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Evestar: Cloud's panicing attack is based on one somebody had a while back.

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The once quiet apartment was being invaded by screaming. Whatever it was woke Genesis from his sleep and he bolted into the living room with Rapier ready to impale anything nearby.

Blue eyes looked at him in fear. Hands were trembling with the PHS about ready to fall out of them. "Please say I read this wrong. Please. Please. Please." The piece of plastic was shoved in unsuspecting hands.

Tired eyes looked at the message. It was a mission request for Cloud Strife to go to Nibelheim in two days for a routine check on the reactor. He had no idea why Cloud was having a panic attack over...the realisation dawned on him. "Cloud you're Sixteen years old. You can cope with this. You cope with me." He sighed when he saw the blond sink to the floor gripping one of the high quality royal blue cushions for his life. "Breathe god damn it." He growled.

"I'm dead. So dead. Deader than dead. Reanimated dead and double tapped dead."

Genesis sighed and left Cloud to his rant on how dead he was. Something warm or alcoholic sounded good about now. Or knock out pills for Cloud. Or a pillow...over the face...until he stops moving. He stopped and sighed. "Tea or hot chocolate?"

"Why does it matter? I'm going to die anyway."

His eye twitched. What would be the worse Zack can do to him if he killed Cloud now and saved the trouble later? He didn't want to hazard a guess and got the chocolate powder out of the cupboard. He wanted to know why Cloud couldn't wait until morning like a normal person and viewed this thought to Cloud.

The blond had managed to drag himself to the kitchen floor although it mainly involved Genesis dragging him in by the arm; he didn't trust him not to do something stupid. "I've had phone calls and messages off Zack then meant I had to go and get him from some trouble one way or another so I'm used to answering the phone when I get messages." Cloud stated through the couch cushion. "Even at stupid hours of the day."

There was a loud bang at the front door as someone ran into it and then let themselves in.

"I get to meet Cloudy's Mum." The walking hurricane grinned bouncing up and down on the spot before doing squats.

Genesis glared at him, who the hell had that kind of energy at...six in the morning. He poured an extra cup of chocolate and handed them out. "I'm going to get dressed." He stated to no one before walking off and threatening Zack with his mistress still in his hand. No one argued with his Rapier and lived to tell the tale. He vaguely heard Zack giving Cloud a pep talk. "Come on you get to go back and show people you've been hobnobbing with SOLIDER. Whatever that means."

"Shut up Zack."

He looked at his PHS and sighed he had a message as well. He was on the same mission as those two. However the thing nearly when flying across the room, the other person on this mission had to be no other than Sephiroth.


The red commander sighed as he lent against the wall next to his lamb throwing up into the crappy bucket. Every so often he would gently kick Cloud just to let him know he was still there.

"Thanks." Cloud stated once one fit of vomit subsided.

"What for?" Gen asked confused.

"Most people just leave me to it." Whatever he was going to say next was cut off by a new fit of vomiting. The worst part was they were still on gentle roads.

"Next time I'm drugging you up." Genesis sighed.

Thankfully because they were travelling with the General, which meant they had a stripped out coach all to themselves. However it meant he had to physically kick Zack to the other side of the room or threaten to handcuff him to the other side of the room so he'd stop being a mother Chocobo to Cloud. Saying which, he shot a glare to the other side of the coach to stop him getting any closer.

"Do I need to get the driver to stop?" Asked the cool voice, one green eye was cracked open.

Giving Cloud one finally glance he sighed. "Might be a good idea but let's stop at a town so I can knock him out."


Fresh...ish air helped calm Cloud's fits down just enough. The old Cloud was back. The one that apologised for everything and anything.

"Say sorry one more time and I'm stabbing you." Genesis growled as he dropped Cloud next to a tree.

Zack and the driver had gone off into town to get stuff like anti sickness tables and disinfectant. Leaving him with a chocobo half crying to himself and HIM, standing on the other side watching like they were a tv program.

"No one likes being sick Cloud." Genesis sighed giving him a gentle kick. The boy had curled up and rolled over onto his side in an attempt to calm down.

