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Jeff was fucking sick and tired of living with Nick. He was a dorky slob and he hated him. Okay, may that was an overstatement, but Jeff was frustrated… sexually.

It had been almost a full week since Nick had discovered his love for Cherry flavored lollipops and since Friday the brunette hadn't been more than two hours without eating one. On a usual day – when Nick didn't have a piece of red candy dangling from his lips – Jeff could manage to keep his eyes to himself; lately it had been a different story and the boy couldn't help but stare at Nick for longer than was socially acceptable.

Jeff had always found him attractive, but for the last two years he'd been squashing down any deeper feelings for Nick. It was highly inappropriate to crush on his straight best friend - whom he happened to share a dorm with - but now Jeff had given up fighting and surrendered to his feelings.

That was why late Wednesday afternoon – just after classes had finished for the day – found Jeff practically drooling over the sight of Nick unwrapping yet another Cherry lollipop.

"Seriously dude, you're going to give yourself cavities." Jeff tried to distract himself so as he didn't get another little 'problem', much like the ones he'd been getting almost non-stop thanks to that candy-obsessed freak of nature, who was now sprawled on his stomach on the bed just next to his.

"They're so damn good though." Nick practically moaned – yes, fucking moaned – his words and Jeff bit down on his lip to stop himself from making a noise or saying something really stupid.

Nick brought the red lollipop to his mouth, parted his lips slightly, and used his tongue to drag it inside. He sucked on in for a while and used his fingers to swirl it around by the stick. The boy then pulled it out a few times and Jeff watched as his damn lips stretched around it. Nick was such a tease.

Jeff was already shifting on his bed, attempting to make the bulge in his trousers a little more comfortable by adjusting the denim. He decided it was probably easier to just lay on his front, bury his head in his pillow and scream. He did the first part, the latter he decided against.

The blonde Warbler dared to look back over to Nick, who was still paying the candy his full attention, and his eyes almost couldn't bear to look away… like there was some magnetic pull towards the boy. The second his eyes locked with Nick's lips he wished he'd actually buried his head in his pillow and fucking suffocated. Nick's tongue was now darting in and out of his mouth, leaving little kitten licks all over the lolly, and it didn't help that both his tongue and lips were stained red with the food coloring.

"Nick," His voice came out a little more rough and uneasy than he would've liked but Nick wouldn't notice, he was too busy sucking on the half eaten candy. "Would you quit making out with that lollipop, it's distracting." Jeff hoped that Nick wouldn't pick up on the fact that Jeff wasn't actually doing anything to be distracted from; he just wanted Nick to either stop or blow him already.

Nick tugged it out of his mouth with a loud 'pop' and glanced over to Jeff, who had his head turned away from him. "How is it distracting you, exactly?" That was probably a far worse question than what Jeff was expecting, and he was now wishing he'd kept his horny mouth shut.

"You're practically giving it a blow job." Why did he say that? What did he say that? All this candy-torture must have been messing with Jeff's brain. Now he was stuck in a very difficult situation. He could choose to risk it, and just tell Nick what that fucking lollipop was doing to him, or he could pretend he said nothing and hope that Nick would drop it.

Fuck it, what was there to lose?

"Well, sorry for distracting you by sucking things." Nick snapped in a bitchy tone. That caught Jeff off guard for two reasons. One: he'd just snapped at him for no reason, and two: he just said he was sucking things.

Bad thoughts, bad thoughts, bad thoughts, Jeff thought to himself.

"Wait, shit, that came out wrong," Nick said when his words finally sunk in. "I really didn't mean it like that."

"Of course you didn't." Jeff sat up with a hungry glint in his eyes. "You really 'didn't mean it like that' when you've been sucking every lollipop you can get your hands on since Friday." There was something in his voice that made Nick shiver with anticipation - just in the way he almost growled at him.

Jeff stood, not caring that he was probably tenting the front of his jeans. "You're such a tease, Nick."

When he reached Nick's bed he shoved the boy forcefully onto his back – an evil smirk lighting up his face - before pinning him down and straddling his hips. "What are y-" Jeff didn't give him a chance to speak. He simply pulled the lollipop away from his mouth and put it in his own.

He sucked on it a few times then took it out so he could lean down and plant a forceful kiss on Nick's candy-red lips. The brunette's eyes were wide with shock, but it didn't take long for them to flicker shut as he relaxed into the kiss. Jeff inched back a little and whispered "I've wanted to do that for ages." He looked proud of himself.

