A/N: Ok, this was based off of what happened at Ross today. It was funny like heck. XD After my family went to a buffet, we went to Ross and my "uncle" (He's not my uncle, we just call him uncle. He's about a year or 2 older than my bro) was like: "OMG YOGA MATS" and then he grabbed 2. And we (my bro and I) were like: "Why do you need that?" And he said: "To build my abs." And my bro said: "To build you abs or to watch girls do yoga?" And my "uncle" was like: "What? No no! ...Ok maybe maybe." XD It was funny~!

Disclaimer: I don't own Vocaloid!

"Dude, Kaito, why are we here?" A boy named Len asked. They all stood inside a store, and Kaito looked at him like he was crazy.

"What are we doing here? Why, to get ice cream, of course!" He beamed.

"But, it's the middle of winter!" Rin cried, while Miku nodded.

Kaito pouted. "Who cares! Lets goooooooooo!" He yelled as he pulled them along.

"OMG YOGA MATS!" Kaito yelled. He quickly grabbed 2 lime green yoga mats, and happily walked away, while Len, Rin, and Miku slowly followed. Len and Rin looked at each other, and both asked at the same time:

"Kaito, exactly why do you need yoga mats?"

"To build my abs, duh~" Kaito responded.

"Is it really to build your abs, or to watch girls such as Miku do yoga?" Len smirked. Kaito stuttered, and a blush climbed onto his pale cheeks.

"W-what? N-no!" He cried. Then he slowly leaned down to the 14 year old as said, "Ok... maybe."

Len smirked, and ran off. "Rin, Miku, Kaito is a pervert! Beware!"

Kaito felt his anger rise up inside of him. Shoot, Len told. He should have listened to Meiko when it came to younger teens. Then, he stomped towards the ice cream shop. He ain't gonna buy Len ice cream no more. He asked the ice cream dude for a ice cream cone, with 7 scoops and flavors. Once he got it, he marched over to Len and smashed the ice cream onto his head. Kaito winced.

What a waste of perfectly good ice cream and money. He thought. He saw Len shiver, while out of the corner of his eyes he saw bystanders watch in "horror".

"What the hell, Kaito?" Len yelled. His hair dripped with melting ice cream, which he did not seem to enjoy. Rin and Miku quickly ran over.

"Len, uh, why are you dripping in ice cream?" Rin asked as she told Miku to get some towels. Len scowled. He pointed at Kaito with his thumb, and took the towels from Miku. Not without a thank you, of course.

"Thanks..." Len mumbled. It was Kaito's turn to smirked. He held back some laughs.

"Excuse me." A voice asked, and a finger tapped on Kaito's shoulder. Kaito turned around, hoping a congratulations, but instead to see an angry face of a brown haired man. The man spoke. "Your gonna have to buy those towels, and clean up this mess, seein' as the bystanders say that you started this mess." Kaito had a look of fear across his face.


A/N: *throws up* Ugh, that was terrible. D: Whatev, and the ice cream part and stuff didn't happen in real life. That would suck if it did. And no, I did not yell my uncle was pervert. Because he isn't.