By Elitemassacre aka Britt

Chapter 2: A Soul No Longer Alone

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Rachel looked over at Quinn at her right side. All the football players and Cheerios were gone to a game a few towns over, and since it wasn't very far, most of the school was gone too. It was around four pm, and the two girls lay side by side in the grass next to the football field, hand in hand. It was friday, the last day before the skanks came back to school on monday. Rachel was beyond afraid that come monday, the former blonde would be pushing her away.

"Quinn? Can I ask you a question?" the brunette ran her small fingers over softly raised knuckles before bringing both their hands up to her lips and kissing those knuckles and laying down a little closer to the girl with hazel eyes.

"Yea. Shoot, Rach." When she looked over at the girl to her left, she frowned. The singer was frowning just slightly, but clearly written in her eyes was pain.

"Do you or did you ever wonder why noone ever met my dads?" She asked, looking up at the clear fall sky above them.

"Yea, I did wonder, but didn't Finn meet them?" She asked, suddenly not liking the question in combination with the pain in Rachel's eyes before she looked away. Quinn scooted closer to the brunette and pulled her face back from the sky to her eyes. Daringly, the former blonde placed a soft kiss to the girls nose.

"When I was fourteen, they started going on trips alot. My dad had injured his hip in a car accident, so I got this special license and learned to drive that year. When he healed, both my dad and daddy started to leave alot more. By the time I was fifteen I only saw them two months out of the year.." She took a deep breath and the girl across from her squeezed her hand and nodded for her to continue.

"By softmore year it was down to one month, and by last year only on christmas. I don't think I'll see them this year. I have a large college fund and I have a bank account that they deposit four thousand dollars into every month. When I graduate from college, I'll get this trust fund that they set up. So, I can take care of myself. And I can be alone just fine. I just...don't want to be anymore. I never did." Her eyes closed when she finished speaking and the former cheerio wanted to hold her forever.

"They weren't always like that. When they got into that accident I told you about, they were on their way back from a doctors convention in chicago, and they were hit by a drunk driver in a pickup, and they hit their heads pretty hard. The doctor said that they had some form of Amnesia. They were told that I was their daughter, but they didn't remember me at all. When I walked into their room...and I said...Hi daddy, Hi dad. They asked me who I was. When they finally healed, they started to leave, and because they'd been told who I was, they made sure I had plenty of money, and that I could drive and everything. But my fathers...they were gone." She was crying now and couldn't stop the shaking of her body brought on by that. She'd never told anyone. Always making the excuse that they were at the hospital or out of town was getting tiring and she just wanted to trust someone, for once.

"Hey, baby, open your eyes. It's okay, I'm right here, okay? You're not alone. I'm right here." Quinn held the brunette in her arms for twenty minutes before she quieted down and opened her eyes. Reaching into the singer's bag, she tried to find the tissue that would inevitably be there and felt an envelope. She pulled it out and saw her name written in red across the gold envelope. Laying it down, she found the tissue and wiped the girl's eyes as she calmed down. When she was alright and just laying there trying to relax, Quinn showed her the envelope.

"Sorry, was looking for tissue. This for me?" She waved it in the are and something inside shifted around.

"Yes. Open it." She layed back as Quin slit open the top of the envelope with a knife she swiftly produced from her jeans. When she turned it upside down to retrieve the letter she thought to be inside, a red key on a chain fell out.

"Is this?" She said, turning it over to see the name Quinn painted on it.

"To my house. In case you ever need a place to cool off or to stay."

"Thanks, Rach. I love it." She leaned in slowly and kissed the girl in front of her. When they seperated she pulled Rachel into her side and tangled their legs together.

"Quinn...what are you going to do when they come back? Are you going to leave me alone?" She tries not to sound weak or needy when she says it, and she doesn't. But the former blonde knows her well enough to know that she's feeling it anyway.

"No. I think the only reason I started hanging out with them was so people would stop looking at me like I was this broken girl. The girl was pregnant at sixteen, the girl who Finn dumped twice for Rachel Berry, the girl who wanted Prom Queen so bad she could feel it and then lost it. I didn't want to be seen as her anymore. And they don't. But I don't like the image they've created for me as the skank either. I'm just Quinn and you're just Rachel and I think that's what matters. How we look at eachother and whether we're happy or not. You make me happy." Her hands are running themselves through soft brown locks and she can't help but think that besides Beth, Rachel is the only good thing to come into her life so far.

"I think I know of a few things that can make you happier." The brunette says, a smile on her face that Quinn knows she's going to sing to her sometime in the next few minutes. Out of her bag, Rachel produces a plastic bag, and the former blonde is confused, because it looks like chocolate but it's so strangely shaped. When she opens it, it does smell like chocolate but it also smells smoky and salty and porky and she pops a peice in her mouth and moans.

"I also broke up with him. Today. He doesn't make me happy like you do, and I don't love him." She smiling larger now, and when she grabs her iphone and Quinn sees the front of the Lady Antebellum album she grins. God...this woman...makes her candy...but it's chocolate and it's bacon and Quinn loves her. When the opening guitar to 'When You Got A Good Thing' starts to play, the former gleek decides she's gonna sing too, because she's so happy she can't contain it.


Everybody keeps telling me I'm such a lucky man

Lookin at you standin there I know I am

Barefooted beauty with eyes that blue

The sun shine sure looks good on you

I swear


Oh I can't believe I finally found you baby

Happy ever after, after all this time

Oh there's gonna be some ups and downs

but with you to wrap my arms around

I'm fine


So baby, hold on tight

Don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know when you've got a good thing


You know you keep on bringin out the best of me

And I need you now even more than the air I breathe


You can make me laugh when I wanna cry

This will last forever I just know, I know


So baby, hold on tight

Don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know when you've gotta good thing


We got a good thing, baby, woah

So hold on tight

Baby, don't let go

Hold onto the love we're making

Cause baby when the ground starts shakin

You gotta know, oh you gotta know

Oh you gotta know, you gotta know

When you got a good thing

We got a good thing baby

Woah, woah, woah, woah,

When the music for their song ends, Quinn knows it's on shuffle because 'Ready To Love Again' comes on. She's breathing pretty hard but in a few minutes it calms, Rachel lying by her side breathing normally the whole time.

"Is that why you always left me sitting there, Rach? So that you'd be leaving me instead of me leaving you alone?" As she asks the question, her fingers are playing with blades of grass that are coming up between the brunettes fingers. When she gets bored of it, she entwines her fingers with the other girls, standing up on her knees to place playful kisses on her jaw.

"Yes. Baby, if I told you write now that I'm in love with you and that I wish that we could lay here alone forever what would you say?" She has this small, adorable smile on her face when the former blonde looks up.

"I'd say that I love you just as much and that I wish we could stay too. But the sun is setting over in the west there, so I say that we go back to homebase and have dinner, watch some of your musicals, and spend all weekend cuddling on your couch together." She layed down over Rachel, their bodies perfectly aligned, and kissed her girlfriend, loving the way that the brunette laughed into her mouth when she playfully tickled her side before getting up and pulling the girl up with her. Quinn picked up both their bags held Rachel's hand as they walked off to the parking lot and into the sunset.