisting the Hellmouth.

Note2: Post S7 for Buffy with a few changes to canon which will come up in the fic, not counting the comic S8, cause I stopped reading that after #4.

Beta: Inachis, thank you for all your help.

Chapter 1

(Cleveland, Slayer's Council HQ)

Buffy couldn't believe it. She reread the letter she'd just gotten again and then a third and fourth time. Angel was dead. He died in some big fight down in Los Angeles to save the city. In the end they had won, but Angel died soon afterwards because one of the weapons he was wounded by was coated with some demonic toxin which burned him from within. Now she was invited to LA by Wolfram & Hart to the reading of his will.

She shook her head in disbelief and then with tears in her eyes she yelled loudly trough the building "GILES!" She then looked at one of the baby slayers and said in a voice you could barely hear. "Please get Willow and Giles, tell them that I'll wait for them in conference room one." Without waiting for a reply from the young woman she quickly vanished into one of the bathrooms to freshen up a bit. After that she hurried to the conference room where she waited a few minutes until Willow and then a few moments later Giles appeared. After looking at Buffy, Giles quickly closed the door behind him.

"What is it Buffy?" he asked cautiously.

Buffy looked at her watcher and her red haired friend and with tearstained eyes she replied, "Angel is dead."

While Willow looked shocked at that news, Giles took it in quite stoically, which wasn't lost on Willow. She looked at the older man and said, "You don't seem surprised Giles."

"Actually I'm not. My guess is that Buffy got a letter from Angel's law firm, just as I did," Giles replied.

Buffy just nodded to that and Giles continued, "So the question is if this is some kind of trap or not."

Buffy looked up at that and asked, "A trap?" Giles looked at her for a moment and then said, "Yes, Wolfram & Hart aren't known for their goodness of heart after all."

"So what do we do?" Buffy asked.

"Simple, we ask someone who should know more about that than we do," Willow said.

"Good idea, but who could we ask?" Giles said.

"Wesley, I would say. He should know what's up," Willow replied.

"Wesley? As in Wesley Wyndam-Pryce?" Giles asked in surprise.

"Indeed," Willow said and then pulled out a cell phone. "I can call him if you want."

"In this case that sounds like a good idea," Giles said and Buffy just nodded in agreement.

Willow smiled at them and then quickly dialed a number out of her phonebook. She waited a few moments, then listened to what was said on the other side and then said, "Hello Wesley, this is Willow. I have Giles and Buffy with me, wait a second and I'll put you on speaker."

She quickly put her phone in a docking station on the table and then continued, "Ok Wesley, now we can all hear you."

"Hello Wesley," Buffy and Giles said and got back a, "Hello you two, let me guess, you called because of Angel's Will?" as a reply.

"What happened in LA?" Buffy asked and so Wesley explained what had happened with W&H and the Black Thorns and all.

"So, he really is dead?" Buffy asked her former watcher with tears running down her face. The other end was silent for a few moments, but then Wes replied with a saddened, "Yes, there was nothing that we could do. By the time we realized there was something wrong with him, it was already too late."

They continued to talk about everything for a while and then Giles asked, "So the letter from W&H is genuine?"

"Yes, the reading of the will is in two days. Send me your flight number and I will meet you at the airport," Wes replied.


(LA, Office of W&H two days later)

Buffy, Giles and Willow entered the office building and suddenly everyone felt on guard. After asking at the reception, one underling quickly brought them to the room where the will would be read.

They entered the room and looked around. They weren't the first ones there, Wesley and Lorne where already in the room as well as three people who could only be demons of some kind. Giles quickly lay a hand on Buffy's shoulder, which had to reign in her impulses to slay now and ask questions later.

They quickly greeted Wes and Lorne and then sat down beside the two.

The lawyer in front nodded to them and said, "Welcome to Wolfram & Hard, Mr. Giles, Miss Summers, Miss Rosenberg. We will start soon, we only have to wait on four other people, who will be here momentarily."

