Happy belated birthday to Fire'CxO'Ice! Have some drunk!Dean and protective!Sam :)

E/O Challenge: Bill and Flag

Word count: 200

Spoilers: None

Might I just add that I absolutely LOVED the season premiere! They never fail to please me :)

Dean sees Sam before Sam even opens the door. Or rather he sees three Sams.

"Sssammy!" he slurs as his brother walks up next to him. He flags the waitress down to get another drink, this time one for his brother as well.

Sam rolls his eyes and grabs his brother's shoulder. "I think you've had enough to drink, dude," he gives Dean a cheeky grin and shoos the pretty waitress away.

Dean shoves haphazardly at his brother's large hand and holds up his empty beer bottle. "Waitress!" he calls and the dude next to him laughs.

Before Dean can even grab his drink, Sam has it in his paws and slides it across the counter back at the waitress. He gives her a friendly smile, "Just bring me the bill, please."

The waitress strolls off, but not before waving flirtatiously at Dean.

Sam pulls out a card, pays the bill, and guides Dean outside.

Dean shoves him off, digging in his pocket for the keys. "I can do this myself, Sam."

And yet Sam's still there to catch him when he stumbles. "It's okay, Dean," he whispers, sneaking the keys from his brother's fingers in the process. "I gotcha."