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Life went back to normal pretty quickly on our return to Saint Pat's, we were heroes for a while, but that soon died down with exams on their way. Scipio and I spent even more time together than before, spending every spare moment I had with him; I couldn't cope without him for even two hours now.

I was sat on the table in Art, half-heartedly doodling ideas for my final piece when Scip wandered over, one pencil gripped between his teeth and another drawing as he walked. As he passed I stole the pencil from his mouth, "If you fall with that in your mouth you could die." I pointed out to him.

He grinned and watched as I twirled it in the air and placed it behind my ear. He sighed and cleared the desk next to me. "Stay a bit stiller when I draw you please." he smiled as he settled into his seat.

I winked at him and went back to my drawing, knowing Scip would start drawing when I had relaxed into my task. I began sketching a black mask, like the one I had seen hanging on the wall in the Stella. I'd asked Prop about that mask, but he just smiled wistfully at it, "It belongs to the thief lord," he'd told me.

I could imagine Scipio fitting the title of a lord rather well, and so I began drawing him into the picture, under the mask. It suited him. I glanced back at him sat next to me, his brow creased in concentration and his eyes flickering between me and the paper. He noticed I was watching him and smiled; I returned the smile and turned back to my work. I felt Scip lean over to get a peek at my work, and I heard him chuckle. "Who's that?" he asked as nonchalantly as he could.

"The thief lord." I replied.

We carried on drawing until the lesson was over, and then we swapped drawings for the other to see. Scipio's picture of me was stunning; he'd drawn me leaning on my left hand, his pencil still stuck behind my ear and a small smile playing on my lips. I kissed him lightly on the cheek and handed him back his work, "It's beautiful." I told him.

"So are you." he smiled and pulled me into a deeper, much longer kiss.

We parted when Scip jolted away; Alexi had just tapped him on the shoulder. "Come on lovebirds," Lex chuckled, "You have mail to collect."

The third Monday of every month we all collected our mail, letters from our family and friends at home. We ran down to the main office and joined the rapidly growing queue for the mail room. Once we finally reached the room itself I swiped my card and then Scip's and Alexi's too. With all three bundles in my arms I turned and handed the boys their letters. We made our way to the Hollow to read them in peace. I had the obligatory letter from Mum and Dad back in London, and a letter from Caitlin, my sister, telling me off for going to Italy without her. She seemed to forget it was supposed to be a rescue mission not a holiday.

I turned to Alexi, "Who are yours from?" I asked.

"Parents." He muttered as he scanned the offending letter.

I shook my head and turned to Scip, "Yours?"

"Family, Hornet says hello." he replied jovially. He threw me the letter and let me read it for myself, there was a section on the back entitled, FOR EVA

It read like this:

Eva, I just wanted to say hi, Hornet here.

I'm really missing having you around, but at least I'm not the only girl now that Aletta is staying with us. Her mother still hasn't come to get her by the way. Poor kid. Please write back soon.


I smiled as I handed Scip back the letter, "It was nice of them to write, anything from your parents?" I asked casually.

Scipio's face darkened, "No. Not that I was expecting any."

"Never mind!" I said, launching myself at him to hug him, "You still have us."

We ended up in a giggling heap once I finally managed to wrestle Alexi into the hug too. We lay down on the cool grass and I closed my eyes. "What do we have now?" Scip asked.

Alexi murmured beside me, "Free period. Time to relax, mate. Life is good"

I smiled, he was right. Life is good. I have a wonderful boyfriend, fantastic new friends; a family that love me… yup, life is most definitely good.

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