Hello to all that decided to spend their time reading my fanfic! This is my first fanfic and I thought I should start on one about my favorite game: 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors! I do not own most of the characters mentioned in the story. Now, you'll see soon what this is about…

999: 9 Doors, 9 Persons, 9 Hours – Rewritten


A loud noise was briefly heard. It had sounded like an explosion...


A loud noise had startled Junpei and he immediately opened his eyes. He had no idea what he had just heard but as he was thinking about that, he had realized that his surroundings weren't very familiar.

"Ow!" Junpei squealed.

With a loud crack, Junpei's head was connected with something metal. He rolled over and placed his hand onto his head to steady himself. After a few seconds, he had lost his balance and fell onto the floor.

"OWWW! GODDAMNIT! WHAT THE HELL?" Junpei screamed.

Junpei looked around at his surrounds to determine where he is located. He saw that he had fallen from a 3-level bunk bed. The top bunk from which he fell explained why his whole entire body is in so much pain. He had noticed the whole room was practically shaking.

Was it an earthquake, he wondered. He had no idea but it wasn't important right now. What is important was why he is in this room. He took a good look at the room he was at for the first time. It looked like a 3rd class cabin. Then this means he was on a ship.

"Might as well look around…" Junpei mumbled to himself.

There was a stove that looked like it was just there to show rather than function. The 3-level bunks had mattresses that were so thin they were classified as blankets. The other side of the room had an identical bed and between those beds was a iron door. Junpei had noticed one odd thing about this door.

It had the number [5] painted on it.

"What the hell… why is there the number 5 on that door?" Junpei inquired to himself. He decided to approach the door and try to open it. After all, it was the only way out of this room he's in.

And just like that, the door didn't open a bit. It stayed still like a stone wall. Junpei tried to open the door again by pulling its handle and the result was the same. The door had mocked him for his efforts. Next to the door was an odd-looking device. Junpei recognized it was a card reader. It didn't take long for anybody to deduce that the card reader wasn't letting the door open.

Junpei knocked on the door for a response. He had stopped once he had noticed something on his left wrist.

It was a bracelet with a large LCD display in its center. It was certainly not a watch since it only showed one number.

"5… it's the same number on that door." Junpei said.

As much as he wanted to associate with the sight of the bracelet, he wanted it off now. He flipped his hand over with the intent to remove it but the other side was solid with nothing there that showed you can remove it.

Junpei sighed. "There are a couple of rivets around the rim of the face. I hope God this will work."

He pushed them but to no avail. It was clear that the person who put the bracelet on him had made sure to seal any opportunity to remove it. Junpei tried removing it by force but it was the same result as before.

"What is this thing doing here? Why am I here? Why? WHY?" Junpei exclaimed with a depressing tone. "What the heck happened to me…"

As he tried to remember what happened recently, he had accidently stumbled into the mirror. When he looked at himself, he couldn't believe his eyes.

He had bags under his eyes, his face was very drawn and pale, and he looked like he was on the verge to death.

Suddenly, he had remembered what had happened earlier.


When Junpei had entered his apartment, Apartment 202, the first thing he did was to turn on the lights. Nothing looked out of place except for one thing.

Junpei had noticed the window was wide open. This had let a breeze fill up his apartment. Not that he minded it or anything but it was certainly odd for a window to be open. After all, it was midnight. But he didn't remember leaving that window open. But he didn't too much of it as he shrugged and closed the window.

But as he turned around, he had encountered a man dressed all in black. He was wearing a dark hood and his face was obscured by a bulky gas mask.

Junpei tried to scream at the sight of this man but a white smoke had filled up the room. A small grenade was the cause of this smoke. As the rate of smoke goes up, Junpei's consciousness goes down. Before he collapsed he had heard the man's voice.

"Consider this a privilege. You have been chosen. You are going to participate in a game. The Nonary Game. It is a game… where you will put your life on the line."

His voice sounded so distorted Junpei couldn't make out who he is. But before he could do anything about it, he had fallen into his own little world...


"Oh yeah! That man with the gas mask must have done this to me!" Junpei said. Truth be told, he had no idea if that was a man. His voice sounded like it came through a voice-changer. But who was he…?

"What the hell is a Nonary Game? Goddamnit!" Junpei yelled as he placed his fist on the mirror.

But as Junpei walked away from the mirror, he had noticed a window. When he had walked towards it, it was clear he was on a ship.

"Now let's see if there's anything to see at this tiny window…"

He had seen nothing but complete darkness. Perhaps if he squinted at it a little more-

Suddenly, a small noise was produced. It came from the window. This could only mean one thing.

The window started cracking.

"Oh you have got to be kidding me!" Junpei said with horror in his voice.

The window had burst and water was angrily gushing out into the room. Water had already filled up part of the ground and he had to get out of there now. Junpei quickly rushed towards the door and pounded on the door.

"Is anybody there? Let me out! Let me out now!"

No response. As every minute passed, water started to rise. It was looking bleak for Junpei. He needed to seek a way out of there.

So what do you think? If you didn't like it, be aware that this is only the prologue. And yes, I did use some lines from the game. But don't think this is a linear copy from the game. I'm going to add a few characters of my own into this and change up the plot and the sequence of events. Maybe somebody who did die in the game won't in the fanfic. Who knows? So please review my story and expect more from me!