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Chapter 2

(LA, Hacendia Hotel)

Buffy knocked at Giles' door and waited for a moment. Nothing happened, so she knocked again, a bit harder. This time just a few moments later Giles, who looked like he was pulled out of deep sleep, opened the door and grumbled, "Yes?" and as he realized with his sleep boggled mind that it was Buffy who stood before him, he stepped back to make room for her to enter.

After she entered the room Giles quickly closed the door and then turned around. When he saw the tear strained face of the girl, he felt like a father would seeing his daughter upset and he quickly embraced her in a hug. A while later he asked, "What is it Buffy?" Instead of answering her Buffy held the letter from Angel quietly out to him.

Giles took the letter and while he read it Buffy looked around the small hotel room Giles had for himself. It wasn't really big and only contained a small bed, with a TV mounted on the wall opposite it and a small table with two chair standing beside it with a small cupboard to place your things in. Besides the door which probably leads to the small bathroom she finally found what she was looking for, a small mini-bar. She went over to it and looked in.

There wasn't really much in it except for a few beers, a tiny bottle of Jack Daniels and a few snacks. She grabbed the JD bottle and the snacks and then quickly poured a bit of the whisky into the two small glasses standing beside the bar just in time to hear a "Dear Lord" from Giles. She grabbed the two glasses and held one out to Giles. He took it without looking at the glass and drank it quickly. The distaste that suddenly appeared on Giles face made Buffy smile a bit.

"Damn… I should sue that company for calling this horse piss whisky," he grumbled and then looked at Buffy."I'm sorry my dear. So I guess you plan to fulfill Angel's last will?" he asked.

Buffy nodded and then said, "Of course Giles. I can't let his great whatever niece come to harm because I did nothing. I'll be going. So what is this Hoggyward?"

Giles smiled at her mispronouncing of the name and then replied, "I thought so and first of, we are going, not you, and I guess before I explain about Hogwarts twice you had better go and get Willow. Knowing her she won't stay behind and will join as us well. I will call room service for something to eat in the meantime."

Buffy just nodded and quickly hurried out of Giles' room to go get Willow.


(LA, a bit earlier outside the W&H building)

Xander had stormed out of the building after the reading of the will and the paperwork coming with it was finished and Faith caught up with her husband after a quick run just outside the building. She threw her arm around him from behind, which proved to be an error, as she really should have known. A simple judo throw later she lay in front of Xander on the street. Looking up to her husband she said with a sultry voice, "You know I'm always up for a quickie X, but here in the middle of the street?"

Xander smiled and held his hand out to her and pulled her up. "Sorry love, but grabbing me from behind when I'm on 180 already? Not a good idea. Damn I thought I was over it, but seeing that bitch again after she threw me out of 'their gang' that day and the library and then being accused of cowardice by her? Arrrgghhh…..."

Faith smiled lovingly at her husband of two years and said, "Calm down X, as you said, they aren't worth it. We know what we have done since leaving Sunnydale and that is all that counts."

Xander just nodded to that, but Faith could still see how much the accusation from B had hurt him. Damn, she really wanted to slap that bitch for that. She looked at her watch and smiled wickedly. "You know oh husband of mine, we still have six hours until our flight to England leaves. I know a nice hotel near the airport to unwind you a bit."

Xander smiled at that and replied, "Faith you are just incorrigible." Then he grabbed her, pulled her to him and gave her a long and deep kiss.

A bit later Faith pulled back, quite aroused now from the kiss, and looked around. Seeing a taxi not far from them she grabbed her husband and pulled him to the car. She reached it a second before a man who looked like a businessman or broker in his expensive suit did. "Hey that's my taxi," he complained.

"Sorry, but I need a good fuck soon. So get another taxi," Faith said and pushed her husband into the taxi as the man just watched speechless.

Inside the taxi Faith took enough time to say, "LAX, Holiday Inn, please," before she renewed the kiss she had broken before to grab the taxi.


(LA, Hacendia Hotel)

Room service had just delivered them something to eat as Buffy entered the room again, dragging a sleepy looking Willow behind her.

Seeing the coffee Willow grabbed a cup and drank it in one go. Then she looked around, a bit more awake now. "What's going on? Why was I dragged out of bed by our unmerciful slayer? Who tries to end the world? It isn't May yet."

In reply Buffy gave Willow Angel's letter and said, "Read it and after that Giles will explain some things to us."

Willow took the letter out of Buffy's hands, refilled her cup with coffee and then sat down to read. After she had finished it she stood up, gave Buffy a long hug and then turned to Giles. "So I guess you want to tell Buffy and me now who this guy is that's making trouble in England and what exactly Hogwarts is?"

Giles nodded, took himself a tea and then explained to his two girls about the Wizarding world, Lord Voldemort and the last war.

After he had finished several hours later Willow just shook her head. "So there's a whole hidden world of witches and wizards and you never told us about it why exactly? Because HELLO… Witch here myself."

Giles looked silently at Willow for quite a while until finally Buffy said, "GILES."

Startled Giles looked at Buffy and asked, "What?"

"Willow asked you something," Buffy replied.

"Oh...yes sorry and to answer your question. Yes there is and I never told you about it because it is a part of my past I tried to forget and it was something none of you needed to know," Giles finally said.

