Deleted Scenes. Not A Oneshot.

Yes, I am forcing BradGenta down the throats of my readers, I just personally think they are damn adorable together...

Summary: Ever wonder why Brad was smiling at Magenta during the Time Warp, why he didn't really mind when she was taking off his wet clothes, or what he was doing while Frank and Janet were messing around, I have all the answers... :) I own nothing... Please R&R!

Magenta lay on her bedroom floor, blood rushing out of every gash Frank's whip had left on her, he had suspected something, and his suspicions were right, she and Brad had been doing it behind his back since high school, and now Magenta was paying for it. She heard footsteps in the hallway and someone opened her door.

"Please don't whip me again..." Magenta breathed,

"What? What're you talking about?" said the voice of the person standing in the doorway, it was Brad, he was back for more...

"Brad, you have to leave..." Magenta felt Brad lifting her up, his cologne was disgusting... "He might find out again..."

"I could care less..." Brad lay Magenta on her bed, "I'm so glad I found you, baby,"

"What? What the hell is this?" Another voice said from the doorway, the owner of the voice was wearing 10 inch heels and holding a whip,

"Fuck..." Brad whispered in Magenta's ear, she felt something cut a deep gash across her back, right where Brad's hand had been before he jerked it away,

"YOU LITTLE BITCH!" Frank yelled, "YOU DIRTY LITTLE LIAR! YOU SAID THE TWO OF YOU WERE DONE!" He whipped her again, Magenta saw blood splatter across Brad's terrified face, again, again, Magenta sat up, only to feel the whip slap the back of her neck, she stood up as best she could after being beaten only to have Frank whip her face multiple times until she collapsed into Brad's arms.