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Summary: Based off One Tree Hill relationship storyline. Santana moves to Lima after her mothers will, what happens when high school gets a bit too complicated? AU.
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The heart has reasons that reason cannot know.
- Blaise Pascal

Can't Fight Fate:
Chapter One

First day of Senior Year at a new school was coming up, and it wasn't exactly Santana Lopez's idea of fun.

It wasn't her choice to move to Lima, and technically it wasn't her fathers either. He'd decided he wanted a new start after the death of his wife, and Santana's mother. She'd died when her little brother had only just had his first birthday. It took three years for the lawyers to find Maria Lopez' will, and when they had, the news had made quite an impact on the Lopez family.

According to her mother, Santana had a half brother in Lima. Apparently, during a lengthy relationship-hiatus between Santana's mother and father, Maria had been on a school trip to Lima, and met a stunningly attractive tanned jock with a ridiculous haircut and irresistable hazel eyes, going by the name of Benzino Puckerman.

After a drunken night at the Senior ball, and two months of dating him across the states, they'd done the stereotypical thing by losing 'the big V' to each other - which ultimately resulted in Santana's mother pregnant at age 18 and single, due to Benzino's business scholarship landing him at Northwestern.

Due to Santana's fathers reaction, Mario had absolutely no idea about this stepson. Santana's parents had gotten back together a year and half later and he was none the wiser about the pregnancy. The only reason he'd found out was because of the tragic car accident that'd claimed Maria Lopez's life three years ago.

She'd written in her final will that if her death was to ever occur, Santana, Mario (her father) and Luis (her brother) were to move to Ohio to reconnect with their long-lost half family. And to live in the house her parents had purchased years ago in hope Benzino would flunk out of college and make a life with Maria and their baby son, which of course didn't happen.

None of the Lopez's were hopeful and ecstatic about new hometown destination, but due to the urge of wanting to escape New River, find a new place, give in to his dead wifes wishes and an opportune moment to take a free house, Mario had obliged.

So after they packed up their belongings, they took off into the sunset and arrived at Lima, Ohio to reconnect with the 'Puckerman' family. They moved into a small 2 bedroomed house in Lima Heights which ran parallel to the richest street in Lima, ironically named Prosperus Avenue. Comparatively, the new Lopez home looked like a cardboard box next to these huge, Greek-God like houses with large pillars supporting the roof and bright white paint covering every inch of the brick that created these mansions.

The house was nicely sized, as long as you didn't stare at the ridiculously large houses in the next street, and as soon as they'd arrived Mario had got to work on the loft, converting it into another bedroom for Santana. It only took two weeks of heavy work before they'd moved in properly, each to their own bedroom.

Santana loved her new bedroom, obviously it didn't have the same spark her one back in New River did, and it smelt weird, but she'd have to get used to the fact Lima, and more important that room, was now home. Her dad had decided to install an attic window, which led to a relatively flat, slanted roof overlooking her garden, and giving her a great view of the clear, starry sky above.

Her house was only about five minutes away from her soon-to-be new school, and she could clearly see the large field with aluminium bleaches and bright red flag that swayed in the breeze perched on a large pole next to the seating area.

It only took about three seconds after clambering out the small window to find her 'quiet space', as she liked to call it. Somewhere only she knew, where she could go to think and lay lazily without a care in the world, just dreaming about her future life and how to escape this new, miserable home town.

The next day was her first day of William McKinley High school. It was completely different from her old school. The halls seemed huge compared to the tiny ones at New River High School back in Arizona and all the students were pretty daunting. However Santana wasn't the usual, shy, new student. She wasn't loud and brash, but when a freshman bumped into her about five minutes after entering the school, she didn't hold back her spanish curse words and signature scowl.

The Indian principal, who went by the name of 'Figgins' handed her a brand new time table with all her lessons after finding her way to his office, and after their quick meeting, she headed off towards her first lesson which luckily was Spanish, her second language. Dressed in a red and white baseball top, dark blue skinny jeans and her favourite pair of white converses, she shoved the paper timetable in her backpack and trudged invisibly down the hallway.

She hated the fact that she was the new kid, because it meant being instantly judged by her clothing and attitude. Barely any of the students had really paid attention as she wandered down the school corridoors. She found it weird but when she saw the popular's part the people like Moses did with the Red Sea she already figured out this was a 'status' school as her friends back in Arizona had called them.

"San, one thing you've gotta remember is to figure out what kinda system it is first."

Santana turned to Chelsea, her ditsy, redheaded friend whilst gulping down her fries. "What? What do you mean 'system'?"

