Chapter 24:

No Point of View:

Phineas woke up the next morning to find Isabella lying next to him. He smiled to himself and thought about how beautiful she was before stretching and sliding out of bed. Phineas then went to the bathroom to take a shower but slightly grimaced in pain because of the stitches he had gotten from D-Doofenshmirtz since the regenerating capsules were being used to help more seriously injured soldiers from battling Roger's remaining robots.

"Well looks like this shower might hurt my recovering wounds," muttered Phineas as he got into the shower and was out in five minutes. He then proceeded to get dressed and get some breakfast at the dining area before working on something to do today which was finding a way to get back to their dimension. About fifteen minutes later the rest of the group joined Phineas at the table for breakfast but he didn't really notice because he was lost in thought.

"Hey Phineas watcha doin?" asked Isabella cutely. Phineas broke out of his train of thought and noticed everyone sitting at the table.

"Oh sorry Isabella I was just thinking about how to get back to our dimension," apologized Phineas.

"It's ok Phin," reassured Isabella as she slid her hand into his. Phineas smiled and turned back to finish his cereal.

"Hey Ferb got any ideas on how to get home?" asked Phineas after he was done eating.

"Unfortunately the only way to get home is to establish a dimensional wormhole," replied Ferb.

"Well then looks like we need to build one then, Ferb I know what we are going to… wait never mind we can't because we actually need the right parts and materials not to mention the massive amounts of energy needed to keep a stable wormhole established," sighed Phineas.

"So we are stuck in this dimension forever!" complained Candace.

"Candace calm down," said Stacy putting her hand on Candace's shoulder.

"Why does everyone keep telling me to calm down when it isn't as easy as you say it is!" said Candace slightly raising her voice.

"It's ok Candace I wouldn't mind being stuck in another dimension as long as we're together," reassured Jeremy.

"Ooh Jeremy," whispered Candace dreamily. She then sat down next to Jeremy very calm. Almost everyone suppressed a small laugh before getting back to business.

"I believe we can help you with your problem," said a voice behind them. They all turned around to see D- Phineas, D-Ferb, and D-Isabella.

"You see after we bombed Roger's fortress we discovered the dimensional teleporter," said D-Phineas as he brought in the machine.

"Great that means we can get home to our dimension!" exclaimed Baljeet.

"Good I can't wait till I can start giving you wedgies again," added Buford cracking his knuckles.

"Hey no one hurts my Baljeet!" defended Ginger stepping in front of him.

"Hey don't touch Buford," argued Adyson.

"Oh boy here we go again," muttered Django.

"Ok girls break it up," said Isabella stepping between the arguing fireside girls.

"Man ratings gold for my Phineas and Ferb book!" squealed Irving. Isabella rolled her eyes with almost everyone else, and broke up the fight.

Once everyone was settled down again D-Phineas started again.

"So, anyways as I was saying we found his dimensional portal that he was going to use to take over your dimension but as you can see it was badly damaged from the bombing run. Personally I'm surprised it is still in one piece well almost," explained D-Phineas.

"Well it shouldn't be a problem Ferb and I have done more impossible things over our summer breaks," said Phineas as he examined the invention.

"Yeah I was kind of hoping you would say that," said D-Phineas as he brought in some tools and spare parts.

"Sorry guys but this is all we have," said D-Ferb pointing at the pile of parts and tools.

"No problem Ferb and I can make this work right Ferb?" said Phineas. Ferb nodded and gave Phineas a quick thumbs up before picking up a wrench and getting to work. Phineas did the same and drew up a quick blueprint to fix up the dimensional portal. In about an hour the dimensional portal was all fixed up and everyone was saying goodbye.

"Alright looks like it's time for us to get going back to our dimension," said Phineas. Everyone nodded in agreement and said there final farewells.

"Listen guys it was an honor serving with you and getting to know our other dimensional selves," thanked D-Phineas as he shook Phineas' hand.

"No problem it was ok even when things went bad we managed to keep it together and made it out ok well almost," replied Phineas suddenly feeling sad about Vanessa.

"Well we really appreciated it and don't worry your friend will be remembered," apologized D-Isabella. Ferb quickly wiped a tear away with a handkerchief and then handed it to Doofenshmirtz who blew his nose into it.

"Alright well we better get home to our parents before we are pronounced dead or something," said Phineas and he started towards the portal.

"Hey Phineas wait I want to give you something," called D-Phineas. Phineas stopped and walked back over to his other dimensional self and was handed a remote.