"Didn't need to know?" Willow asked in a slightly enraged tone. "What part of Hello Witch here, didn't you understand Giles."

"Keep your tone down Willow," Giles said in an annoyed tone, then went on in a more civil manner. "Yes, you are a witch and yes you didn't need to know because you are a Wicca and not a Wand-Witch. That's why I took you to the Devon Council after your fall to the darkness instead and you should be thankful for that. Had I taken you to the Wizarding world, after what you have done, you would have been sentenced to Azkaban at the least, but probably they would have had you kissed or thrown through the veil."

"Azkaban? Kissed? Veil?" a confused Buffy asked, which led to a quick explanation from Giles about those three topics.

Buffy and Willow blanched after the explanation and with a small voice Willow said, "I'm sorry for my tone before Giles. Thank you for taking me to the Devon witches instead of the Ministry."

Buffy yawned and then said, "Ok let us sleep over all this for now and tomorrow we can book a flight to England."

"No need to. We will use the international Portkey station at LAX," Giles said.

"Portkey station?" both women asked, to which Giles smiled. "You will see in the morning. Good night," he said, closing the door behind them.

Willow at the closed door for a moment and then at Buffy. "I didn't like that smile at the end," she said, shuddering a bit.

"Me neither, but we really should get some sleep now," Buffy said to which Willow just nodded and then both went to their rooms to catch some "Z's".


(LA, Holiday Inn LAX)

Xander lay relaxed on the bed of the hotel room they had rented. It wasn't big or really comfortable, but it had a bed and that was all that they had needed and wanted for the moment. He looked down on Faith, who was snuggled into his right side, and carefully played with her hair. Making love to his beautiful wife was the right medicine, just as she had known. He was way calmer now and didn't feel the seething anger which nearly consumed him after seeing Summers and Rosenberg again anymore. Granted, he was still annoyed, but he could live with that.

He looked over to the clock at the wall and saw that they still had nearly three hours until they needed to be at the departure point and so stayed where he was, enjoying the warm feeling of Faith's body pressed against him. He still couldn't believe that she had said yes when he had asked her to marry him two years ago, but that was easily one of the best moments in his life.

While he lay there and thought about that day he couldn't help himself and his mind wandered back to the day that in the end lead to today. He had gone to the library for a Scooby meeting and even before he entered, he could hear Summers' voice arguing in favor of removing him from the group. He couldn't believe what he heard and entered the room. Silence fell over the room until Summers turned around and told him in a lot of words that he wasn't wanted and needed anymore. He didn't say anything to that and just looked at the others in the room, noting that everyone of their little group was there except for Faith. He waited a moment, but none of the other stepped forward to say anything. That was more than enough for him and so he just let the donuts and coffee box he had brought with him for the meeting drop to the ground, making quite a mess. He didn't even see that anymore because he had turned around and left the library without saying a word.

He drove around town for a while until Jack O'Toole and his fellow zombies hijacked him. They forced him to drive back to the school where Jack and his gang planted a bomb in the boiler room of the school. He managed to overcome them and disarm the bomb, thanks to his memories and skills he had kept from Halloween years ago.

A bit later on he saw Faith who was struggling with some Hell Bitches. He used his car to kill two of them and somehow Faith and he ended up in her hotel room.

She started kissing him there, but he was so shocked about the conditions she was living in that he pulled back. First off Faith was kinda pissed, but in the end they ended up talking for quite a while and as he told her after several hours that he planned to leave Sunnydale now that the gang had thrown him out, she simply stood up, packed her few belongings and said, "Ok, let's move boytoy, I'm ready."

Before he could dwell on the past anymore, he suddenly felt Faith move beside him and heard her yawning. He watched her move and stretch and just enjoyed the view. "Welcome back to wakefulness my love," he said and gave her a kiss. Just as it began to deepen Xander's alarm clock went off. He broke off the kiss after a few more moments, glared at the annoying watch and then cursed. "Damn, time is running short. Let's grab a quick shower and then we need to hurry."

He jumped up and went into the bath to take a shower and was soon followed by Faith. After a shower that took a bit longer than planned they grabbed their things and hurried over to the airport to start their journey.


(LA, Demon bar, secret location)

Wesley and Lorne sat at the table, drinking silently. The will reading had been kinda hard to take as Angel had been more than their boss; he was also their friend. His death had left them feeling like they had a hole in their lives. They had lost way too much to this war they both thought. Lorne wished he was at his own bar, even though it would have held too many memories of better times, times when Cordelia had been alive. He still decided to rebuild it because he could lose himself in doing that.

Gunn had taken a leave of absence, Fred had gone home to heal from her injuries and Connor had perished alongside his father, fighting to the last. The last couple of months had been hell for them. Wesley finished his drink, got up and began to leave before he paused and looked back at Lorne.

"I'm going to return home to England for a bit. I need to heal and to overcome what has happened," he told his demon friend. "And what we've lost," he added before turning around and leaving the bar.

Lorne watched him go before raising his glass and saluting his back, downing his drink and then leaving himself. He guessed for now the days of being investigators were over. He headed back to the hotel, wondering if any of the surviving members of Angels group would ever reform?