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"You want me to WHAT?!" Ranma, an enraged redhead wearing Chinese clothing, shouted at her father in disbelief over his latest scheme.

"Listen, boy! This is a matter of family honor. We, Tendou and I, made a pact long before you were born that you would marry a Tendou to continue our legacy." Turning his back on the red-faced girl, he waved at her dismissively. "Just because you are now stuck as a girl does not mean you can skip out on the honor bond. You will simply have to marry a Tendou male."

Ranma blinked, blinked again, then after kicking her father into the stratosphere she blinked once more. 'That sick, twisted, good-for-nothing, despicable, moronic, OYAGI!!! There is no way in HELL I am going to marry a boy!' She nodded to herself and picked up her backpack and decided to head out on her own, honor be damned.

Walking resolutely through the Tendou home to the front door, Ranma suddenly wondered whom Genma could have even been talking about. Tendou Soun had three children, but they were all girls. The only person Ranma knew of in the Tendou household to fit Genma's description was . . . "Eeewwwwweeee!!"

The front door to the Tendou home was slammed shut as Ranma made a hasty retreat into the streets of Nerima. Several girls sitting in the living room wondered idly who the strange redhead was that was visiting their father. Well, she was gone now and by the sound of it she wasn't planning to return . . . ever.

Soun walked into the living room a moment later. "Was that Ranma I heard departing?"

Kasumi, the ever-polite daughter, responded. "If you mean the young lady, yes. Is something the matter father?"

Soun frowned and searched around the room for Genma, but could find him nowhere. "I just invited your cousin Tendou Mamoru to visit us for the weekend. I wanted Ranma to meet him." Shrugging his shoulders, Soun left the room to continue his search of the house for his cursed panda-friend.

The three Tendou daughters looked speculatively at each other for a few moments before returning their attention to the TV. Ever since their father had received the postcard in the mail, he had been acting strangely. Relieved about something, he hugged each of his daughters more often than usual, but that had passed. Then he became awe-struck as an idea occurred to him (once in a blue moon type of thing) and began to pat himself on the back all day long. They were sure that their father's good mood had something to do with Ranma, but he was tight-lipped about the subject.

"Hey! Mamoru is going to visit! This will be great!" Akane suddenly cheered. Normally, her reaction to boys was quite the opposite, but this was Mamoru, her favorite cousin since childhood. She conveniently forgot he was her only cousin, but . . .

Kasumi nodded her agreement. Mamoru was such a nice boy after all.

While Nabiki didn't share Akane's degree of enthusiasm, she did recall how nice Mamoru was every time he came over and took them to the ice cream parlor. Visions of Rocky Road and Mint Chocolate Chip danced in her head.

"Why do you suppose daddy wanted Mamo-kun to meet Ranma?" Akane thought out loud.

The Juuban Incident

Chapter One

By Michael Fetter


"We have youma signals coming from the downtown mall. Hurry Sailor Moon!"

Tsukino Usagi, also known as Sailor Moon, was making her way along the rooftops of the business section of Juuban. A few other girls dressed in similar sailor fukus soon joined her. "Sailor Mars! Sailor Mercury! I'm so glad you're here!"

"Where else are we gonna be, meatball head?" Rae commented with a slight sneer.

Mercury did her best to tune out the small spat the two girls always had before, after, and during every youma attack. "At least Queen Serenity isn't here to see this."

Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter were already on sight, fighting a strange bird cross woman youma. It was strange, but the Scouts had yet to fight a youma that wasn't a woman cross something. They were currently running in between cages in the pet store while being attacked by strange birds made of energy.

"Hold it there, bird brain. I don't know what you think you're doing, but a pet store is a place for people to make homes for animals, not for you to trash." Boy, it was getting harder and harder to come up with some good speeches. "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

Birdie looked up from the two Sailors she was fighting to give Sailor Moon a glance over. Seeing nothing to intimidating she resumed her fight.