A few minutes later the door opened again and a pair entered the room. As Buffy looked up she stared in disbelief and after a moment said, "Spike?"

Spike with the woman on his arm smiled at them and said, "Ahh my favorite Slayer and her friends. I hope you are well?"

"You're alive?" Buffy asked in disbelief.

Before Spike could answer the woman on his arm said in a dreamy voice, "My William, the stars are singing and tell me nice and terrible things that will happen soon to your little blonde toy and her friends. Ms. Edith tells me she wants some tea at home."

Spike smiled at his companion and replied, "That's fine my pet, we'll listen to what Angel's lawyer will say and then we'll have some tea."

"Daddy will give all those people nice things my William, but not everyone will like their gift," Dru said dreamily.

They quickly took their seats and then Spike said to Buffy, "Long story, I'll tell you later."

Before Buffy could reply to that the door opened again and another pair entered the room. Buffy looked at them, jumped up and yelled, "What is that coward doing here?"

Everyone went quiet at that yell and the men in question looked with disdain on Buffy. "Coward? Has the blond hair dye you use finally destroyed every last brain cell you had?"

"Yes coward, you left us alone and run away," Buffy yelled again.

The woman at the man's side laughed and then said, "X, the entertainment here is great already. Hey blond bitch, reality check. You threw him out of your little gang and took away everything he had. After he saved me from those Hellbitches and you from the bomb under your feet, we decided to continue the fight somewhere else. So don't blame X for your own stupidity."

Before Buffy could yell something else, Willow and Giles asked, "Bomb?"

"Yes bomb. X...," Faith said, but Xander laid a hand on her arm and interrupted her. "That's not important. We're here for something else and after that we have other obligations. So let's not go there. Summers and Rosenberg aren't worth it."

Willow flinched at being called Rosenberg by Xander while the two took their seats and ignored them.

After they had taken the seats the lawyer spoke up. "Greetings, Gentlebeings. I'm Floyd Malloy, Mr. Liam Angel's lawyer, and have the sad duty to read his Last Will and Testament. As I can see everyone invited is here, we can now begin. Mr. Angel hasn't left anything he wished to say, meaning we can get right to business. Mr. Alucard?"

One of the three people/demons Buffy didn't know rose. He was dressed in a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, a red cravat, and a long red duster. On his head he wore a red fedora with a wide, floppy brim and his eyes were hidden by a pair of circular, wire-framed sunglasses. The man smiled a maniac grin and only nodded at the lawyer.

The lawyer gulped a bit and then continued, "As a thank you for the help you and the Hellsing Organization gave to Mr. Angel, he has left 3 million dollars to Miss Hellsing and 2 million to you personally, as well as the book he has already lent you."

As the man's grin became even more maniac and he then sat down again without a word, Buffy gulped at hearing those sums. She never knew Angel was that rich.

"Next would be Mr. Blade." The lawyer looked up and after a huge black man dressed in a long black duster with his eyes hidden by black sunglasses rose up, he continued. "For your friendship and a few fun hunts over the years, Mr. Angel leaves you 4 million USD to continue your fight against your enemies."

Giles only shook his head and mumbled, "The Daywalker… I thought he was just a legend."

Just as Willow went to ask Giles what he meant Mr. Malloy continued, "Then we have Mr. Crowe."

The last of the three strangers stood up. He was dressed in what you could call a comfortable combat outfit and even here he wore several weapons and a nice silver crucifix. While Buffy was looking him over, the lawyer said, "Mr. Crowe, Mr. Angel says here he knows that you are sponsored by the Vatican, but he has always respected your work and so would like to offer you 2 million USD as a fund to continue your fight."

Crowe just nodded and then sat down again while Malloy didn't wait and continued. "Mr. Lorne, to you Mr. Angels leaves 2 million as well and 3 million extra if you ever decide to reopen your old establishment because it kept a lot of the darker side off the streets. Mr. Wyndam-Price, to you Mr. Angel leaves the Hyperion Hotel as well as 4 million in the hope that you will continue to help the people of LA."