"Well, I've wanted you to do that for fucking months." Jeff sat up and frowned at Nick.

"But, I don't understand."

"I've wanted to kiss you for months; plain and simple. I tried dropping hints but it took a sickening amount of lollipops to get you to even look at me twice." Now Jeff felt a little stupid that he'd ignored all the signs. First there was Nick walking around shirtless for hours after class, he'd also come out of the shower once with just a towel on, then there was that conversation they had about hot girls in which Nick brought up several guys names – probably hinting towards the fact he wasn'tstraight. How had he not realized before?

"Let me get this right. To get my attention you decided to give a lollipop a blow job." Nick's stunned face melted into laughter.

"It sounds ridiculous when you word it like that." Jeff smiled down at Nick who was still lying on his back.

That's when it dawned on them. They both really, really wanted to make-out. "It's okay if I kiss you, right?" Nick looked up at the blonde with innocent eyes, trying not to sound too desperate.

"Of course you can, you big idiot." Jeff grinned as he leaned down to capture Nick's lips in a gentle kiss. He pushed Nick's bangs away from his face and let his hand settle comfortably between his jaw and neck. The brunette deepened the kiss and let his hands find their way to Jeff's waist, pulling the boy's body flush against his own. The second Jeff felt Nick's tongue against his own he moaned; all he could taste was the over-powering cherry lollipop, which reminded him of the candy he still held in his hand.

Jeff sat up a little, gasping slightly when he saw the dazed expression on Nick's face, and put the candy into his mouth. He used both of his hands to prop the boy up against the pillows and tugged his t-shirt over his head. Jeff had no idea what he was doing, the only thing he knew was that Nick looked sexy as fuck and just as turned on as he was. By the time they'd both settled into a comfortable position Nick was panting lightly and Jeff was shirtless too.

The blonde had the stunning urge to do something he'd probably laugh at later. After giving Nick another slow, hot kiss he brought the candy to his lips and started to show Nick just how hard he'd had it the past week. He recalled every little flick of his tongue, all the ways Nick used that lollipop to torture him, and every single noise he'd made doing so and repeated them all so Nick would understand exactly what it was like for him.

By the time he was done Nick was pushing up into him, thrusting his hips through the many layers of clothing. Jeff moved away from him, a blush crawling up his cheeks and tinting the tips of his ears. "Maybe we should cool off."

The look on Nick's face almost made Jeff laugh, but he could tell that he was seriously against the idea of stopping. Admittedly Jeff was pretty against the idea himself, he just didn't want to push Nick too far seeing as he had kind of attacked him before. They both smiled at each other and the heated make-out session continued.

Jeff removed his lips from Nick's and began to kiss his neck gently, and then he started nipping at the skin near his chest. He stopped to suck the lollipop into his mouth, making sure it was nice and wet, and then he dragged the candy from Nick's Adams apple to the middle of his chest. The sugary strip glistened in front of him and he began sucking, biting and licking every inch it covered. He grazed his teeth over a certain patch of flesh and Nick's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he moaned in pleasure. "Fuck, Jeff"

Jeff started fumbling with the zipper on Nick's trousers and they moved apart for a moment to rid themselves of both their jeans and their underwear. Soon enough Jeff was back to straddling Nick; the first moment their cocks brushed together sent frenzied chills down Nick's spine and caused Jeff to moan.

Nick started bucking into Jeff desperately, and he wrapped his hand around the other boys cock. "Jeff," Nick's voice sounded outrageously sexy as he groaned Jeff's name. The blonde sucked on Nick's bottom lip, biting it gently, and began to move his hand at a steady pace. Nick's hands were clutching the sheets below him, but he let go so he could wrap one around Jeff's cock and pump it in time with his. Nick's other hand was now gripping Jeff's shoulder, and his dug his nails in sharply when he picked up the pace. "So close," Nick choked out, moving his head to lean on Jeff's shoulder.

"Me too." Jeff smiled. He let the lollipop fall, forgotten on the floor, and moved his hand to Nick's chin, lifting it enough to give him another passionate kiss. Jeff moaned out Nick's name, writhing against the sheets and panting hotly into the other boys' mouth. He came with a fantastic, needy moan, clutching Nick's thigh with one hand. The other continued to pump Nick faster and faster until he was riding out his orgasm in time with Jeff.

They both collapsed on the bed breathlessly; Nick had the smuggest grin on his face and Jeff was still trying to get over the fact that he'd just done that with his best friend. And then, out of the blue, Jeff had a sudden craving for cherry lollipops.