"Hey! You're supposed to cower in fear or throw out some sort of comeback!" The other four Sailors shook their heads and did their best to ignore the rest of Usagi's whining.

Finally getting into the fight, the five girls started to gain the advantage, firing off each of their special techniques to confuse and destroy the youma. The lack of strategy was not missed by Birdie and she worked out a simple plan to defeat the brats. "Birdie Whirlie!"

Drawing the Sailors into a cramped section of the store so they would stand together, Birdie released her energy birds. They circled the Scouts, flying faster and faster, until the girls were lifted off the ground and tossed a dozen meters into the air.

"That should take care of you brats!" Feeling satisfied with the results of her fighting tactics, Birdie headed back to the main floor of the pet shop and continued to drain off the rest of the helpless humans. "Once my birdies are finished with those Scouts I'll be able to take their energy just as easily!"

"I don't think so, Negascum!"

Birdie spun on her heel to find a young man in a tuxedo, threatening her with a . . . rose? Behind the young man, five sailor-suited warriors fell to the earth, bouncing off a well-placed pile of mattresses.

* * *

Ranma continued on thinking of her cure and a few other life issues directly dealing with her. Marriage was now the furthest thing from. Couldn't oyagi see how some things were much more important to her now. A cure being on the top, but there were others. Perfecting herself in the Art . . . well, that was actually the only thing she found important and maybe stopping a certain Amazon from trying to kill her.

Marriage would just slow her down and maybe get more people hurt depending on what this Amazon wanted to do.

Around the corner a large scuffle was taking place. Women were screaming and large bursts of light reflected off the surrounding buildings.

Ever the ready martial artist, Ranma dropped all of her own problems to see if there was someone who needed her help. She dropped the large pack from her shoulders along the sidewalk and headed quickly about the corner, her hands up and ready for a fight.

Taking things in quickly, Ranma could see the screams were coming from five girls, protected by one man in a tuxedo. At the moment, she was too busy to open any sort of dialogue with the victims. Her bright red hair must have gotten the creature's attention because she was soon put on the defensive, dodging strikes from little glowing birds that flew out of the big creature.

"Clear out of here. You'll be hurt!" Tuxedo Mask yelled at her.

That was always the way. Since the curse, people had been treating Ranma like a fragile doll. True, she used to think that women were weak too, but spend a number of months trapped in a girl's body and you'll see how strong they can be, not to mention fast. The second part was coming in really handy at the moment. Ranma doubted her male form would have had such luck of dodging the fast attacks.

With the stupidity of her father's recent actions and all the looks she had been getting from men, Ranma was a good deal ticked off. She now spat at the male ego and was ready to show this perverted freak in a top hat who was really going to be hurt.

"Kyah!" Ranma jumped in between two of the energy birds and attacked. Her feet flashed before her, making a few strong snap kicks to the birds' heads. She smiled as the birds fell apart in the air then cursed as she discovered the explosions that followed were sending her hurtling through the air.

"Hang on!" Tuxedo Mask shouted and jumped into the air after her. He would have caught her too, but the girl wanted nothing of it. She had seen the way men would assume they deserved a kiss for 'saving the girl's life'. Well, not this girl!

Rotating her body around in the air, Ranma landed two feet against the pervert's face and jumped back into the fight. "Back off, pervert. I ain't that kinda girl!"

* * *

Tuxedo Mask had been worried that the redhead would be hurt after stumbling into their fight. He was pleasantly surprised to see her dodging the birds attacks with a speed that could almost match the Scouts or his own. Still, the girl wouldn't be able to keep something like that up for long. He warned her of the danger, but she seemed to only get madder and then she attacked the energy birds. His heart had stopped as he believed the girl would be destroyed by the resulting blast. A normal woman would have been vaporized, but this redhead just bounced of the blast and then, as he was about to save her, bounced off of his head.