"What's this?" asked Phineas. D-Phineas then pulled in Phineas as if to give him a brotherly hug but then whispered something to him.

"Listen Phineas you're a smart person and a great warrior but your emotions sometimes get the better of you and that can get your friends killed including Isabella so listen Phineas I am positive Roger will go after you for revenge so be careful and get prepared for an ambush," finished D-Phineas.

"Ok I will I promise," said Phineas returning to the portal machine. D-Phineas waved goodbye and Phineas and his friends walked through the portal back to their dimension.

Danville In the Original Dimension:

Phineas and his friends emerged out of the teleporter in their backyard where they were having their party.

"Wow looks like nothing happened while we were gone," said Candace as she looked at the remains of the tables and chairs and the giant stage.

"Yeah I wonder where all the adults are?" asked Isabella. Everyone looked around and noticed that the whole street was empty.

"Wow it looks like a ghost town," inquired Django.

"What if something bad happened?" asked Baljeet nervously.

"I'm sure everyone is ok," reassured Phineas as he scanned the surrounding area.

"Hey look there is a light coming from inside our house!" said Phineas as he ran towards the back door. Everyone followed quickly and very quietly entered through the sliding glass door to the kitchen. All the adults were sitting around the kitchen table looking at what seemed to be a map of the Danville.

"Hey mom, hey dad what are you looking at?" asked Phineas as he walked up behind them. Both parents were startled from this and jumped an inch off the ground.

"Oh Phineas it's so great to have all of you back home!" cried Linda as she swept Phineas, Ferb, and Candace into a giant group hug. All the other parents proceeded to do the same thing as they were so happy to have their children back.

"I missed you too mom," said Phineas smiling. Linda smiled back and kissed Phineas on the forehead.

"Where have you guys been? We were just about to send out groups to search all over Danville for you," asked Linda getting a little more serious.

"Well you wouldn't believe us if we told all of you guys," said Phineas speaking to all the parents now. The rest of the group nodded their heads slowly.

"Ok well can you please tell us anyways but before you do who is this man in the lab coat?" questioned Linda.

"Oh well I am Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz and your secret agent platypus is my nemesis," explained Doofenshmirtz.

"Ok then Phineas go ahead and tell us the whole story and Perry watch that man," ordered Linda as she pointed to Doofenshmirtz who was looking through the refrigerator. Perry saw this and dragged Doofenshmirtz over to a chair to sit down.

"Ouch Perry the platypus you don't have to be so rough even though I am evil I was just hungry," complained Doofenshmirtz.

"Ok so anyway Phineas go ahead," said Linda. Phineas took a deep breath and started from the beginning when he and Isabella became a couple to where they finally stopped Roger's empire for now and all their near death experiences and how they were in another dimension. Once they were done explaining everything they could tell their parents believed them because of the horrified looks on their faces because of their kids coming so close to death.

"So that's it," finished Phineas as he sat there and waited for a response from the parents.

"Phineas I don't, we don't know what to make of this because I either want to ground you for the rest of your lives or to let you have a full pardon for doing something so heroic when you are way too young to do the things that you just did and I am betting the other parents feel the same way but that's their decision and mine is to let you have a full pardon for telling the truth," decided Linda. The other parents nodded their heads in agreement and took their kids home to catch up. Secretly all the kids let out a sigh of relief when they heard the decision

"Ok Phineas say goodbye to your friends for the day and then come to the family room so we can catch up," called Linda as Phineas walked towards the front door to say goodbye to Isabella.

"Hey Izzy I just wanted to say goodbye," said Phineas as he reached Isabella.

"Yeah me two," said Isabella as she brought Phineas in for a passionate kiss.

"So see you tomorrow?" asked Phineas hopefully.

"Of course you will Phin," giggled Isabella as she walked back to her house.

Before Phineas left for the family meeting though he did some thinking about what his other dimensional self said to him.

"He will attack you and your loved ones for revenge!"

"No I am not going to let that happen," promised Phineas as he thought about his friends and family and Isabella. Phineas knew what he was going to do almost every other day until Roger sought his revenge… He was going to prepare for war.

Ok that's it for this chapter and yes this is the final chapter to this story. I really enjoyed writing my own dimensional story even though there are a few others out there. I haven't started writing the sequel yet but I have plenty of ideas about what's going to happen. Anyways I just wanted to thank everyone who gave a positive review on this story it helps me write and it makes me feel good on the inside so thanks! Also the sequel is probably going to be called… The Revenge of Roger. So look for it. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed the last chapter of Journey into the 3rd Dimension!