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"Oh, Jasper," he moans. "Please."

"Please what, Carlisle?" I ask, stroking my cock faster with my left hand while my right holds the phone to my ear.

"I want it," he says, his breath coming fast and hard through the speaker.

"You have to say it, baby," I tease. "Tell me you're ready. Tell me how you want my cock."

"Oh God, oh fuck," he says, his voice getting higher and more desperate. He's so fucking sexy when he's worked up like this. He's been away at a conference all week, and I miss having him here in my bed. I miss the awe in his eyes every time I touch him, the way he chants my name when I wrap my lips around his dick, and the shuddering breaths he takes when I push a finger or two inside him.

"I'm so hard for you," I whisper. I'm frustrated with only using my left hand, so I put the phone on speaker and lay it flat on the bed beside my pillow. With one hand on my cock and the other pulling and squeezing my balls, I feel my orgasm start to approach. "My cock is so hard, Carlisle. Do you want it in your mouth? Is that what you're begging me for?"

"No," he whimpers.

"Tell me what you want," I push, desperate to hear him say it.

"Want you to fuck me," he groans. "God, when your fingers are inside me... fuck, it feels so good. I want your cock."

It's exactly what I need to hear. I thrust my hips up, pushing my cock into my fist, and cum all over my hands.

I can tell he's not quite there yet, so I keep talking for him even though I can barely catch my breath. I know when he's this close he likes my voice low and my words filthy. "You want my cock in your ass, don't you, Carlisle? You need me to fuck that tight ass?"

"I'm gonna..." he sputters, his breath hitching.

"Cum for me, baby. Think about how good it's gonna feel when you're cumming with my dick in your ass. I'm gonna fuck you hard and make you-"

"Oh, God!" he yells, interrupting my string of profanity with a long moan.

"That's right, cum for me," I whisper, listening to his sexy sounds.

We don't hang up, after, not even when we each get up to clean ourselves off. I listen to the sound of water running, to his soft little hiss when he wipes the cum off of his sensitive cock. I even listen to him pee, which isn't sexy but oddly intimate.

"I miss you so much," I tell him, clutching my extra pillow to my chest. I won't tell him that I did laundry today and washed my sheets-except for this pillowcase, the one that smells like his Burberry cologne.

"Me too, Jay. I'll be home on Friday," he reminds me. "I'd like to see you... if you don't have plans?"

"You always say that like I'm going to have another date or something," I say, hugging the pillow tighter. He's silent on the other end of the phone, and I realize immediately that must be exactly what he thinks. "Babe, the only plans I have are to make good on my dirty little promises, okay? My only plans are to be with you, and only you, for the foreseeable future."

"Okay," he breathes, sighing with relief. "I mean, me too."

"You are so cute," I tease.

"No mocking me," he complains, but I hear the laughter in his voice.

"Goodnight, Carlisle."


He texts me from the hotel before he leaves on Friday, letting me know that his plane lands at four. We make plans for dinner at eight, but halfway through the day I decide I can't wait that long. I skip my lunch break and arrange to leave work early so I can pick him up from the airport.

It's a slow day in my office, so I steal a piece of cardstock and make a funny little sign-CARLISLE CULLEN in big block letters. I think about trying to find a cap and a uniform so I look more like a limo driver, but I don't have time to track one down-my white button-down and gray slacks will have to do.

I leave work a little after three and head to the airport. The traffic is a pain, but I'm so excited to see Carlisle that it doesn't really bother me. I park in the short-term garage and whistle as I make my way to baggage claim-my watch says 4:05. I get a text from Carlisle as I'm standing under the Arrivals board: Just landed. Can't wait to see you tonight.

With a smirk I head to the bottom of the escalator where I know he'll appear. I'm bouncing on my heels, excited to see him and wrap him up in my arms. A flood of people appear at the top of the escalator and I hold up my sign, trying to keep a straight face and feign professionalism.