The redhead turned to Elly, their black haired friend and smirked.

"There's three types. There's the typically known 'loser system' where everyone gets along with everyone, and most people end up marrying their high school sweethearts and having thousands of babies and mingling in twenty years time before throwing swingers parties and hooking up with old crushes. Which basically means within a week you'll need some type of talent to make sure you survive, usually academic."

The Latina cringed and tugged her bottom lips by the sides down violently in a disgusted expression. "Whoah. Fucking hope it's not that one."

"Yeah. Us too." Chelsea said before gesturing to Elly to continue.

"Then there's the 'reject' system, where new kids are instantly bottom of the pile. It seems like your typical high school but when you actually go through life it seems everyones already made friends from their previous year there and unless you do something ridiculously insane like stealing a cop car or setting the janitor on fire, you're pretty much fucked."

Santana waved her fist in the air sarcastically, and spoke slowly; "Oh yay. Please, stop holding me back I want to go right this instant."

Chelsea and Elly both smiled, jabbing the Latina in the arm playfully at the same time as they laid underneath the beaming hot sun rays near Goose bay.

"And then you have our own dear schools system, the 'status system' where your popularity and status is the most important thing. There's always a heirarchy, usually cheerleaders or something like that that sleep around with all the jocks. But they're known as 'populars' most of the time, depending on whatever the lame ass school finds powerful. Sometimes it's hockey, sometimes it soccer, or sometimes its cars."

"Like Grease?" Chelsea questioned, Elly turned and gave her a heart-warming smile.

"Yeah Els, like Grease."

The brunette scoffed and slid her sunglasses onto her head, feeling the warmth heat her cool eyelids. "Right, so basically I'm either stuck with losers, rejects or sluts that dig balls or engines?"

The two girls giggled and leaned up on their elbows, looking at eachother and smiling. "Well yeah, basically. But knowing you you'll somehow work your way around it."

"Maybe if I keep myself on the down low I'll survive this year with no troubles." Santana said, watching four boys run wrecklessly passed them and flicking dirty sand onto their towels.

"I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU DO THAT AGAIN I'LL MAKE SURE YOU NEVER HAVE KIDS!" She shouted, waving her fist in the air.

Elly and Chelsea turned to eachother, arching an eyebrow and smirking. The redheaded winked and returned to her lying position;

"Yeah, that definitely sounds like something you'd be able to do Lopez."

Santana chuckled lightly in unison with her two best friends. "Shut up Carter."

It was the first time she saw her, when she'd approached her locker for the school year. Santana was innocently standing by her metal cupboard and sorting through it, placing books her and there and light decorating it with a picture of her Chelsea and Elly. When she suddenly felt several bodies push up against her back, forcing her face basically inside the locker.

"What the fu-" Santana whispered, after turning to see the sea of people crowding the hall, split in two allowing two girls to walk down the centre with people gazing at them like they were celebrities. She craned her neck to watch what everyone else was and was startled by what she saw.

One of the girls was wearing her short blonde hair in a rough yet incredibly sexy style, with a 'head-bitch' face on. She had large hazel eyes that seemed to shoot down anyone that dare to look her in the eye, but there was an air of innocence surrounding the girl. Santana tilted her head to the side as she couldn't help but see the cross necklace hanging around her neck and laugh.

Bet she's in Celibacy Club with a jock as her boyfriend.

As if on queue, a large, tanned jock walked up and threw his arm over the girl, smirking as everyone looked at them. It only took a few seconds of watching them to realise they were, or rather trying to be, the 'power couple'. However it confused the Latina as it dawned on her that she wasn't sporting a Cheerleading uniform which schools like this usually had.

Instead the short blonde was wearing a light blue summer dress, covered by a white cardigan that made her innocence beam even brighter. Tiny white pumps covered her feet and she almost cat-walked down the hall swimming with popularity as the students gaped at her.

And it only took a few more seconds to see the other girl, to see her. Santana's mouth automatically dropped as she turned her attention to the other blonde.

The Latina saw pale skin glow softy in the sunlight beaming in through the end window and blonde hair cascaded in loose ringlets. Clear blue eyes the colour of the Caribbean sea and a shy, but yet brilliantly beautiful smile that seemed to brighten the whole room pasted the strangers face.

As if Santana had called this mystery girls name, the breath-takingly beautiful orbs flickered up through dark eyelashes to meet Santana's mocha ones. The girl was absolutely stunning. Like jaw-droppingly gorgeous. Santana couldn't understand how one person could possess this much beauty and not be on the front of a magazine.