Last time he had to deal with a sick person was Angeal before they left for Shin-ra and that involved a lot of shouting and swearing. He ended up sitting outside his door and only left or entered the room when Angeal needed something. It was one of the few times Angeal had properly lost his temper with him. That was the first time he had ever saw someone sick. This time the person was completely different and had no idea what to do and it pissed him off no end.

"How come you weren't this ill going to Bandora?"

"I'd passed out remember." Came a wheezy reply.

"Your fault you hit your head." Genesis sighed and kicked Cloud lightly again.

"Not my fault. Zack picked me up." A mumble reply and the body turned over.

"Speaking of the Porcupine." Genesis groaned. He felt sorry for the driver but thankfully when they got to the next village the poor guy could disappear and the four...three of them could drive the vehicle.

"We have." Zack grinned bounding over to them. "Ginger beer, dry crackers, antiseptic spray because they had no disinfectant, tablets and..." Genesis face palmed when Zack held up a child's colouring book.

"I'm not even going to ask." He rolled his eyes as the puppy started to do squats.

"But want if we get bored?" Zack whined pulling off the best puppy dog eyes look possible.

"I have Fira." Zack squealed and ran away from the scary looking guy.

It took the best part of half an hour to get Cloud to keep the tablet down.

Once again Genesis stood next to Cloud as he kept the bucket preoccupied. "How the hell did you make it down here?" Genesis asked as they left the gentle roads.

"I have no idea." Cloud answered.


Niblehiem was white. They had to come early winter. A certain someone hated the cold.

Cloud couldn't help but laugh at Zack who was clinging to Genesis for warmth.

"Why couldn't we come in summer?" Zack whined.

"Because there is always an influx of dragons." Cloud sighed trying so hard not to laugh as he still felt dodgy. "Excuse me I'm going to put my helmet on."

"Seriously is that a good idea? Do you want a helmet full of vomit?" Zack asked poking his head between Genesis' arm and chest.

"Zackary." Came a deep warning.

"You know I like you better when you were unstable. I was less likely to die." Zack stated not bothering to move.

Cloud snorted before moving away to find his helmet. He felt eyes bore into the back of his head but he ignored it. What good would stirring up trouble do now?


Cloud had vanished off in the middle of setting up for the night to go warn his mum she had three guests. This left Genesis and Zack time to be childish. They were his elders and most of the time they were more immature than he was.

However they immatureness involved superglue and a certain silverette general's shampoo bottle. It kind of helped that he was standing at the window looking out over the mountains and not really paying attention to those around him. They had no idea what he was on about but he kept mumbling about the feeling of being here before.

However Genesis conveniently forgot to tell Zack he had superglue on his hand. So he cleverly managed to glue his hand to his face.

Which was how Cloud found them when he walked in. "Why can't I leave you two for two minutes?" They both shrugged at him. "She says we can turn up later tonight. We just need to give her time to go shopping and don't expect anything fancy."

"Any ideas with glue?" Zack asked trying to wave his hand but it was difficult with his face attached to it.

"Pull your hand away quickly then use cure?" Was Cloud only suggestion.


Cloud had to admit it. Watching two SOILDERs cowering in their seats because of a small middle age woman wielding a frying pan was too funny not to laugh at. They couldn't even escape out the door right next to them. However he didn't want a frying pan to the face so he stayed quiet. He really didn't expect his mum to remember all the stories he had told her. It wasn't his fault; he had friends for the first time in his life and told her everything. Well almost everything, he still hadn't told her he had broken his arm or the kiss.

He forgot how mad his mother was. She was an inch shorter than him with semi spiky blond hair that was longer than his and she was wearing her favourite white lace apron.

Currently she was red in the face. "So any pictures?" She finished sounding normal and slightly hopeful.

They both just stared at her.

"What? If my son's done stupid things I want to see the evidence."

Zack fished his PHS out of his pocket and proceeded to spend the next half an hour explaining every picture, even ones he wasn't in. Genesis shifted off the seat so she could sit next the porcupine and he moved across the small place to sit next to the fire with Cloud.

"Hey." Cloud smiled. He felt concerned because he couldn't read the look on Genesis' face. "You ok?

He nodded but didn't look to happy.