Rolling out of his fall, Tuxedo Mask swerved on his feet to assess his position. A pair of footmarks bruising his face, he decided to watch the new fighter and take in a better accounting of her power. Could this be another Sailor? They were still missing Saturn, but she wasn't supposed to awaken until the whole universe was in some real trouble. Swallowing hard, Tuxedo Mask hoped that wasn't the case.

* * *

Spring-boarding off of the pervert's face, Ranma landed at the creature's feet, a bird-woman that stood almost ten feet tall with a huge wingspan and covered in red feathers. "You like some sort of demented Sesame Street character?"

Birdie blinked then screeched like a bird, swinging her left wing to knock the nuisance away.

Smiling, Ranma ducked the blow easily and attacked with a dozen powerful sidekicks all along the creature's vulnerable spots. Each hit could level a concrete building. Ranma wasn't the strongest martial artist in the world, but her focus was so great that she could concentrate all of her attacks with unnatural precision. Things like that are what help her dodge attacks most would find hard to see coming.

"Ha! Slow and stupid! Don't tell me you got a bird brain to match that pigeon body!" Ranma taunted the slightly fazed monster.

"Pigeon! I'm gonna turn you into roasted squab! BIRDIE FEEDER!" A group of one dozen energy birds flew out of Birdie's feathers and sped their way to the redheaded target.

Learning after her last run in with the small energy creatures, Ranma vaulted backwards in the air, landing over a manhole. When they came into reach, she lifted the heavy metal with her hands and swung the cover in a wide arc, cutting down three of the lead attackers. Turning with the momentum of the heavy metal disc, Ranma lined her self up with the bird-woman she had been fighting, and let it loose.

Having switched her attention back to the attacking Sailors, Birdie didn't see the incoming projectile until it had struck her straight in the head. Birdie was wavering so badly after the hit, she missed blocking the two other energy attacks from Mars and Venus.

The blow to the head must have done something because the energy birds around Ranma were now disappearing harmlessly. Cocky as ever, Ranma ran back in to the fight she had been forced to abandon. With the bird-woman dazed and hurt, it was no problem for her to get in a good flying sidekick, knocking the creature to the ground. Capitalizing on the situation, she continued the attack with a swift uppercut to the jaw as the bird-woman was falling. Ranma continued the assault, jumping about the creature to avoid possible retaliation and get in some various techniques.

Behind her, Ranma could hear the other girls yelling for her to get out of the way. They've probably been brainwashed by that perverted egomaniac, she thought darkly. Heh, well I'll show them how full of sh-

Ranma was suddenly shrieking in surprise as she was bowled over by someone and covered by their body as a bright flash of light exploded across the street. The word "Dusted!" and some random cheers could be heard coming from where the five girls had been standing. Whoever was holding Ranma down breathed a sigh of relief and she found herself suddenly wrapped up in two strong arms and lifted into the air.

Turning her head around to look at the street, Ranma found the creature had disappeared and a black gem resting on a pile of dust in its place. She sighed in relief and looked over at the five girls who were standing in front of her with expressions ranging from relief to wonder and finally anger.

Ranma had yet to make the connection with whom must have defeated the bird-woman and marked the girls off as being of no threat. She then noticed that two strong arms were still holding her body. Following the arms back to their owner, Ranma screamed when she saw the pervert looking at her with a stupid grin. "You hentai!" Ranma yelled and flattened the boy into the ground with her fist. "I told ya I ain't that kinda girl, pervert!"


Ranma would have liked to continue beating on the boy. All of her rage and disgust had found a perfect outlet in the pervert, but the group of girls pinning her to the ground was of another mind. Two brunettes were holding down either arm while a pair of blondes was simply glaring at her. In the back, a girl with blue hair was helping the pervert back to his feet. "Whatcha do that for?!" Ranma demanded. Damn, these girls are really fast and strong, she noted while struggling in their grasp.

"What do you think you were doing?" A blonde with two long ponytails screeched. "Don't you know who we are?!"

"Yeah. That's no way to treat the guy that saved you!" The other blonde added.