Both Lorne and Wesley were speechless and with tears in their eyes just nodded. It seems like neither knew how well off Angel was in his unlife.

"Then we have Mr. and Ms. Harris…," here the lawyer was interrupted by a loud "WHAT?" from Buffy and Willow.

Annoyed, the lawyer looked up, "Could you please be quiet so that I can continue? Thank you. As I said, to the Harris's Mr. Angel leaves 10 million dollars, as a thank you for all the help they have given him since they came to LA and because both deserve it."

"Wow Deadboy…You always were good for a surprise," Xander muttered.

"William Henry and Dru Pratt-Malfoy." the lawyer said and at this Spike and Dru rose up. "To you, my childe and grandchilde, I leave 5 million dollars as well as my share in the LA Bloodbank."

The lawyer shuffled a bit in his papers and then said, "Only two things left now. Mr. Giles, as the head of the Slayers' Council, Mr. Angel leaves you an operating fund of 7 million dollars to pay for colleges and other things for the girls in your trust. Last we come to Miss Summers."

Buffy stood up and was wondering what was coming. "To Miss Summers go 15 million dollars as well as a favor Mr. Angels wants to ask of you as his last wish."

Buffy stood there dumbfounded and didn't know what to say. Finally after several minutes she nodded and Mr. Malloy stood up and gave her an envelope. "This Miss Summers, contains all the information on the favor Mr. Angel wants to ask of you."

Buffy took the envelope silently and put it in her purse.

Mr. Malloy looked around and then said, "That concludes my business here. My assistant will handle the necessary paperwork. Have a nice day." And with that the lawyer left the office.

Xander and Faith left directly behind him, ignoring Willow's call of, "Xander?"

At the end only Buffy, Giles and Willow were left, although they had agreed to meet later with Spike and Wesley.

"Can we go to our hotel, so that I can read the letter?" Buffy asked in a tired tone.

Giles nodded and so the three left the office as well.


(LA, Hacendia Hotel)

After Buffy had excused herself from Willow and Giles, she laid down on her bed. She took the envelope into her hands and stared at it for several minutes. Finally she took a deep breath and opened it. Besides a letter, a golden key also fell out of it. She took it up and looked it over for a while. It wasn't too big and she wondered what the key was for. She shrugged her shoulders and put the key aside for now, guessing the explanation for it would come while reading Angel's letter.

Taking another deep breath she picked the letter up and started to read.


Buffy my love,

If you're reading this letter that means I haven't survived my fight against the Black Thorn. I don't regret it, because if you're reading it, it also means we have won and the world is still spinning, and I died for a good cause. The only thing I regret is that I didn't have a chance to see you again. Please remember that I love you and always will and that I would have wished that there was a way around the curse, but sadly I never found one and so I had to keep away from you.

It pains me to write this, but I have a huge favor to ask of you. I planned to handle the matter myself after LA was safe, but obviously I can't now and so I hope you'll find it in your heart to help me out with this.

In Britain, my homeland, a, what would you call him?, a 'new big bad', I would guess, has risen or rather, an old one has resurfaced. You probably ask yourself now how I'm involved in this? That's easy and hard to answer at the same time. The answer to this question is 'family'.

I know you read the 'history' about Angelus and that it said I killed my whole family after Darla turned me. This is true, but only partially. I killed everyone of my family at home, but one of my sisters was at a boarding school at the time and Angelus luckily never got to her. Thus my family line survived to this day.

The youngest member of my family, a beautiful and brilliant young woman called Hermione, is involved in the fight against this 'big bad' and I would like to ask two things of you. Help her in the fight and give her the key that was in this envelope. Like my sister, she currently goes to the same boarding school. Ask Giles about a place called Hogwarts, he can tell you more about it. I also added her home address on the back of this letter.

I know it is a lot to ask of you, but I sincerely hope that you will grant me this wish.

With love,



Buffy reread the letter again, then got up from her bed and after refreshing herself in the bathroom, she went to Giles for a long talk.