The Worst of Sinners

To all ye who believe that you cannot be forgiven by God. That God looks at you in disgust everyday because of the awful things you do or say. Have no fear! For the Lord is a forgiving being, and if you repent then you will be saved from the fiery den called Hell. How do I know you may ask? Well because though I am the worst of all sinners and God has forgiven me. It still shocks me.

That even I, the worst of sinners was blessed. So here is a letter to you all. To all the people who believe that God will not accept you because of what you have done. Remember, for you have not done as badly as I have. For I am the worst of all sinners. I killed God's people, punished them, let them burn. If not for me millions of Christians would have lived long full lives.

But God had mercy on me and blessed me. If he can change me, then certainly with no doubt he can change you. Surrender to him all ye sinners. And he will bless you, and make you great. He will take away that awful feeling you have in the pit of your stomach when you look at yourself in the mirror. Do not be afraid! He will forgive you, for the Lord is a forgiving God.