The girls hair was shiny and silky, tracing past her shoulders which were bare due to the thin straps of her grey Pineapple dance top that hung loosely off one shoulder. The blonde stood with a dancer's posture, and moved with a similar grace - as if she was gliding down the hallway instead of walking. Santana allowed her eyesight to roam down the never-ending, toned legs of the stranger which were shown through cut off jean short shorts and brown, calf-length cowboy boots.

The blue eyes shaded with something unrecognisable and what felt like hours later, but in reality seconds, Santana turned away to break their stare and focused back on her locker, fidding mindlessly with the items inside. She felt how weak her knees were, and the muscles jigging about nervously inside her tanned limbs. She felt how fast her heart was beating as the blonde's image was burning into her brain, imprinting itself for eternity.

What the fuck was that?

She thought to herself. Instead of dwelling on the thought, she quickly placed several books in her locker and turned on her heels, allowing her legs to carry her away from the breath-takingly beautiful blonde. The whole way she could feel a strange itch burning into the back of her brain, and she slid her hand over it, making sure she didn't have a gob of chewing gum in her hair or something - but there was nothing.

About two minutes later, she managed to find the Spanish room. It was pasted in spanish flags and decorated with a red and yellow decorum. The room even smelt like a god damn taco bar. Santana snorted and took a step in, immediately being greeted by a muscular thirty-something man who's hair made him look like his mode of transporation to school was the ocean.

"Hello, you must be the new student. Santana Puckerman-Lopez?"

The Latina nodded and smiled weakly, glancing around the room to watch the students fill and take their seats.

"Just Santana Lopez." She corrected firmly.

Venom bubbled in the back of her throat at her double barrelled name which she could never seem to evade. It clung onto her being like a bad smell that couldn't be washed off with tons of shampoo and soap.

The man stood up from his seat, causing a scratch to form with the friction on the linoleum floor. He took a step towards the brunette and offered out his hand,

"I'm Mr Schuester. Your Spanish teacher and tutor."

"Thanks." She said whilst nodding greatfully. "Is there anywhere specific I should sit?"

The teacher started speaking but Santana couldn't focus on his words. She felt the familiar itch form in the back of her neck again and she whipped her head round to find the cause of it. Just as she did, she immediately locked eyesight with ridiculously gorgeous blue eyes. The Latina's heart inflated as the blondes lips curled up slightly at the side into a tiny smile. Santana's throat ran dry, and she gulped heavily, allowing the burn to slide down the oesophagus.

A flush crept across her face as the blonde tugged the corner of her lip between her teeth and fluttered her eyelashes, and Santana narrowed her eyes, whipping her head away from the eyesight. She turned back to the greasy-haired teacher who was gesturing with his hand towards a seat. The Latina followed his hand and spotted a seat at the back. She would've been glad if it wasn't for the occupant sitting next to the spare chair.

Grudgingly, Santana made her way through the tabels, seeing several heads turn and mutters things to their table partners as she passed.

"I heard she came from Arizona after her dad got lost in the desert."

"I heard she just came out of juvi after beating up some kid at her school. Real bloody."

"I heard that her dad is like some huge mafia boss and they had to move from the big apple 'cause they were in danger."

The Latina smirked at them, they all sounded ridiculous - however she couldn't ignore the genuine fear coating their faces and words as they examined her. She clutched her books tighter to her chest, dipping her head and chuckling lightly to herself when the same itch struck her again. But this time she could feel it on her face, so she raised it and gazed into brilliantly blue eyes.

Knowing how distracting those orbs could be, she dipped her head once more and slid round the desk to sit on the chair, scooting over to the edge of the table the furthest away from the blonde.

Santana could feel the same burn crawl against her temple and watched in her peripheral visionas the girl next to her twiddled with her hair, stealing a glance every now and then. The Latina couldn't believe how slow the time was going, everytime she looked up at the clock about four seconds had ticked by - and it'd felt like four hours.

She pushed aside her spanish essay, which was done within three minutes and started doodling mindlessly, when she saw a figure walk up to her desk. She glanced up to see the greaser-look-a-like teacher.

"Santana. How are you doing with your work?" He said, gesturing down to her work.

Fuck. First day and I'm in trouble. Great. I really should pay more attention...

Santana swallowed and looked down at her book, expecting to find random drawings. But instead she saw her perfectly written spanish essay sitting in front of her. She brushed her fingers at the corner, flicking it to see if her drawings were underneath, but no. Nothing.

