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The funny kiss CH. 2: What are you doing

Sally couldn't believe it, sweet little Tails was fondling with himself right in front of her... that is until he turned, saw her, and blushed. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING" sally screamed at Tails who burst into tears by both the shear humiliation and her screaming at him. Suddenly feeling the consequences of her actions she rushed over and hugged tails tightly to her chest,"i'm so sorry for screaming at you" she whispered in his ear still trying to comfort Tails. Sally... is it wrong" Tails asked in a whimpering voice, clutching onto sally as if his life depended on it, crying into her chest."No Tails it's not wrong, I was just a little shocked thats all" she said in a calm comforting voice. Pulling him away from her she kissed him on both cheeks and his nose then asked "feel better" . "yes a little" Tails said still whimpering slightly rubbing tears from his eyes, "good now come down and eat breakfast" she said as she opened the door to his room. "wait sally... can you tell me what I was doing" tails asked in a shy voice. All of a sudden sally froze up, she had always prayed that when this day would come ( no pun intended) that sonic would take care of it.

"Umm... sit down Tails" she said as she became red thinking about what she would have to tell him, and god forbid show him. "you see... when a male mobian likes a female mobian very much... or is .. ahem.. attracted to her in any way then then when the male sees or thinks about her his penis might become harder, this is called an erection. "so thats what it's called" Tails said being excited about this learning experience,this made sally blush even harder "Now you see sometimes when a male has an erection it doesn't always mean it's about a girl it could happen out of nowhere or when he reads or thinks something sexy". "Another thing you should know is that there is an equivalent to that for girls" she said blushing at the thought of giving away her secret. "a females vagina or pussy... becomes wet" she said turning bright red."Aunt sally did you really have to go to the restroom last night" Tails asked in a suspicious voice, "no Tails I was reading my novel... which is very sexy. "Umm... Sally I have another question what does a vagina look like" Tails asked slightly embarrassed by his weak visual understanding. "well how about I show you" she said moving a think area fur away from her vagina revealing her wetting pussy, Tails looked dead on at it feeling his penis get harder,"can I" he asked pointing to her soaked vagina, "sure Tails go right ahead"she said as she felt his ungloved hand move across her pussy. After letting out a small gasp she pushed Tails on his bed and grabbed hold of his dick causing him to moan, she slowly started to stroke it listening to Tails moan in pleasure. She then moved her lips over his dick and began to lick his head continually stroking the shaft. after a matter of time Tails slowly and softly humped her hand feeling utter pleasure from every lift. Sally saw Tails sweet enjoyment and went further sucking his tip tasting his foxy pre-cum as it dripped out. the addition of her lips proved to be a little to much for the young fox as he squirmed and practically begged for her to stop. " Tails are you all right" sally said slightly disappointed she didn't get to finish him off, "yes... it...just felt... hard to keep going" he said between pants. "dont worry, I'll be more delicate this time" sally said as she made her way back to lightly licking him, this time delicately on his sac. "ohhhhh" Tails moaned feeling the more takable pleasure again. Sally slowly found here way up to his tip without overly exciting him, slowly lapping at his soft sensitive tip tasting his foxy pre-cum yet again. slowly sally wrapped her lips around his extremely hard member and made her way down his length causing Tails to jerk but not stop her. sally made her way back up his length and went back down creating a pattern of it. after a period of time it became to much for the young fox as he yet again started to squirm, but it was all in vain sally wasn't letting him off the hook this time. " Aunt Sally... STOP I'M GOING TO PEE" he said before letting out his very first orgasm into her mouth. "Mmm..." sally said swallowing his hot fox cum. "Aunt Sally... did you just swallow my pee" he said a little disturbed, "no Tails I swallowed your cum"she said with a grin on her face. " you see there are 2 things that can come from the penis urine and semen or cum" she said explaining the concept. " you see urine comes from the bladder while cum comes from your testicles."Oh" Tails said still confused but accepted this awnser. now then how about we go down stairs and get you some breakfast and then I'll show you how to make me feel good o.k." "ok" Tails said with a cute smile