A/N: I honestly have no idea, okay? But here, have a cheesey fanfic about Nick's dreams. No smut this time guys... dissapointing, I know.

It was almost like a distant dream... Nick could feel himself falling into an endless stream of colors, swirling rapidly around him. He drifted through a sea of lights and sounds that touched every inch of his body; he could see everything even though he knew his eyes were closed. The feeling of falling didn't disturb his slumber this time as it so often did; instead it lulled him into a further unconscious state as the world melted away. It was so peaceful... and so quiet and calming without being silent. He wished he could stay in this place forever.

As the warm air ebbed and flowed gently around him he could feel a breeze rising from beneath. It grasped Nick from the sky and dragged him towards the ground.

He landed softly on the grass, almost as if the air was a living being that was extending his hand for him to walk from. As the air walked away from Nick the world settled around his body. He found himself in a field that felt as though it stretched on for miles, but if he focused too hard on the horizon it blurred into grey nothingness. A few meters away was a tree bathed in glowing summer light that warmed him from within. The leaves on the trees fluttered in the breeze like the world was going in slow motion. Nick wondered if this was a memory he was recalling or a familiar dream that he once had as a young child; so distant that his mind almost failed to make the connection completely.

He stepped towards the shaded patch of grass under the tree and looked up through the branches. Before he could even register the fact that there were fruits growing from the lower branch his arm extended in front of him and plucked the ripe, red cherry from its stem. He rolled it between his fingers - carefully so as not to crush the delicate object - and brought it to his lips. His eyes flickered shut as the succulent flesh broke between his teeth, teasing out the sweet juices.

When his eyes opened he saw a boy sat with his back propped against the tree trunk; he had a blissful smile on his face that made Nick happy inside. The blonde boy stared welcomingly at Nick and patted the grass beside him. Nick took a seat and looked to the boy again.

"Jeff..." The blonde placed a finger to his friends' lips before he could speak above a whisper. It was like he could hear him saying 'this place is too sacred for words' but the message was never spoken.

Jeff held a cherry up to Nick and smiled sweetly. He pressed it to the boys' lips and waited for him to take it into his mouth. Nick obliged. The same brilliant flavor tingled his taste buds and Jeff grinned.

There was a beat, then Jeff shifted closer to Nick and the brunette let his head fall on his friends' shoulders.

Everything felt so natural and free. But in the back of his mind he could hear a chime or a bell that grew louder with every strike; he knew it was coming to an end. He took a moment to absorb his surroundings and everything his heart was feeling. It was simply magical; although not as loud and boisterous and sparkling as magic. Instead it was calm and soft and glowing like a sepia photograph faded with age.

Then, slowly, it slipped away and he was drifting again. His body desperately wanted to fight to get back to his haven but something within him kept him still.

Nick's eyes flickered open to greet the day light. Across the room he could see Jeff and a fond smile reached his face. Nick could see the world in a newer, clearer light. Now, instead of longing for his dream world, he longed to stay in this single moment... just watching his friends' chest rise and fall in the morning light. Jeff slept on obliviously and Nick breathed a deep sigh, the mysterious dreaming disappearing from his mind.

Do expect more chapters. I now own a list of different cherry flavoured things. Smut to come! No pun intended.

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