"Ah you've finished." Mr Schuester said, leaning over and clutching the paper. He eyed it up for a couple of minutes, his eyes darting from side to side studying her work.

"Wow. Well done Santana. An A for you. Nice first impression." He murmured, scribbling roughly on the paper as it rested against his palm before leaving it to float down back to her desk. She searched his words for any sign of sarcasm, but when she found none, she shook her head in disbelief.

The brunette picked up the paper and narrowed her eyes to focus on the red circled 'A' painted on the top right hand corner of the page. "Uh- Thanks Mr Schue."

The teacher smiled and turned away, heading back towards her desk. She pushed the marked paper away and lifted up her books, trying to find her doodle page.

"Where the fuck is it?" She hissed to herself, leaning over the desk to check underneath it. Her head was resting against the leg, and just under the protruding edge of the table.

"Looking for this?" A soft voice whispered. Santana's eyes widened and she jerked up, hitting her head on the corner as she did.

The Latina winced at the pain, squeezing her eyes shut and she brought her hand up to rub the throbbing spot just behind her ear. "Ow."

Another hand made itself present as it brushed lightly over Santana's fingers."Are you okay?"

Santana jolted again, this time half-way off her seat. She could feel her heart pounding and the touch and her fingers shake. She cleared her throat and turned to look at the blonde girl beside her.

"Uh.. Yeah. Just hit my head a bit too hard, tender, so no touching." She murmured, internally scoffing at her lame attempt of a lie.

What the fuck?

The blonde crooked her head to the side and narrowed her eyes, almost like she was looking past the Latina's eyes and deep into her soul.

"Hm. Do you need to go to the nurse?"

"Uh- I dunno." She replied, shuffling back onto the centre of her chair as the girl next to her removed her hand, allowing it to fall gracefully through the air and land next to Santana's forearm.

The Latina was suddenly aware of how close their arms were, and flickered her stare down to her olive arm contrasting with the creamy skin of the unknown girl. She could feel her heart beat faster, her throat run drier and body feel hotter as the hairs on her arm raised with the electricity pulsing between their two limbs.

"I think you might need to." The blonde said, causing Santana to dart her gaze to the blue orbs which were still staring at her.

What is up with this girl and staring?

"Mr Schue!" The girl called, still gazing into the Latina's deep coffee orbs. "I need to take San to the nurses office. She's hit her head and I think she's conduced or something."

Santana's stomach flipped at the nickname the strange blonde had just given her. Usually if someone she'd just met had even given her an intrusive glance, she would've gone all New River Heights on them, let alone given her a nickname within twenty minutes of meeting each other.

"Concussed." Santana corrected, the only words that she could form whilst her brain raced.

The blonde grinned, revealing brilliantly white teeth and nodded. "Yeah. Concussed."

The Latina smiled in return, and darted her eyes towards Mr Schuester who was nodding. "Okay. She looks a bit pale anyway."

Santana immediately wanted a mirror, knowing what she looked like but didn't bother. The brunette stood, still clutching the back of her head and trying to conceal the throb when a soft palm grazed against her clothed bicep.

"Do you want me to come with you?"

The Latina stared incredulously at the blonde, wondering why someone she just met would want to look after her. The blue eyed beauty smiled hopefully at the brunette. But this time her smile seemed brighter, sweeter than she'd remembered. And her eyes, those beautiful cerulean orbs plagued her body - momentarily stunning Santana. She gulped in a large bubble of oxygen, trying to push down the hitch in her throat and blinked several times.


"Do you start every sentence off with uh?" The blonde teased, chuckling lightly whilst biting her bottom lip between her teeth.

Have I been doing that?

The Latina smiled weakly in return, still not being able to say anything. Her eyebrows furrowed and the blonde crooked her head to the side. "Santana?"

"No thank you. And no. I don't start every sentence with 'uh'." She retorted, and she kicked herself internally at how short she'd just sounded.

She walked towards the nurses office, her mind racing and spinning with thoughts of this mysterious blonde who seemed to intrigue her, and she couldn't place a finger on what it was.

About twenty minutes and a pack of ice later, the nurse let Santana go and she swiftly slid into the Spanish room, gathering her books before heading off to her next class. Despite arguing with herself that she hadn't been, and wasn't, she couldn't suppress the disappointment that coursed through her body telling her she was upset that she hadn't seen the intruiging blonde for the rest of the day.

And that's how she spent the rest of the night, scribbling on her notepad and focusing on her homework, trying to push the mysterious beauty out of her head.

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