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Quinn's POV

"Quinn, you hurt me, what you did can never be undone!" Sam yelled at me, angry of course I screwed up. "You cheated on me!"

"I know I'm so, so sorry, Sam, please forgive me! I didn't mean to do it, I thought I loved, Finn, but I didn't and h-he cheated on Rachel and she couldn't care less she still snuggles up with him in Glee. She forgave him."

"SHE DOESN'T KNOW" Those were the last words he spoke to me before storming out. I can't blame him for hating me, but, Finn said he told Rachel and she didn't care. I took out my phone and texted Finn quickly

From: QuinnyPoo

To: FinnyBear

Meet me in the Auditorium NOW!

From: FinnyBear

To: QuinnyPoo

Sur b rght thr

From: QuinnyPoo

To: FinnyBear

And please improve your grammer before you get here.

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"Sup, Quinnypoo!" Finn said that worry free. He didn't know, that I knew, what he thought only he knew. "Hello, Finn." I said flatly. "Whoa, Quinn you okay, you sound mad at me for something. Did I do something wrong?" Yeah, you did something wrong, you FUCKING lied to me! "SHUT UP!" I yelled at him "Okay…" He mumbled. "I know you didn't tell Rachel." He looked guilty. "Of course I told Rachel, why wouldn't I have told Rachel?"

"Because, you don't want her to leave you!" I was angry, REALLY angry. "Ok, so I didn't tell Rachel, what's the big deal?" He seemed confused. But I knew he wasn't confused he knew all too well what he did wrong. "Oh, I don't know maybe the fact that you lied to me!" I yelled at him.

"Rachel's hot, that's the only reason I like her" Finn, said, I however, though I would never admit it, like Rachel, she's nice, if annoying sometimes, definitely someone you could trust and open up to! "Finn, do NOT do this to Rachel."I practically yelled at him. "Why not, you don't care about her."I was angry he just told a lie and he knew it was a lie. "You just lied, and you know you lied, you are the only person I've ever told that I don't mind Rachel. Goodbye, Finn" After that I went to find Rachel and talk to her. And I found her in the choir room.

Rachel's POV

"Quinn, what are you doing here?" I told her a little bit too happily, because I'd never admit this to ANYONE but I kinda liked her. "I hate him…" She mumbled but I couldn't really understand most of the rest of what she said but there was "that jackass", somewhere in it. "Rachel, I need to tell you something and I'm extremely sorry, that Finnocence didn't tell you himself…" But before she could finish I cut her off. "Finn!" I ran up and hugged him as tightly as I could. "Woah, Quinn, what are you doing here?" He sounded a little guilty but I disregarded it.

"Finn, whether you like it or not, I'm telling her, the truth." I was definitely confused now. "Quinn, please don't tell her. Not even a peep of what I said earlier or I will hurt you, Fabray." I was scared for Quinn's sake. "Rachel, Finn's cheating on you, with me!" I was hurt, a single tear rolled down my cheek, when I realized he was about to hit Quinn, so I slapped him as hard as I could before he could hurt Quinn " FUCKING ASSHOLE! Quinn, come with me." I pulled Quinn out of the room and took her to my car. I drove her home, cause Finn was her ride and no way was I letting him near her.

Quinn's POV

Most of the ride home was silent. I was the one to break the silence. "I'm really sorry, Rachel." I really needed her forgiveness. She was the only person who had really ever willingly been nice to me. "It's fine, Quinn, I'm not mad." She said that as if I had done nothing. "But you slapped Finn, and I was just as much a part of it as him." I said confused. "I only slapped him so he wouldn't hit you. And your ride was Finn and no way was I letting him near you." She said, obviously pleased with her decisions. "Thank you, Rachel." I really, was thankful, maybe the two of us could be friends."Quinn?" She questioned, seeming a bit sad. "Yeah, Rach?" I answered gently. "Do you think we could ever be friends?" Oh, thank God. Rachel, of course we can be friends."Of course, we can be friends, Rach. Part of the reason I told you about Finn and I, is because I was pissed at Finn. The other part was because I wasn't gonna let him keep that from you, and end up hurting you even more as a result."

"Thanks, Quinn, that really makes me feel better."

Will's POV

Finally, the end of the day, I'm gonna go see Emma, I haven't really seen her since I found out she was dating Carl. I walked into her Office. I didn't know what to say. She had her hair done in half-up half-down ponytail. "Hey, Will" She said in her normal, cheerful, beautiful voice. "Hey, Emma" I walked over next to her and sat gently on her desk beside her. "So, what are you doing here, Will, I thought you'd be on your way home by now."

"Yeah, I would but-" I was cut off by her lips on mine, "Carl, dumped me."

"Who would dump a beautiful girl like you?"

"Carl…" She said glumly. "Look, at me, Emma." I lifted her chin up with two of my fingers. "I would never dump you, Emma. I love you. And nothing can change that." I kissed her again. "He was gonna give me a ride today and then dumped me for… You don't wanna know." I was a little curious I wanted to know who the FUCK could be better than the beautiful redhead standing in front of me. "Who did he dump you for?" I asked straightforward "Holly Holliday, apparently they're in love. Could you give me a ride, please?" She asked me, I was pissed at Carl he broke Emma's heart. But, Holly and Carl were perfect for each other. "Sure, let's go.

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