Sebastian had always prided himself in his relationship with Ciel. It was strictly professional, no annoying things like feelings getting in the way. They both realized they were using each other to get what they wanted. Now that Ciel was out of his grasp, however, Sebastian was questioning the roots of that relationship. The fact that Claude was with Ciel bothered him more than anything. He doubted Ciel would break their contract, so there was really no cause for worry on his part. Yet, as he stood watching, his blood boiled. He tried to justify his anger. Of course it was only natural that he would feel possessive of Ciel. He was contracted to him, after all.

He stood at a distance watching Claude attend to Ciel's needs. It was odd, looking in at someone else performing his duties. Perhaps it was just his imagination trying to lighten the situation, but Ciel seemed discontented with Claude as his butler.

Claude, on the other hand, was enjoying himself thoroughly. Sebastian could practically see the sickening thoughts pouring out of the demon's head. There was one idea in his mind, one thought that consumed his being. He wanted Ciel. He would do everything in his power to take him from Sebastian. And, most unfortunate of all, Sebastian was powerless to do anything.

He could not be seen. That was something he was good at. He'd always blended into the shadows particularly well. There he stood at the side of Ciel's bed, as he had done so many times before, yet this time it was different. He was reserved. Hesitant even. Should Ciel see him… the consequences were too great to imagine.

He knew he should have stayed away. Yet, he acted against his better judgment. Whatever horrors his master had experienced that night, he could only imagine. He could see Ciel's frame slightly shivering under his sheet. Sebastian stepped forward and pulled the thick, down blanket up to his master's chin. He breathed in his master's sweet scent, the scent that Sebastian was convinced, mirrored the flavor of his soul.

Ciel softly whispered Sebastian's name in his sleep. This surprised Sebastian, seeing as his master had a newfound hate for his loyal butler. He felt a smile slide across his face, nonetheless. He gently ruffled his master's hair, a gesture he only made on rare occasions. At his touch, Ciel's lips curved upward lightly and he released a sigh.

Sebastian backed up towards the window. He cast a parting glance at Ciel, who was still deeply encompassed in the arms of sleep. Sebastian felt extremely childish, sneaking in to see his master like this. In fact, he questioned why he had done it at all. As long as Ciel was still alive and their contract still intact, the boy wasn't an immediate concern for simply one evening. His master would be his master soon enough, yet Sebastian felt that moment couldn't arrive at a suitable pace.

His master's order… that was what bothered him the most. Ciel had managed to give him this awful sense of powerlessness. His task in regaining his master would have been much simpler if the fool hadn't ordered him away. There was really nothing he could do at this moment, but wait. Waiting pained him the most. He had, for the longest time, placed little value on the concept of time. It was of little importance to one who had all the time in the world. The moments ticked by, painfully slow. He wanted nothing more than to see Ciel. Not from over a hundred meters away, but up close. To hear his master's soft breathing. To touch his soft skin.

No, Sebastian realized, his relationship with his master was becoming a little less professional and a little more personal. If that was what it took to get him back, then so be it.