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I walked along the heaving corridor of my new school in silence, my head hung low as I walked past the infamous gang of bullies, led by Jake Stone. "Oi Massimo!" I winced as I heard my name, I'd been spotted.

I turned my head slightly to look at the tall, wide seventeen year old beside me; I could almost see why people thought he was scary. He was a head and shoulders taller than me and built like an elephant, I cleared my throat and said, "Yes Stone?"

Stone snarled at me and grabbed me by the shoulder, pinning me to the wall, "You' best start talking nicer to me, Massimo, or I'm gonna have to get my mates involved, and I can assure you, you don't want that." He waited for me to say something or struggle against him, but when I didn't he got bored and stalked away, after shoving me against the wall again for good measure.

I let out a sigh and began picking up my books from the middle of the corridor floor, a new friend of mine called Alexi came running over, "Man I thought you were dead meat!" he said hurriedly in his wonderfully foreign accent. Alexi was Russian, and much like the prince Alexi we were learning about in modern history, he was very delicate.

I gave a laugh and muttered, "Yeah, so did I."

Alexi shook his head and scowled, "someone needs to teach those jerks a lesson!"

"Ok, off you go then," I laughed as I pushed him forward; he flailed in protest and tried to bat my hands away. Finally I gave up, mainly because I was laughing so hard my ribs hurt, and Alexi turned to me with a red face.

"Scipio, you are a pig sometimes, do you know that!" he gasped, I picked up the last of my books and checked my watch, we still had 30 minutes before lunch was over and I was bored.

"Come on Lex, I wan to see some sunlight before we have to go to the dungeon for the afternoon." We headed out into the courtyard in front of the school, it was your classic old, posh school at St Patrick's, there was ivy running up the building and the courtyards were ever so picturesque. I hated every bit of it. I hated the fact that my father had shoved me in this portentous school for twits because I was 'too common' for his liking.

Father had sent me to St Pat's after the police had found the gang at the Stella; I couldn't face the guys after father had told me I was moving away. I didn't even tell them in person, I slipped a note through the door one night and ran away. I missed them so much, I missed Bo's smiling little face, and the boys, my best friends had been ripped away from me, I even found recently I was missing Hornet, with her sharp tongue and intellect. I could have made a bet that she had more intelligence than all these pompous Barbie dolls at St Patrick's put together. And she was prettier too, much prettier! Not that I'd ever tell her that… if I ever got the chance to tell her that, if I ever saw her again… The thought of not seeing my friends again brought a stray tear to my eye, but I quickly swiped it away.

Alexi and I made our way through the courtyard to the more private, shaded area around the side of the building. This area had become known over the years as The Hollow, it was the best place to meet up without other people hearing your conversation, and sadly it was a popular spot for couples. As we arrived at the hollow I noticed Belinda Metcalfe and Jeremy Foster over by the tree. Jeremy was a weed of a guy and honestly, Bell wasn't much better. I coughed very loudly and the pair's heads whipped around faster than a greyhound could run.

"Hey guys," I smiled cheerily as I stepped under the trellis arch. They stood up quickly and Jeremy blushed bright red, "don't worry, we didn't see anything," I laughed, "We just wanted some space before lessons start, we're in the dungeon again Bells."

"Oh, ok…" Belinda said quickly as she picked up her bag and hurried out, dragging poor Jeremy with her.

I chuckled and sat down on the cool green grass, Alexi sat on a bench nearby and pulled out a book, it was Russian so I couldn't read the title, "What you reading?" I asked casually as I lay down and closed my eyes.

Alexi's voice floated over to me, "It's about the revolution, it's really quite interesting Scipio, you should give it a go."
"I don't know any Russian though Lex," I grinned.

"You know what I mean, the subject is interesting." Alexi sighed exasperatedly.

"Its history, therefore it's boring," I decided.

"Whatever," Alexi muttered as he went back to reading.

We stayed in silence for a while before a shadow blocked my sunlight, I opened my eyes to see Evangeline Caine stood over me with a smirk on her face, "Hello Scipio, how are you this fine day?" she asked coolly.

"Well, I was great until some freak came and blocked my sunlight," I said cheerily.

She gave me a playful boot in the ribs and helped me up, "Come on you fool," she laughed in her very British accent, "We have Mahoney and I'm not being late again."

She turned and began to walk away from us, her hips sashaying slightly as she strutted through the courtyard. Eva Caine looked like the sweetest, most innocent girl in the world, but she had been thrown out of every other private school in England. This was, as her teachers kept reminding her, her last chance before state school, and boy did she revel in it. She, like Alexi and me, hated St Patrick's school with a passion. We were outcasts among the social elite of the world, and everyone knew it.

She was wearing the shortest skirt she could get away with and a thick leather belt around her tiny waist. She was such a flirt it was unreal, she turned the head of every boy in the yard as she passed and even some of the girls' eyes followed her across to the doors. As she reached the doors she turned and smiled at me, "Well, come on Massimo, we have to get to the dungeon before we're late again." She glanced down at the pocket watch hanging from her belt, "Damn, oh well. Why change the habits of a life time?" she laughed as we ran along the corridors to the dungeons, we were already late.

We raced into Chem Lab 12 and I almost skidded straight into my teacher, Mr Mahoney. He looked a lot like a parrot crossed with Einstein; he was wearing his signature lab coat over a brightly coloured shirt and trousers. "You're late," he squawked.

"Sorry sir," Eva said, her face instantly changed from the darkly coquettish girl in the playground to an innocent little angel, "It's my fault we're late. I got lost and Master Massimo and Master Repin came and found me, to be honest I think they deserve checks each for being such gentlemen."

I fought a laugh and did my best to keep a straight face, it was very hard though. Eva on the other hand had the straightest face I'd ever seen, she gave Mahoney a cool stare before he finally spoke.

"Take your seats," He snapped as he stormed away to the black board.

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