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Relation Vs Relationship

Chapter 1

I married my high school sweetheart on the 17th of November 1996 - the day of her 18th Birthday. We never even told our patents - we had no need as I had turned 18 two months previously and we had wanted it to be just us. I remember she wore a printed sundress that made her skin appear even fairer than usual. I was dressed in simple cream pants and a white shirt.

It took us three days after the wedding to draw up the courage to tell our parents that we'd gotten married. And I have to admit that even now it makes me cringe to remember the events that followed - but needless to say that they were most displeased. But we didn't care we were in love.

By the time we reached 20 things had changed for us quite a lot - I was at medical school and she was at Art school, we had a small apartment together not far from campus and thanks to a distant relative of hers we had no need to worry about money at that time.

But at 22 everything changed for us, she fell pregnant and had to leave school and I had to take an evening job as well as medical school. But about seven months into the pregnancy something happened and our baby died. I'll never know quite how hard it was for her to have to give birth to a child that had already left us.

After that things were bad for a while but we survived. At 24 I Started my residency at a hospital in Seattle and we bought our first house together. It was later on that year that we made a decision that would effect the rest of our lives - we decided to adopt a little boy.

I remember the first day he came home with us, he was all shy and didn't quite know where to look first - but at 8 years old he'd had such a hard life already and any hesitation on his part was completely understandable.

It took months for him to finally open up and trust us completely - but when he did, it was amazing and for the first time in years we actually felt like a real family.

It wasn't until three years later - the year of my 27th birthday that things changed for us again so dramatically. It was late one January evening - My wife had went out to do a favour for a friend and her car had skidded on a patch of ice and she crashed. She was killed instantly.

Until the moment I saw her there, lying on that slab - any pain I had felt before was nothing compared to what it was at that very moment.

I think it hurt Edward the most, it was like he had been given a new chance at having a mother - and then had it prematurely snatched away again.

I was never very good at dealing with my feelings where anyone but my wife was concerned. I am ashamed to admit it - but over the next few years I threw myself into work.

It was only just after my son's 15th birthday when he told me what a "prick" he thought I was, that I began to realise what a mess things were. Then add to that falling for a woman who was 12 years my junior and also someone my son was and I quote "majorly crushing on" and I knew that things were going to get a hell of a lot worse before they got any better.