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Chapter 1,

No Point of View:

It was a bright sunny day in Danville and at Danville High School a group of close friends walked out the front doors to celebrate a brand new summer.

"Man I am sure glad school is finally out for the year," said Phineas.

"Yeah," everyone agreed.

"So Ferb what are we going to do today?" said Phineas.

Ferb just shrugged his shoulders. He talked more after the group entered high school but still only talked when he thought necessary.

"Hey why don't we put together a party to celebrate the last day of school," suggested Isabella.

"Hey Isabella that's a great idea!" exclaimed Phineas.

Isabella just blushed and said, "Well thanks Phin always glad to help out."

Phineas grinned and declared, "Hey Ferb I know what were gonna do today!"

At that moment Buford walked up carrying Baljeet under his arm.

"Hey guys," said Phineas.

"Hey dinnerbell," said Buford.

"Hello," called Baljeet.

"Would you guys like to help us with the party," asked Phineas.

"What party?" asked Baljeet and Buford.

"Oh that's right you weren't here when I said it," said Phineas.

"Said what?" they both said together a little frustrated for being kept in the dark about this plan.

"Well tonight we plan to throw a party to celebrate the last day of school," explained Phineas.

"Ooooh," they both said together.

"Yeah we can help you out dinnerbell," answered Buford.

"Agreed," added Baljeet.

"Alright then let's hurry and get home!" shouted Phineas as he ran home. The others followed him quickly, ready to start helping in any way they could.

When they got to the Flynn Fletcher backyard the kids got to work. Phineas shouted out orders so everything could move smoothly. Django, Irving, and the fireside girls all came over later and joined in. Ferb and Django got the blueprints for the stage, built the stage, the fireside girls did the food and decorations, Baljeet and Irving made the invitations, and Phineas and Isabella built the stage. By the time they were done the sun was setting.

Isabella Point of View:

When everything was finally finished it looked wonderful.

"Great job everyone! Now just sit back and enjoy this beautiful sunset everyone" exclaimed Phineas when everything was finished. Everyone took a seat in one of the chairs and relaxed before people arrived. They all agreed that they were glad school was over except for Baljeet who said he actually liked school. We all just laughed. During the sunset I noticed Phineas just sitting by himself so I went over and thought about this being the perfect time to tell him how I feel. I mean it's a beautiful sunset next to the boy you love how more romantic could it get? I walked over and sat next to him.

"Hey Phineas, watcha doin?" I asked realizing how stupid the question sounded.

He didn't seem to notice and said, "Hey Isabella, just enjoying a beautiful sunset what are you doin?"

I blushed. "Just relaxing," I replied still blushing.

"Cool," he said not noticing the blush.

There was an uncomfortable silence between us before everyone went inside for drinks. After they left I started "S-So P-Phineas there's something I have wanted to tell you for a while," I stuttered still trying to think of ways to tell him that I loved him.

"What is it Isabella?" he said a little concern in his voice. I almost went into Phineas-land when I heard the concern in his voice for me but I quickly snapped myself back to reality.

"Well I don't know how to say this b-but I guess this will explain everything," I said finally before slowly closing the gap between us and putting my lips to his. It was the best few seconds of my life! I was actually kissing Phineas Flynn the love of my life! Finally after what seemed like an eternity we broke apart.

Phineas just sat there for a few minutes with a huge grin his face. I started to wonder what was going through his mind until he closed the gap between us and kissed me again. It was pure bliss.

Then after a second Phineas spoke, "Isabella I can't believe you feel the same way I have always loved you to but thought you wouldn't like me back so I didn't say anything."

"Really?" I asked. "I felt the same way."

"Wow," Phineas said.

"So Isabella will you be my girlfriend?" asked Phineas hopefully.

"YES," I shrieked and hugged him tight. Then we kissed again to make it official. We stopped when we heard a bunch of gasps coming from behind us. We turned around to find Baljeet, Django, the fireside girls, Irving, Ferb, Vanessa (who had come later to see Ferb), Candace, and Jeremy. All looking at us with open mouths.

"Hi," we both said blushing.

They all stood there for a moment before saying, "You two are together now?"

"Yeah," we replied happily still blushing.

"YES FINALLY," they all yelled together. Except for Irving who said, "YES, NOW I CAN ADD ANOTHER CHAPTER TO MY PHINEAS AND FERB BOOK!" Everyone just looked at him weirdly.

"Ok, what do you mean finally?" asked phineas. This resulted with almost everyone face palming themselves.

"Never mind," they all said quietly

No Point of View:

Before anyone could say anything else they all heard a strange sound they all looked around to found Perry hopping out of his hovercraft with Dr. Doofenshmirtz walking beside him.

"Hey Perry how was work today?" asked Phineas. The platypus just chattered. Ever since Perry's cover has been blown Phineas became interested with Perry's secret agent life.

"Oh it was horrible Perry escaped again and foiled my plot to bury town hall in Mud to make my brother Roger look bad," said Doofenshmirtz sadly.

"Hooray for Perry!" everyone shouted. Doofenshmirtz just gave a glum look.

"Dad why are you here," asked Vanessa.

"Oh well I heard there was a party and wanted to hang out," said Doofenshmirtz.

"Dad you hate parties and you never want to hang out. Did you come here to make sure me and Ferb didn't do anything serious tonight?" said Vanessa frustrated.

"Of course not!" snapped Doofensmirtz defensively.

"Dad tell me the truth!" said Vanessa sternly.

"Fine I did but only because you're my little girl," answered Doofensmirtz.

"DAD I told you not to be so over protective Ferb and I aren't going to do anything serious tonight," shouted Vanessa.

"Fine then you won't mind if I stay," said Doofenshmirtz.

"UGH whatever!" muttered Vanessa giving up.

"Ok then everyone let's get this party started!" shouted Phineas after a few minutes of an awkward silence. Everyone followed Phineas to the tables and stage and sat as couples. Phineas and Isabella sat with Ferb, Vanessa, Perry, and Doofenshmirtz who insisted to sit right next to his daughter. Buford and Adyson sat with Baljeet and Ginger. Candace sat with Jeremy and Stacy. Irving and Gretchen sat with Django, Katie, Holly, and Milly.

Everyone was enjoying the party and talking with their dates or friends as well as taking turns to go up on stage and sing songs.

Phineas Point of View:

Phineas kept thinking about how lucky he was to have Isabella as his girlfriend.

"Today was the best day ever," he thought.

"I can't believe Isabella is finally my girlfriend. Who knew after all this time we would finally be together. Yup this is gonna be the best summer ever!" Little did Phineas know in a few minutes they would be fighting for their lives in the 3rd dimension.