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Guide to Teenagers

"Gohan!" An angry voice yelled in the skies. Gohan gulped. For the great prince of all Saiyans, he sounded quite angry. It was only some rare times when Veggie- uh, Vegeta called the teen by his name.

"I am so in trouble!" He said frantically, looking for a place to hide as he flew. Normally, the air would calm him down of all of his troubles. The gentle sky, the breeze, the scenery...

It was perfection every time his feet would lift off and touch nothing but thin air.

But this time, Gohan actually found himself frustrated at the sky. Why did it have to have so much gravity? He couldn't fly faster.

"Kami help me." He whispered.

'Sure thing, Gohan!'

Gohan looked at the sky as he came to a stop. "Dende?" He asked uncertainly.

"Who else is Kami?"

"Good point." Gohan agreed. "Well, I need to hide!"

"What did you do Gohan?"

Gohan cringed.

"Come on Gohan!"

"It's not important."

Dende sighed. He had just gotten a book to understand Earthlings better, called; Facts about Teens.

You'd think that he wouldn't have read it after the subtitle said; Perfect for dates!


Nope! He didn't read the subtitle, since he is Kami, and Kami knows everything, and Kami says subtitles are not important, which MUST be true if Kami said so. Makes sense?

One of the things he read was…

Chapter 1: Boy Language

If a boy says that something is not important and looks troubled, then encourage him to tell you.

Dende, being Kami, concluded that the book was right. And since he is Kami, that is true.

"Come on Gohan."

"No. I need to run."

"You'll feel better."

"No thanks."

"But it is good to let it out."

"No, Vegeta will kill me if I say anything."

"But this must be something important."

Gohan felt Vegeta's ki come closer by the second.

"No Dende, I need to leave." He said, trying not to lose his cool. He needed to leave, but being the polite boy he was, he couldn't be mean to his friend.

"Tell me. I won't bite."

"No Dende, I need to leave!"



"Come on-"


"You need to let it out."

"NO! He is coming closer!"

"Tell me."


"-is here."

Gohan slowly turned to see the smirking older prince. The 17-year old gulped.

"Oh crap."

A/N: Yeah, like I said, my heart isn't into writing. I am so sorry for the inconvenience. This is a collection of one shots, so it will continue.