The brunette in red squeezed Ranma's arm a little tighter. "If you so much as gave Tuxedo Mask a bruise I'm gonna . . ."

The girl wasn't able to finish her threat as Ranma's mouth shot off once again. "I'm gonna blah blah blah yakkity yak. Yeah, I've heard it all before, but I've gotta be going now." With that, her feet came up to meet the back of either captor's head. They collapsed straight onto the ground, releasing Ranma's arms. She flipped back onto her feet and then retreated a good distance to avoid any possible attacks. The girls may have been strong, but Ranma was skilled.

The five Scouts were too shocked to even think about attacking the redhead. No one had ever tried to take them on unless they were some sort of powerful agents of evil. This new girl had certainly shown abilities far above that of a normal human, but as far as they could tell she was quite a bit weaker than any of them.

"Wait." Tuxedo Mask coughed and walked dizzily to the front of the crowd. "I think maybe we just got off on the wrong foot. We aren't trying to hurt you, miss."

"Yeah well, I don't know what your hang ups are on this moron." Ranma pointed at Tuxedo Mask. "But any pervert trying to get sweet with me is going to get more of the same."

"Tuxedo Mask isn't a pervert!" The blonde with the odangos screamed.

"That's right." The brunette in green nodded. "He even saved your life. You could be a little more pleasant."

"Pfft." Ranma waved off the comment. "I didn't need his help."

From the back of the group, the girl with blue hair stepped forward, her hands out in front of her in a peaceful gesture. "Listen. We aren't trying to make fun of you. We've just been fighting these demons for a long time and from the readings I took of your capabilities you just aren't strong enough to take one on yourself. We were just worried that you might be-"

"You trying to call me weak." Ranma growled through her clenched teeth. "I'm tired of being called weak or being worried over or being ogled by some pervert just because I'm a girl. I AM NOT WEAK!" It was stuttered at first, but after a few seconds, a bright blue aura popped up around Ranma and burned like a flame.

The visor down over Mercury's eyes suddenly went off with loud beeps and a list of incoming data on the new power. She gasped as she studied the information and came to realize the redhead's power level was good enough to match theirs. "Wh-What's going on?!" Mercury took steps away from the enraged girl.

"What is it Mercury?" Mars asked as she set herself up for a fight, her sailor power charged and ready for action. "Is she a demon or something?"

"Come on, you little bimbos. Let's see what you're made of!" Ranma smiled and adopted a loose ready stance. She may not have liked what these ridiculously dressed girls were saying, but this new energy they had helped her find made Ranma feel like she had been reborn. She felt her body like never before, a whole new level of control, strength, and speed was washing over her. The only proper way to thank these girls was to give them a decent fight.

"Bimbos!" The five Sailor Scouts screamed in outrage. With a shared spark of fire in their eyes, the Scouts decided then and there that this new girl was going to pay for her insults.

"Girls, please try to cont-" Tuxedo Mask was cut off by a unified war cry from each of the Scouts as they advanced on the smug redhead.

"Girls, what's going on?"

The Scouts suddenly hit the deck, expecting some sort of energy attack as the redhead suddenly started screaming at the top of her lungs. "CATS!!!"

The sound of shuffling feet and the slow dimming of a far off scream caused Sailor Moon to look up quizzically. The girl was gone and Luna was standing in front of her with a look of disappointment on her face. "Oh, Luna!" She whined. "It's not my fault! She scared all of us! What happened to her?"

Tuxedo Mask blinked then shook his head to clear his thoughts. "When the cats arrived, she freaked and took off like a bat out of hell."

Still angry, Rae clenched her fists and looked down the street. "Which way did she go?"


"Up?" The girls turned to face Tuxedo Mask in astonishment.

"Yeah. She just jumped straight up onto that building and took off." He still seemed quite surprised. The girl had jumped across the street and onto a two-story building in one bound and without any problems. He and the girls could do the same, but from what Tuxedo Mask had seen, the redhead looked like a normal human girl.