"Excuse me?" a tentative voice says, tapping me on the shoulder. "You're here for Dr. Cullen?"

I turn to find a young man standing next to me in jeans and a t-shirt. He's gorgeous despite his wild red hair-he has a straight nose, a strong jaw, and full lips... just like his father. Shit, I think, this is not how this is supposed to go.

Carlisle and I have talked about it-me meeting his son-but always in a far-off, someday kind of way. I don't know if he's ready for it and I know for sure he wouldn't want it to happen like this.

"Um... no?" I say, folding my stupid sign in half and hiding it under my arm.

"I know he asked me to pick him up, so I don't know why he would have hired a car..." Edward says, looking toward the escalator as though his dad will appear at any minute. He rubs the back of his neck, a familiar gesture that makes me smile before my panic rises again. He looks up at me, his head cocked, and looks me up and down. "But you don't look like a driver."

"Uh, well, I... uh..." I stall, trying to figure out what to do. Right when I settle on run the fuck away, Edward seems to figure it out.

"Jasper?" he says, raising an eyebrow.

"Jasper?" I hear, an echo in a lower tone, and I whirl around to find Carlisle standing behind me.

"Oh, uh. Hey," I say, stepping back from the two of them. "Um, fancy seeing you here?" I squeak, wondering if either one of them will buy that this is a coincidence.

"I thought I was going to see you later?" Carlisle says, his brow furrowed in confusion. He doesn't seem angry, but his eyes keep flickering back and forth between me and his son.

"Yeah," I sigh, unfolding the sign I'd hidden and showing him. "I just thought, you know, I'd surprise you." He smiles when he sees his name in bold block letters, and I shrug. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry," he says, softly. "Um, so I see you two have met?"

"Not formally," Edward says, stepping forward. He reaches out to shake my hand. "Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you." I can't help but smile at his formal greeting, his good manners-he's so totally his father's son.

"Jasper Whitlock," I tell him, shaking his hand firmly. "Your dad's told me a lot about you."

"All lies!" he says, dropping my hand and reaching out to punch Carlisle playfully. "C'mon, Pop, let's get out of here."

I hang back, waiting for Carlisle to collect his suitcase. I'm not sure if I should leave now, or follow them out to the parking garage to say goodbye? I feel like a third wheel.

"What are you and Bella doing tonight?" Carlisle asks, sneaking glances back at me as he talks to his son.

"She's gone all weekend, some kind of spa thing with her mother, I don't know," Edward says. "I'll probably just hang out and play Xbox."

"Why don't you have dinner with me?" Carlisle says, adding quickly, "With us?"

Edward appraises me for a few seconds before nodding his head slowly. "Yeah, okay. Sure. If that's okay with you, Jasper?"

"Of course," I say, cringing internally at the overeager sound of my voice.

We make plans as we walk to the parking garage, and I pause behind Edward's Volvo as he lifts his father's suitcase into the trunk. It's decided that I will drive separately to Carlisle's place before we head to the restaurant together. I can't take my eyes off of Carlisle, and my fingers are itching to touch him, hug him, kiss him before we part ways. It's been too long since I've touched him, but I don't know yet what he will be comfortable with in front of his son. What Edward will be comfortable with.

"I'm up a level, so I'm gonna head up," I tell them, backing away to put a little distance between us, to take some of the awkwardness out of the situation. "I'll meet you there."

After I find my car and slip into the driver's seat, my head falls against the steering wheel and I let out a deep breath. I suppose that could have been worse-but I'm still not sure what Edward thinks of me, or how Carlisle feels about all of this.

My phone beeps and I open it to find a new text message from Carlisle-the words he was too shy to say in front of Edward: Can't wait to get you alone. Thanks for surprising me, I've missed you so much.

The dinner is... awkward.

First the hostess leads us to a booth and none of us is sure how to arrange ourselves. We hover in the aisle, ignoring the impatient stare of the hostess, until finally Edward sits down on one side. He settles in the center of the seat, not leaving room for anyone else on his side, and Carlisle and I slide into the seat opposite him.