Cloud slumped next to him and let him pat his hair like a dog. He had to admit it felt nice. Every so often he would stick his tongue out at him mum as she laughed at him.

"Really Cloud? Didn't I teach you better?" She half laughed.

"You taught me how to duck out of the way of frying pans." He bit back. It was half arsed but he could his point across. They would bicker but it was never anything serious. Serious stuff involved cooking and a deep conversation. He was vaguely aware Zack and Genesis were getting uncomfortable.

His mum turned his attention to Zack and proceeded to quiz him on his life.

"Want to go upstairs?" He almost sighed with relief when he received and nod and dragged Genesis upstairs into his room.

The scary thing was his room was the same size as Genesis walk in wardrobe. He knew that disapproving look on his mentors face. "Welcome?" He half smiled. The room was only wide enough to fit his bed in, the wardrobe was pushed up against it and a small shelf with his rescued second hand books sat opposite to the wardrobe. "What's up?" He asked.

"She loves you but she insults you at every opportunity. Why is it she can do that but everyone else hurts you." There was no emotion in his voice.

Cloud blinked. "I don't know. I think because she loves me and I can give it back. If push comes to shove she'd defend me." He groaned when he closed his door. Why did he forget his Silver Elite poster was still stuck up there?

"Is that your reason for joining Shinra?" It was a half mocking voice.

"Yes." He sighed. "You can sit down. I was just worried you were having a session."

"I was." Came the simple answer. "There was a dead SOLIDER standing by the front door bleeding everywhere. I could feel him breathing next to me." Genesis flopped back on the bed and managed to hit his head on the wall behind him.

"Is that all?" Cloud asked trying not to laugh.

"Would your mum kill me if I left her a decent amount of Gil?"

"Yeah." Cloud ran his head through his blond hair. "She hates charity and you are her guests."

"What if I gave it to you and you gave it to her?" Genesis asked.

The blond sighed and sat next to his friend on the bed and brought his knees up to his chest. "Why do you have such an issue with money?" He asked. It had been bugging him for a while now.

"Growing up that was all that was important to my parents. It is weird seeing other people survive so well...better without it. Sometimes I wished we had no money so we could be happy." The lack of emotion gave Cloud reason to worry.

"That's depressing." He sighed. "No wonder it's a huge issue."

"What books do you have?" Genesis asked in an attempt to get away from the subject.

"Mainly fairy tales." The blond smiled into his knees. "Sorry no LOVELESS. If you want to talk to someone about it ask the crazy person."

The door slammed open. "The crazy person wants to know if you two are coming down for dinner." Asked Mrs. Strife.


Somehow they didn't notice that there was a snowstorm outside and were unable to get back to the hotel. So Genesis messaged Sephiroth saying they were staying at Cloud's mum's place. He messaged back 'that's nice'.

Cloud was going to kill Zack in the morning. He slipped up about the kiss so his Mum went into overdrive and tried to embarrass him. However the slip up prevented an awkward conversation about him being unable to sleep without Genesis next to him. So he won't kill Zack maybe just maim him. A little.

Due to limited spacing and Zack being scared of his Mother, Zack was currently on the couch sexting his girlfriend, his Mum was in his bed and he and Genesis had the double bed. He kind of hoped Zack was warm enough down there. He would go down and check but Genesis was just too warm. "Are you thinking about what my Mum said?" He asked. He didn't realise while he and Zack 'washed up' his Mum had dragged Genesis off and gave him a serious talking to. He had no idea what it was about but Genesis had been in deep thought ever since.

"Yeah." He sighed while having a staring contest with the wall. "She gave me the boyfriend talk. The last person who gave me that was Angeal and it wasn't half way as interesting as you're Mother's version." There was a slight hint of a smile.

"Did it involve a frying pan?" Cloud asked with a raised eyebrow. He didn't know his mum had one ready for him but some part of him told him Genesis was lying to him.


Cloud rolled his eyes. He looked into Genesis' eyes to look for something. He wasn't sure what but he had a slight plan and he needed to know it was ok. He saw nothing that would discourage him in those ocean blue eyes.

He smirked and Genesis and went under the covers.

Genesis had no idea what was going on until he felt the boxers being tugged down.