"You don't think she was Saturn do you?" Jupiter asked her comrades.

"It's possible." Mercury answered, studying the readout of her visors findings. "She is quite powerful for a human and if what Pluto tells us about her is correct than it would make sense." This seemed to quiet everyone up. If there was one thing they were all dreading, it was the coming of Saturn. It could only mean the universe was in grave trouble and they may all be destroyed if Saturn felt it was her only course of action.

"I . . I need to take a nap." Sailor Moon whined.

The rest of the group nodded.

* * *

Tendou dojo

Things were still bothering Mamoru about the last fight he had in Juuban. It wasn't the demon, though it had been stronger. When it was dusted, the energy was returned to the people Birdie had stolen it from. What bothered him was the redhead.

Pluto had told them all what Saturn was like before the fall of the Moon Kingdom. All of that power frightened a lot of people. They were told that she was only called when the fate of the universe was at stake, at a time when casualties could only be mourned as a necessary to save others. The Saturn of the Moon Kingdom was quiet and alone, but she held a frightening power capable of destroying entire planets.

Mamoru shivered at the possibilities and tried to clear his mind of such disturbing thoughts before knocking on the front door. He was outside the Tendou dojo, a place belonging to his uncle. Before college, Mamoru had visited Soun and his cousins at least once every few weeks. Now with the Scouts and Renee back from the future, he just hadn't had time.

"I wonder if things have changed as much for them as it has for me?" Mamoru wondered. He had to laugh at the idea of sweet, innocent Kasumi running around in tights and fighting demons.

"Oh, Mamoru-kun!" Kasumi answered the door, an apron around her waist to cover her simple housedress. If clothes were any indicators, not much had changed for the Tendou's. "Father told us you would be visiting. Please, come in?"

"Thank you, Kasumi-chan. Truth be told, your Uncle called me over. It sounded like he had something important to tell me." He stepped inside, removing his shoes at the door and following Kasumi into the living room.

A small pout came from Kasumi as she turned around. "So, you can't stay?"

"Of course I will." Mamoru smiled. "I couldn't miss an opportunity to visit with my favorite cousins."

Holding her hand over her mouth, Kasumi chuckled and admonished him lightly. "We are your only cousins, Mamoru-kun."

"You can still be my favorite." He joked back. Kasumi indicated he sit at the table while she fetched her father, leaving Mamoru with some tea to sip on.

He was about to take a sip when the youngest Tendou suddenly tackled him about the waist. "Hey, Mamo-kun!" Akane cried happily.

"Geez, take it easy, Akane." Nabiki smirked from the door. She was dressed in a formal kimono of green and white. It sort of looked like a large bill wrapped around her body.


Patting Akane's arm frantically, Mamoru gained her attention and she released him instantly. The blue in his face receded and Mamoru started breathing again. "Wow, Akane. When did you get so strong?"

Blushing a bit, Akane ground her left toe into the ground while looking on sheepishly. "I've been working extra hard recently in the dojo." She admitted.

"Well that's great." Mamoru smiled at her warmly. "You'll probably be the best martial artist in the world." Akane smiled back at her cousin's praise.

"Ah, Mamoru, you are here!" Soun strolled into the room followed by Kasumi. With everyone seated at the table, Mamoru asked why Soun had called him. "Today is a very special day for us, Mamoru. After your parents died, I was named your legal guardian and as such I tried to make sure you were well taken care of."

"Yes, Uncle, and I appreciate it." Mamoru responded hesitantly. It was true that Soun was named legal guardian, but he had grown up with his grandparents on his mother's side. Soun had offered to take him in, but Mamoru had a life in Juuban that he didn't want to just walk away from.

Tearing up a little, Soun took a dramatic pose, one fist raised to the sky. "And today I fulfill your parents last wish of me, 'That I see you married off to a girl that I have given approval of'." That wasn't exactly what they had said, but they surely would have if they knew the noble purpose!

