Dean's Night Out

E/O Challenge Bill and Flag - both words in a double drabble. No spoilers


Sam had been looking for Dean for a while now. They'd fought one more time and Dean had stormed off hours ago. Sam had waited hoping he'd come back and apologize. No such luck, of course.

Now he was in another bar but this time he'd seen Dean in the back by a pool table.

Several rednecks, a wad of cash, and too many bottles to count, disaster in the making.

"This should cover the costs," muttered Sam laying several bills on the bar and going to grab Dean as he shoved some redneck into a wall.

"What costs?"



Sam drew in a deep breath, shrugged his shoulders, shook his head, and just stared. What a night. What a day.

Dean was stretched, full length, out cold on the bed in their motel room.

Sam had a split lip and if they were lucky Dean would only have a black eye and not a concussion.

Dean gonna be pissed at the loss of the money and the fight.

But worse was yet to come.

Because the worst part of all had been having to flag down a taxi since Sam had no clue where Dean had left the Impala.


Belated birthday wishes to Fire'CxO'Ice some drunk!Dean and protective!Sam, well sort of, as requested. Hope you liked it.

Not sure if that was exactly a 'double drabble', it was two linked 100 word drabbles each using one of the words. E for effort?

Disclaimer: I own no rights to the Supernatural characters just playing with them for our amusement.