Chapter 1:

I've been walking for over 2 hours now. I might have been walking in circles as well because there was nothing in these damned woods except annoying insects buzzing around and trying to crawl up my shirt and hair. I'm tired and sweaty. I would kill for a bath. But the thought of Stefan keeps me going forward. Even though I have no idea what I'm going to do if I actually find him. I didn't really think things through before I set off to this rescue mission.

As soon as sheriff Forbes traced the call I was on the road to Smoky Mountains, Tennessee with a bagful of weapons, vervain, wolfsbane and a bottle with a little of Klaus' blood that remained when Katherine brought it for Damon. I figured Stefan might need it when I find him.I would've asked Alaric to come along but I knew he would've thought it's a stupid idea and I couldn't trust him not to tell Damon. So here I am alone in the mountains without a plan, but I had to do something.

Damon gave up on Stefan, but I can't and I won't. I have to believe that Stefan I fell in love with is still in there; that Klaus didn't completely brainwash him and made him flip the switch. The thought of Klaus made me angry. I imagined his evil smirk and his cold blue eyes – eyes of a monster.

It's getting dark. I was so lost in my thoughts that I completely stopped paying attention to where I was going and I tripped over something and fell. I felt something wet and sticky on my face and hands and I quickly rolled over to see where the hell I landed.

It was a body! A human body! I fought so hard to hold in a scream. I started crawling away from it, afraid that my legs would give out if I tried to stand up. My hand grabbed something soft and wet. I looked down to see I was holding a heart, a human heart! This time I screamed and the sound of my scream breaking the silence sent chills down my spine. I jumped up and looked around only to see a dozen of other bodies lying around the campfire with their hearts ripped out. The realization suddenly washed over me: they were werewolves. But why were they all dead? I was confused and terrified. My hands were trembling while I was trying to scrub off the blood of my face and hands.

I had to get the hell out of here. As I started running trying my best to forget the sight I left behind me, I let myself hope because I was on the right track. I didn't stop running even though I tripped several more times and earned some pretty bad cuts. He was somewhere out there. Stefan was out there and it was the only thing that mattered.

It was completely dark now. I started wondering if someone figured out I was gone. I told Damon I was going to spend the day shopping with Bonnie and Caroline, and I told them I was spending the day with Damon, looking into some new leads. It probably worked or Damon would already be here dragging me home kicking and screaming.

The sound of hurrying water reached my ears. I followed the sound and it led me to a beautiful mountain stream. It was flowing rapidly, making splashing sounds as the water hit the rocks. And on the other side of the river was a stone-built mountain house, almost hidden by a few pine trees. There weren't any lights on and it looked vacant. But I had to make sure. The river didn't look too deep and I decided to cross it. It was ice cold however. I felt every muscle in my body tense and I had to keep my teeth from chattering while I was holding onto rocks trying not to get carried away by the rapids.

When I was finally at the other side I ran up to the house and knocked on the door lightly but impatiently, without thinking of what could be waiting inside. Nothing happened. My heart sank. It was so foolish of me to hope Stefan would open the door and embrace me, the warmth of his arms making me forget about everything I've been through up until that moment. It was so foolish, yet that was exactly what I was hoping for.

I was still soaking wet and trembling. Since there was no one in there I decided to come in and warm up a bit, maybe even spend the night and continue my search in the morning. I grabbed the door knob and was surprised to see the door was unlocked. It opened slowly with a creak and I stepped in carefully.

I found myself in a cozy living room with stone walls, a round coffee table in the middle of the room, surrounded by a comfortable looking couch and two armchairs; And most importantly it had a fireplace. Exactly what I needed. I ran up to the fireplace and was so happy to see some firewood next to it. As I was going through my backpack trying to find some matches I heard a match being lit and a cold, amused voice behind me.

" Here, let me get that for you, sweetheart."

Should I keep writing? This is my first story ever so I know there's probably a lot I should work on. Honest opinions will be appreciated :)