Setting his cup down quickly, Mamoru coughed on the bit of tea he had sipped. Could his Uncle have found out about Usagi?! "What?!"

Continuing as if nothing had happened, Soun began to exaggerate a description of this girl with erratic hand gestures. "She is a bit young for you." Mamoru cringed. "But she is quite fetching with a fiery spirit, a skilled warrior in the art of Anything Goes!"

So that was it, Mamoru thought. Uncle wants me to marry some girl to bring two schools of Anything Goes together. Looking for help in dealing with the situation, Mamoru found the Tendou sisters to be a catatonic state. The first to come out of it was Kasumi.

"Oh my!" She began. "Father! You should not have done something like that. I'm sure Mamoru has plans of his own. Did you even ask if he was already engaged?"

Soun blinked at the idea, but turned to Mamoru for an answer. He could never force the boy to break up an engagement. "Well, Mamoru?"

"I . . I, uh . ." Oh, sure. What was he going to say? Yes, I'm destined to be married to a girl and rule the moon, but she's a fourteen-year-old right now. Sick and twisted? No, this is true love! And destiny was as good as an engagem- "No."

"Then there you have it!" Soun cheered. "Saotome-san should return with his, uhm, daughter any moment now." A knock at the door. "Ah, that must be him now!"

Soun disappeared around the corner. Kasumi frowned, Nabiki was contemplative, and Akane was angry. Not wanting to get the attention of an angry cousin, Mamoru just sat quietly, certain that things could be worked out with his Uncle before things got out of hand. Just in case, though, he considered places to travel to before Usagi got wind of the news. America sounded good to him.

Mamoru was interrupted from his thoughts of how to escape the situation when Soun walked back into the room, a smaller bald man right behind. The other man wore a white, dingy gi and matching bandanna over his bald head. He wore large glasses and seemed rather portly, but Mamoru could see some real definition and grace in the old man's movements. What had caught Mamoru's attention, however, was the small bundle the man carried over his right shoulder.

With a rather unceremonious gesture, the new man dropped his passenger onto the table at Mamoru's feet. He had to suck in a deep breath as his eyes bugged out of their sockets. The girl was certainly beautiful and healthy as Soun had described. Even the loose Chinese shirt and black slacks couldn't hide the girl's charms. Her red hair was still in the pigtail Mamoru had seen earlier, but this time her eyes were closed and he couldn't see the passionate fire that burned in them, only a gentle and tranquil face of the slumbering.

"What happened to her, Saotome-san?" Soun asked, examining the girl's lack of response.

Genma sat down at the table with a thud and nodded at Ranma. "I found her running down the street a few blocks away. I had to hit her over the head with a street sign before I could carry her back here."

Soun seemed to not find anything wrong with this answer and nodded back. "Well, Mamoru? When should we set the wedding for?"

What could he say? Here was the girl that had fought with a youma, knocked him to the ground twice, and basically made enemies with the Sailor Scouts. Everyone was worried she may be Saturn, destroyer, and Soun wanted to know when they would be joined? What could he say? Mamoru did the one thing he thought he would never do.

He feinted.

End Chapter One

* * *

Unlike some of my stories, this one oddly enough was begun with the ending already in mind. I can't say how long it will be because I'm not certain, but I don't plan on it being some great epic.

Yes, I know this is another Ranma is trapped as a girl, but this time I swear it is necessary to the story. Why is Ranma such a feminist? Well this time around he, or she, is very angry over the permanent curse and rather than be a normal girl Ranma figures other girls could benefit from her example. Plus it helps keep the guys off her back ;)

While I was writing this I learned that I know very little about the Sailor Scouts at this point so if things look a little odd it's because I'm doing a bit of research at the same time. I absolutely refuse watching the anime after being forced to sit through Sailor Moon's and Mini Moon's intro sequences. Gag me with a spoon. The characters are useful however.

Why Tendou Mamoru? Well, I could've done without, but it's the best way to make sure Ranma sticks around our group of Negaverse pounding adventurers.

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