The Funny Kiss

Alright all this is my second fanfic and I hope you like it. Firstly I would like to say I got the idea for this when watching some funny sonic videos on youtube and this one was to good to pass up. If you want to see it go to youtube and type "sonic funny kiss" or "sonic shorts volume 6". Well thats all hope you like this tails x sally story. also if you like this check out my other story "another Tails xxx Cream story"

CHAPTER 1: whats so funny

Tails slowly made his way down a large spiral staircase as he saw a bright light flooding the room below. ounce reaching the solid wood floor at the end he made his way into an open alcove there sitting on a stool was his aunt sally reading one of her latest novels. Tails never new exactly what the novel was about or what genre it was for that matter, all he knew was that she always liked reading it in the middle of the night when no one was around. As he approached her he couldn't help but notice a wet spot forming near her private area, he being only 8 assumed that it was jut pee and that she needed to use the restroom. "aunt sally' do you need to use the restroom"tails asked in a groggy voice startling the young squirrel. "oh tails it's you" she said trying to catch her breath off of the recent scare before realizing what he meant when he asked if she needed to use the restroom. Looking down she clearly saw a wet spot forming between her legs, starting to blush she decided the best option at this point was to run for the nearest bathroom to wipe off the excess liquid from her pussy and hopefully calm her nerves, but then realized that if Tails was down here so late he must have had a reason for it. "oh i'll go in a second whats the matter Tails" she asked with slight worry in her voice, "well I keep having these nightmares... and I haven't been able to sleep well"."oh... I see. here let me help you feel better" she said as she leaned in and kissed him on both cheeks and his nose."you feel better Tails" she asked in her caring voice, "yhea.. thanks aunt sally" he laughed after hearing this, it reminded her of when he was younger no matter what she was always his aunt sally."whats so funny" tails asked "nothing now go to bed" she said with a slight giggle, "alright" as he got up and started up the stairs. "goodnight Tails" sally said as she started to grab up her book, "goodnight aunt sally... oh and don't forget to go use the restroom" he said as he made his way up to his room at the castle.

"Hoo... that was close" sally said to herself as she put her book away and headed to a nearby restroom. "It's a good thing he doesn't know what sex is or I would have been in trouble" she thought as she opened the door leading to a large open restroom. inside she made her way to a solid gold sink with a glassed over look to it. She splashed some cold water over her face and grabed a nearby towel to dry off. "every time I invite Tails to stay here with me he nearly always catches me reading that book, I realy should never read it with kids around in the first place but... it's hard not to read it even so. She walked over to grab some toilet paper and started to wipe off her pussy. she walked out of the restroom and headed for her room. "hmm I wonder" she said as she entered her room.

The next morning Sally awoke and made her way down to the kitchen she put together a breakfast for Tails and her then grabbed a plate of bacon, eggs, and french toast and walked off to the table. After finishing her food she heard a strange sound coming from Tails's room she made her way up the stairs to the door, there listening through she heard a small whimper after hearing this she opened the door to find Tails TOUCHING HIMSELF!

Alright sorry for making the first chapter so short but again my first chapters tend to be shorter. Anyways I will try to get the next chapter up shortly but until then please read my other story. Thanks - Force Point Master