Edward launches into a series of stories about his classes, dominating the conversation and giving me a chance to let my guard down. He's funny and charming, obviously intelligent but humble, too. I see flashes of Carlisle in him when he smiles, when he throws his head back to laugh, and it warms me to him immediately.

A story about a monkey breaking out of the biology lab at his university has me laughing so hard I'm in tears, and I automatically lean in to Carlisle and rest my head on his shoulder. I feel him stiffen and I pull back immediately, afraid I've crossed a line. Edward stares down at his plate, pulling apart a dinner roll and frowning to himself.

I cough and try to think of something to alleviate the tension.

"So, Edward, how is the wedding planning?" I ask, and he lifts his head to meet my eyes.

"Good. It's good. Oh, man, you guys won't believe what Bella is talking about doing..." he says, the moment of tension forgotten as he gestures wildly, describing some kind of ridiculous centerpiece. I reach over, underneath the table, to rest a hand on Carlisle's leg in apology. He spreads his legs just a little wider so his knee bumps mine, a silent, secret gesture of affection.

When we've finished eating, Carlisle excuses himself to use the restroom, leaving me alone with Edward. He tugs at the label on his bottle of beer, staring at me silently for a long, awkward minute before opening his mouth.

"It's not 'cause you're a guy," he says. "I mean, I was really surprised at first, when Dad came out, but I'm cool with it. I've gotten used to it and I expected him to start dating-hell, I encouraged him to do it."

"He said you set up the profile for him," I acknowledge, and Edward smiles.

"Yeah, he's not as technologically savvy as he thinks," he says. "Anyway, if I look at you funny or anything, it's just because it's a little weird for me to see him with... someone besides my mom."

His words hit me hard, and I imagine what it would be like for an only child to watch-at close range-his family split in two. I open my mouth, trying to find the right words-of sympathy, empathy, or an apology, maybe-but nothing comes out. I'm just thankful that Edward is old enough to see their split from an adult perspective, too.

"It's cool, man. You seem like a good guy. And I've never seen my dad this happy," he adds, nodding to himself. He avoids eye contact, looking down at the wood grain, and I remember Carlisle doing the very same thing on our first date. "Like never in my life. When he talks about you he's like... I don't know. Fucking exuberant. It's nice to see him that way."

"I'm glad," I admit, smiling as I catch sight of Carlisle walking back towards us.

"Me too," Edward says, draining the last of his beer. "Seriously, man." He meets my eyes now and I can read the sincerity in them.

When Carlisle sits down, we all order another drink and sit at the table, chatting. Edward and I go a few rounds of comparing bands we've seen in concert; Carlisle's smile is wide as he listens. This time, when I reach over and put a hand on his knee, he grabs my hand and laces his fingers through mine.

Edward drives us home, and we slow to a stop in front of Carlisle's house.

"You're not going to come in, Ed?" Carlisle asks, unbuckling his seatbelt.

"Nah, I have some Germans to slay," he answers, and Carlisle turns to him in confusion. I just smile and unfold my legs from the backseat, listening as Edward explains that he's talking about a video game.

I pretend to be very interested in Carlisle's mailbox, trying to give them some privacy as they say goodbye. It doesn't escape my notice that Carlisle hugs his son, though, and tells him he loves him. I know he makes a point to show Edward the unconditional love he never got from his own father.

"See ya, Jasper," Edward calls, waving to me before he pulls away from the curb. I follow Carlisle up the driveway, my eyes on the curve of his ass the whole time.

Once we're inside, the mood changes quickly-the relief of finally being alone together settles over both of us.

"Hi," he says softly, closing the distance between us. I hold out my arms and he falls into them, burying his face in my neck and inhaling deeply.

"Hey," I tell him, chuckling as he squeezes me tightly. "Did you miss me or something?"

"You have no idea," he says, lifting his head to kiss my jaw, my cheek, my chin.

"I think I have some idea," I counter, and Carlisle grins. When his lips finally meet mine, he moans through the kiss and walks me backwards until I'm pressed up against the wall.

"God, I've been wanting to do that all day," he says, dropping his forehead to mine when we finally stop to breathe. His words remind me of why we haven't been kissing since he got off the plane, and I feel like I need to explain myself now that we're alone.

"I swear I didn't plan that, Carlisle. Running into him like that? He saw my stupid sign and he figured out who I was. I know you probably weren't ready for me to meet him," I tell him, my fingers tucked into his belt loops to keep him close while I talk.

"I know, baby. I didn't tell you Ed was picking me up, I know that. It was really sweet of you to show up at the airport for me," he says, brushing his lips over mine in one more sweet, gentle kiss. "Besides, it was better this way. I didn't have to plan some kind of meeting and worry about it for God knows how long."

"So do you think he likes me?" I ask, pushing him away lightly. He takes my hand and pulls me through his living room into the big, airy kitchen.

"Yeah, he likes you," he says, opening the refrigerator. He pulls out two bottles of beer and opens them both before handing one to me. "Not that I was ever worried about that. Now I'm just worried about the two of you talking about your Mouse Rat concerts and your Xbox games and leaving me out of the conversation."

"You'll just have to get hip to what the cool people are into, Carlisle," I tease, my eyes trained on his throat as he tilts his head back and swallows.

"You mean the young people," he says, rolling his eyes at me.

"You said it, I didn't!" I shrug and take a sip of my own beer before adding, in a low murmur, "Old man." He sets his bottle on the counter and stares me down, his eyes drinking me in from head to toe, before he stalks towards me.

"Oh, I'll show you who's an old man."

Hours later, after two messy blowjobs in the kitchen, a long, hot shower, and a lot of kissing and teasing, we curl up facing each other in Carlisle's bed. He turns to me and threads his fingers through mine.

"Did you mean it?" he asks. "What you said on the phone the other night?"

"We talked on the phone for like two hours every night, babe," I remind him, racking my brain to remember what he's thinking about. "You mean about not seeing other people?"

"Well yeah, but um, before that, too," he mumbles, examining our joined hands carefully so he doesn't have to look me in the eyes.

"Before that?" I ask, trying to remember what we talked about before that.

"When you said that you wanted to... have sex," he says, lifting his eyes to meet mine.

"Oh, that?" I ask lifting my free hand up to cup his cheek. He smiles even though he's blushing.

"Yeah, that," he says.

"That's completely up to you, Sugar. I've been ready since the first night we met," I tell him honestly. I scoot a little closer and wrap my arm around his waist so I can pull him flush against my body. "I wanted to take you home that night and show you exactly what you'd been missing."

"Fuck," he whispers, tilting his head up towards mine for a kiss. I deny him, turning my head so his lips graze my cheek, and whisper in his ear.

"I wanted you so much, baby, but then I realized how much better it would be if I waited..." I tell him, pushing him gently until he rolls onto his back. I settle over him, leaning on my elbows, and wiggle against him as he spreads his legs to accommodate me. "If I waited until you were just absolutely desperate for my cock."

"Jasper," he breathes, pulling my mouth down to his for a long, hot kiss. "I want you so badly." I kiss him passionately, grinding against him until I feel him hot and hard against my stomach. His fingers dig into my shoulders, pulling me close to him, and we're grinding like a pair of teenagers in bed for the first time. It's intense, and passionate, but I need to make sure he's not getting carried away.

"Hey, hey," I whisper, lifting my head even though he whimpers and tries to keep kissing me. "Shhh, baby. Listen, for just a sec," I tell him. He stares up at me, wide blue eyes searching mine, his full lips pouting.

"I just need to make sure you're ready and you're not just... horny. I mean, if you're horny, that's fine, but there's other stuff we can do, you know? I don't want to rush you," I tell him, resting my weight on one arm and lifting my hand to cup his cheek. He turns his head to kiss my palm before he answers, his lips tickling my skin.

"You're so sweet to me, Jay. It's taken me a long time to get here, but I know what I want now. I want you," he says. He shifts and scrapes the pad of my thumb with his teeth before kissing it gently. "Besides, I'm absolutely desperate for your cock," he adds, his cheeks flushing red.

Fuck me, it's hot when he talks dirty.

"How do you want to do this?" I ask, dipping my head down to kiss his neck. "Like this?" I ask, hitching his leg up over my waist and thrusting against him experimentally. He doesn't answer, just shifts as though he's uncomfortable, and I loosen my grip on his thigh and let his leg fall.

"Whatever you want," I remind him.

"What do you think will be... what will be easiest?" he asks.

"It will be easiest if you're comfortable," I tell him, kissing down his jaw. "You don't like this?" I prompt.

He shakes his head and trails one hand down my back, his fingers tickling my spine. "I think I want you behind me. It's sort of... it's what I've always pictured, I guess."

"Perfect," I tell him, moving to his side. "Roll over, babe. There you go." I wait until he's situated on his stomach before I straddle his thighs. I tease him with light, gentle touches at first, trailing my fingers over his shoulders and his back. Gradually, I work up to a deeper massage, rolling his muscles beneath my palms. He moans in pleasure as I work some of the tension from his body.

"Do you have condoms? And lube?" I ask, cursing myself for not thinking of this sooner. We've played with lube a little at my place, but never at his.

"Yeah, in the drawer," he says, pointing to his nightstand. I pull out a bottle of lubricant and a box of Trojans-both unopened. My hands start to shake as I rip the plastic seal from the bottle, a reminder of how new this is for my Carlisle. Of my responsibility to make this good for him.

I lie down at his side and coat my fingers with lube, bringing them down to swipe between his cheeks. I know he likes this, and his moans remind me just how much.

"Does that feel good?" I ask, drawing circles just below his balls. I drag a finger up to his hole and circle it once before pressing just the tip inside. He whimpers and lifts his hips, shifting to give me better access. "Oh, it does feel good, doesn't it? You need more?"

"Yes," he says, pushing back against my hand. I pump one finger in and out slowly, spreading the lube and getting his tight muscles to relax.

"It's gonna be so good, Carlisle. When I'm inside you? You're going to love it, I promise."

"More," he chokes out.

"See? Already asking for more. It feels good to be so full, doesn't it babe?" I ask, pressing a second fingertip inside.

"God, yes," he says. "So good. So right."

"I know," I tell him, stretching up to kiss his shoulder. I drag my tongue over his flushed skin, licking and nipping at his neck as I stretch him. "It is right. Exactly right for you and me."

He turns his head to look at me, to lock his eyes with mine as I prepare him carefully with two fingers and then three. I wait for him to tell me that he's ready, and then I tease him some more.

"Enough, Jay," he says, his eyes pleading. I pull my fingers away and wipe them off on a tissue. The ripping of cardboard and tearing of foil sound louder than they ever have before, eclipsed only by Carlisle's heavy breathing. I roll a condom down the length of my cock and coat it with more lube.

"Come here," I direct him, scooting back just a little so that he has room to maneuver. I guide him until he's on his side, his back pressed to my chest, and I loop one arm under his head and across his chest. "Lift up a little," I ask, guiding his leg up and back so it rests on top of mine.

I push into him slowly, slower than I've ever gone in my life, keeping my lips pressed to his neck the whole time. He clutches my arm across his chest with both hands, holding on for dear life as he breathes through the burning stretch.

"That's perfect," I whisper. "You feel so good, baby. So good."

"Oh, Jasper," he says, his voice in awe. He sighs as I pull back and winces when I push in again, just a little faster this time.

"You'll get used to me," I promise. "I'm gonna fuck you nice and slow, baby. I promise it's gonna feel good."

"It does," he whispers. "It hurts a little, but it feels... full and tight and... God, it feels good."

Carefully, awkwardly, I pour a little more lube in my free hand-the one that isn't wrapped around Carlisle's body-and slip it between us, adding more lube to my cock to make our movements more fluid. My hand is still slick, and I reach across his body to grab his cock.

He's only half hard, his erection having waned after he was distracted by the pain. I grip him loosely, letting the movement of our bodies push him into my hand.

Gradually, beautifully, he opens up to me. His body starts accepting me readily, his cock grows in my hand, and he starts to moan and beg for more.

"Fuck me, fuck me," he pants, bracing himself with one hand on the mattress so he can push back against me. I put more force into my thrusts, as much as I can in this position, and his voice gets higher as his hips start snapping back against mine. I'm frustrated because I can't get as much leverage as I want, so I slow my movements and start to roll forward, pushing Carlisle onto his stomach. He cries out when he feels me moving and begs me not to stop.

"I'm not stopping," I promise him. "Here, get up on your knees," I prompt him, trying to keep us connected while we move. I slip out of him when I try to catch my balance, and he gasps and looks back at me over his shoulder.

"You really are desperate for it, aren't you?" I tease, resting a hand on his hip as I guide my cock back to his entrance. He nods, catching his soft, pink lower lip between his teeth. This time I get to watch his face as I circle his hole with the head of my dick, see his eyelids flutter as I push inside. His jaw drops as I fill him, his breath coming in sexy little gasps, his eyes locked on mine the whole time.

"Fuck," he whispers, his head falling down between his arms when I start to move.

"God, this ass, Carlisle," I tell him, smoothing my palm over his cheek. "It's fucking perfect. So sexy. So tight for me." I experiment with the angle, fucking him slowly but steadily. I listen to him gasp and moan and whimper, but I know I've found exactly the right position when he starts to shout.

"Jasper!" he cries, surprised and alarmed. "Holy... oh, God!" he yells, dropping down onto his forearms. I lean forward over him, gripping his hips tightly, and speed up my rhythm.

"You're gonna cum, aren't you? Touch yourself, babe. There you go. You're gonna cum so hard now... just like you've always wanted," I tell him, reaching down to curl one hand around his shoulder. "Just like you've always needed it. Cum for me, Carlisle."

I have every intention of talking him through his orgasm, of maintaining control of our bodies and drawing out his pleasure, but I almost lose it when I feel him clench around me. His little sounds are so amazing, whimpers and gasps and a low groan of satisfaction. I try to hold my own orgasm back, try to prolong the moment, but it washes over me as soon as he turns his head and I see the smile spreading over his face.

I collapse into him, my body a melting mess of pleasure, and we fall to our sides, mimicking our original position. I kiss the back of his neck and his shoulders as I pull out gently.

"I'm gonna take care of the condom, baby, you just stay here," I whisper, kissing his earlobe before I roll away. I throw out the condom and clean myself up a little in Carlisle's master bathroom, wetting a washcloth with hot water before I head back out to his bedroom.

I laugh when I approach him-nobody has ever looked so thoroughly fucked. He's sweaty, messy, and flushed, his eyes glazed over and his jaw hanging slack.

"Hey," he says as I approach, his voice a hoarse growl.

"Hi," I answer, kneeling down beside him. "You're a mess."

"Yeah," he says, dreamily.

"You're welcome," I tease. I dab at his face first and then clean the rest of him carefully. When I'm finished, I move to stand again and take the washcloth back to the bathroom, but Carlisle wraps his fingers around my wrist and holds me fast.

"Come here," he says, rolling to his back. He pulls me down onto the bed, tucking me in to his chest and kissing my forehead. "I don't even... I don't even have words. That was so perfect."

"I think that's a great word," I tell him, kissing his chest. "Perfect. It was perfect."

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