This is a prequel set in the "Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated" universe. What happened that summer when Fred was at trap camp, and Shaggy and Daphne met Flim-Flam? Shaphne included. Disclaimer: The characters belong to Warner Brothers, not me.

Chapter 1 – All the Ghouls I've Loved

Daphne called Shaggy with the question, "Well, what shall we do this summer?"

Shaggy said, "Like, I'm not sure. Fred's at trap camp, Velma's at computer camp, and my folks are away on vacation at a still-life competition. I'm home with Scooby. Dullsville, except there's lots of food."

"We could still solve mysteries," Daphne said.

"Like, we'd be totally rotten at it," said Shaggy. "Without Fred for traps and Velma for solving clues, how could we? Even with the two dogs to help, it would never work."

"Two dogs?"

"Yeah, I'm dog-sitting Scooby's little puppy nephew Scrappy-Doo for the summer."

"A puppy! Is he cute?"

"Yeah. A bit annoying, but he grows on you. He can talk, like Scooby, but without the speech impediment. He's, like, Scooby's opposite, no fear at all even when he ought to."

"I have an idea," said Daphne. "Let's just spend the summer on a super vacation, in Hawaii."

"You and me on vacation? Like, alone?" asked Shaggy, his heart racing.

"Don't get any big ideas, Shaggy. You know I only have eyes for Fred. We'll just go as friends."

"Okay, like, that's cool." said Shaggy, hiding his disappointment. "When can we get tickets?"

"I can do better than that," Daphne said. "My parents let me use their private plane, parked at the airport."

"Who's flying? You have a pilot for it?" Shaggy asked.

"It has a totally automatic pilot. You just enter the destination and it takes you there. They've got special waivers on all the regulations... money talks, you know," said Daphne.

"Sure, I'll go. What about Scooby and Scrappy?"

"They can come too, of course."

They parked the Mystery Machine at the Crystal Cove airport. Part-way through the parking lot a brash young kid in a long-sleeved yellow hoodie accosted them.

"Hey guys, Flim-Flam's the name and selling's my game. What can I do you for?" he said.

"Nothing, thanks," said Daphne, trying to move past him.

Flim-Flam opened the small case he was carrying and produced a bottle of clear liquid. "You're traveling on a Friday, and that's bad luck. What you need is a dose of my 'Lotsa Luck Joy Juice', satisfaction guaranteed."

"Like, I don't think so..." said Shaggy.

"I'll give you a free sample, and it's very tasty," Flim-Flam said.

"Tasty?" asked Scooby, licking his lips.

"Let's try it, Uncle Scooby," said Scrappy. "I like this guy, and my puppy instincts are never wrong."

"Rokay," said Scooby.

Scooby drank one bottle, and that broke the ice. Daphne, Shaggy, and Scrappy also tried it.

"Like, I feel a little dizzy, but happy," said Shaggy.

"I feel good," said Scooby.

"Me too," said Daphne. "Now we'll be lucky for the whole trip?"

"Just to be sure, you need to consult my friend Vince," Flim-Flam said. "He knows all, tells all."

"Like, why not?" Shaggy said.

"It's not like we have an official departure time," said Daphne.

They piled back into the Mystery Machine and drove at Flim-Flam's direction to a small bar named 'The Hair of the Werewolf That Bit You'. It looked a bit run-down.

"Vince has an office in a room in the back," said Flim-Flam. He moved ahead of them and called, "Hey Vince, I have some live ones for you."

They found Vince stirring a large cauldron. "Why are you bothering me?"

The man bore a strong resemblance to the famous actor Vincent Van Ghoul, a resemblance he chose to emphasize with his makeup, costume, and manner.

"Vincent Van Ghoul?" asked Shaggy. "Like, I loved you in 'The Castle of Runny Discharge'."

Vince raised his eyebrows and looked at Flim-Flam.

"They've had some 'Lotsa Luck' and they're ready for a full fleecing, er, reading," said Flim-Flam.

Vince nodded. "Yes, I am indeed Vincent Van Ghoul, but you should know that I have studied the occult in preparation for my many horror-movie roles. I am now an expert sorceror."

"Sorceror?" Shaggy gulped. "Like, I believe you."

"You will believe whatever I tell you, is that not correct?"

"I will," said Shaggy. His eyes were looking a bit glazed.

"Me too," said Daphne in a monotone.

"Me three," said Scooby-Doo.

"Me four," said Scrappy.

"You have come to consult me in my lair deep in the Himalayas," said Vince.

"Himalayas? I thought we were going to Hawaii," said Daphne.

"You were, but you got lost," said Vince. "Don't interrupt, and I will tell you more. Your plane has run out of fuel and crashed, and you were taken before the Burgomaster of the town of Ursolvania..."

"Burger Master? I'll order two dozen hamburgers," said Shaggy.

"That's what you said in court, but he didn't think it was funny," said Vince. "You're supposed to leave town tonight before sunset, and I know the reason."

"You do?" asked Shaggy. "A scary reason?"

In the background, in the bar, a singer began to perform "For all the Ghouls I've Loved Before," in a mock-Translyvanian accent.

Shaggy and the others staggered into his house late that night, carrying a large box decorated with the face of a demon. They had consumed several more bottles of Lotsa Luck and were completely under the spell of Vince's hypnotic tales.

"Like, we've got to capture the thirteen ghosts and get them back into this Chest of Demons," said Shaggy. "Who would've thought our vacation would turn into this? Why us?"

"We let them out," Scooby moaned.

"We'll get those ghosties, don't worry Uncle Scooby," said Scrappy.

"I'm scared, Shaggy," said Daphne. "Would it be all right if I stayed here tonight? My parents think we're in Hawaii, and I don't want to let them know any different until we've cleared this up."

"Like, sure," said Shaggy. "I'll sleep on the couch."

"No... with you..." said Daphne in a whisper. "I don't want to be alone. I was turned into a werewolf today, remember? I still feel some... animal urges."

She clung to him and Shaggy said, "Like, wow, Daphne."

Flim-Flam said, "Hey love-birds, remember I'm here. I'll stay in your best guest room. And don't forget you owe me for all that Lotsa Luck Joy Juice I used to re-fuel your plane to get you back from the Himalayas in double-quick time."

"Of course," said Daphne. "We owe you big time."

"Yes, you do," said Flim-Flam. "This is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship."