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Chris was pulled from his thoughts by Leo orbing back into the room. Piper was stood with her sisters and Chris had to wonder when she had walked in.

"We know who attacked Wyatt, and think they're going to attack again."

"Who?" asked Chris and Phoebe.

"A demonic cult called the Order. They used to be the most powerful force until their leader was vanquished." He looked pointedly at Wyatt.

Catching on, Chris said, "So what, they think he's been reincarnated?"

"Precisely. He's young enough to be turned evil, especially by them."

Chris nodded. He knew they couldn't be the group that turned Wyatt evil in his future because Wyatt had never been the leader of a demonic cult, and had been raised at home. However, it was entirely possible that whatever Wyatt was doing in the past had alerted them to his power and therefore possibly changed the future already.

"I'll set up the demonic alarm system." Paige grabbed the crystals off the floor and the box with the remaining crystals and started placing them around the attic and then walked out the door to do the rest of the house.

"What does that do?" asked Chris.

"It allows Wyatt to set off the alarm if a demon attacks, therefore alerting us immediately." Said Phoebe.

"So it doesn't keep them out?"

Phoebe shrugged. "We can't live the rest of our lives inside a cage. This way, they attic, we vanquish. Everyone's happy."

Chris raised an eyebrow at the 'everyone' comment, but didn't say anything. He understood the logic.

Paige came back with an empty box after a few minutes and they all sat talking over the best ways to deal with the order. Wyatt had been put in his playpen and Chris watched him happily building with his blocks. They had barely been speaking for minutes when suddenly Wyatt's shield went up and Leo, who had been stood closest to Wyatt, was thrown across the room into the sisters and Chris, sending them all flying into a pile in the corner of the room.

They all looked up to see three robed demons walk into the shield. One of them touched Wyatt and then smirked at them, saying, "He's one of us now," before shimmering away.

Chris felt the tension in the room shift completely as panic filled him and his family.

"What just happened?" yelled Piper.

"The order." Said Leo, looking angry and scared.

Chris nodded. "They've used their power to turn him, to reverse his morality. He thinks bad is good now, and good is bad. That's why his shield repelled you."

Leo nodded. "We need to get him back before it's too late."

Phoebe asked them, "But how? We won't be able to get close to Wyatt."

"Wyatt brings his shield up around me. He thinks I'm a threat." Chris could be honest and say he didn't know why Wyatt thought he was a threat, but suspected it had something to do with the fact that if he couldn't save Wyatt, he would have been forced have Wyatt somehow killed, in the past or the future.

"Why?" asked Paige.

Chris shrugged. "His shield will protect him from you, and not from me."

They all nodded. "We'll go first. You follow after a couple minutes. Take some potions and vanquish any demons within Wyatt's shield." Piper passed him some potions. Chris noted that she still wouldn't look him in the eye.

The three sisters orbed away, leaving Chris with Leo staring at him. Chris had to say something to stop him from asking any questions Chris would not answer.

"Sense them. Tell me when I should go to them."

Leo nodded and closed his eyes. He frowned and after about a minute, his face relaxed and he nodded. Chris orbed straight down to Wyatt, ending up just outside his shield.

He jumped at the demon who had a fireball in his hand and held the fireball over the demon's chest. He held it there for a couple seconds before the demon was ashes. Chris looked around and realised it was just Wyatt and the sisters with him.

The sceptre was on the floor outside of the shield.

"Pick up the sceptre and point it at Wyatt." Chris watched as Piper hesitated. He felt a pang in his chest, but decided to ignore it. He had wanted this suspicion, even if he had no longer earned it. "Trust me."

Piper did as he told her and pointed the sceptre at Wyatt until he lowered his shield. Chris was surprised to notice that Wyatt did not raise his shield to him again.

Piper walked forward and picked up Wyatt, hugging him close.

"How come he didn't raise his shield back up for you?" asked Paige.

Chris shrugged. "I guess he trusts me now at least." He looked at Piper as he spoke, then shook his head and orbed to P3. His head was pounding, he felt sick and he was tired of the distrust that followed Piper since she found out the truth.

He sat on his couch and put his head in his hand with his eyes closed. His head pounded even more now that he'd orbed again, and he felt his stomach clench. Taking a deep breath, he opened his eyes and stared at the carpet.

He knew Piper well enough to know what was wrong. She didn't actually distrust Chris, she was just in shock and this was her way of protecting herself and her child. She would come around, Chris knew that. And when she did, she would treat him like she treated him when he was 13. The idea sent cold through Chris' veins. He really could not handle a mothering Piper.

Chris laid back and closed his eyes. He felt like he'd only just closed them when he heard "Chris!" yelled in his head. He sat bolt upright before realising it was one of the sisters calling him. Taking a deep breath and running his fingers through his hair, he orbed over to the manor.

As he orbed in, he saw the sisters behind the book and the crystals around where he'd orbed and felt a sense of déjà vu and panic run through him.

"Don't worry, these aren't for you. We're summoning Wyatt." Said Phoebe, picking up a crystal so Chris could walk out of the cage he'd orbed into.

He'd completely forgotten they were going to summon Wyatt. However, he knew he would not change their minds so he decided to ride this out as originally planned. He took a seat on the sofa which gave him a full view of the attic, including where Wyatt would orb and the sisters. It also happened to be conveniently close to the potions table.

Chris had barely sat down for a few second before piper was yelling at the ceiling. "Wyatt!"

Orbs appeared almost instantly. Chris noticed they were in front of the crystal cage so he used his telekinesis to push Wyatt back into the circle.

As soon as Wyatt appeared, the sisters chanted their binding spell.

"Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda

Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace.

Halliwell witches, stand strong beside us,

Bind Wyatt's powers without haste.

From whence they came return them now,

Another way we don't know how.

Stolen from present and misused by future,

The power of three we now decree."

Bright white lights appeared around Wyatt and then faded. Wyatt looked at the sisters for a few seconds before asking, "What did you do?"

"Bound your access to Wyatt's powers." Said Phoebe. She was stood with her hands clasped in front of her, leaning more heavily on one leg and with her head tilted, obviously trying to read Wyatt.

"I am Wyatt." He held out a hand as though to conjure an energy ball and Chris felt the breath he didn't realise he was holding release as Wyatt failed to produce anything.

From his vantage point he noticed Wyatt looked furious and swallowed thickly, pushing down any fear he may be feeling and replaced it with resolve because if this did not work, nothing would.

Wyatt then tried to orb, but the sisters had put an anti-orb spell on the cage so he simply bounced off the walls. When he reappeared, he looked even more furious with a fierce glare to match, causing Chris to tense again.

Before Wyatt could speak, the sisters were chanting again.

"For those who want the truth revealed,

Open hearts and secrets unsealed,

From now until it's now again,

After which, the memory ends."

Chris looked at Wyatt noting that he looked betrayed and scared. Chris felt a slight pang of regret before resolve filled him again. This had worked, and it had been the right thing to do for the world, and maybe even for baby Wyatt if they could find out what happened and stop it.

"Wyatt, if we let you out of the cage do you promise not to attack anyone in the room or try to leave?" asked Phoebe.

"No." Said Wyatt, gritting his teeth. The truth spell was working, then.

"At least we know the spell is working." Said Paige.

"Fine, you can stay in there then." Said Phoebe, taking a seat on the other sofa in the attic.

"Wyatt, what happened to turn you evil?" Piper walked up to the cage and stood just out of Wyatt's reach, arms crossed. Chris assumed she had been put in charge of getting answers from her son.

"I'm not evil mom. It's all about power; it's as simple as that."

Chris felt something heavy settle in his stomach as he realised that Wyatt really believe that. Chris had always laid hope on the fact that Wyatt told lies and half truths to avoid his true feelings. Would he even be able to help them if he wasn't aware that he'd been turned?

Piper looked at Wyatt for a few seconds before asking, "Why did you go out of your way to kill Gideon first?"

Wyatt's gaze spun round to Chris. Chris, who didn't realise Wyatt knew he was there, stared back at Wyatt shocked until Wyatt looked back at his mom.

Wyatt glared at her for a while, and Piper never once blinked or looked away. Wyatt was fighting the truth spell, trying to find a way around answering the question. This, Chris realised, meant they were on to something.

"I hate him." He said finally, through gritted teeth. The complete truth and most basic answer to the question without revealing a single thing about what happened.

Chris saw Leo shift, but stay where he was. That was good – Chris didn't think Wyatt would be very receptive to Leo right now.

"Why do you hate him?" Replied Piper, speaking softly.

"He's a sick bastard, that's why."

"What did he do to you Wyatt?" Chris was impressed with how well Piper was handling this. She seemed extremely calm and in control, although Chris suspected this was the calm before the storm.

"He kidnapped me when I was little. Took me down to the underworld and kept me there until he could figure out how to kill me."

Chris sat forward, elbows leant on his knees. He had known something had happened to Wyatt when he was a baby, but he had no idea Wyatt had gone though something so traumatising at such a young age.

Chris recalled Gideon teaching him and his cousins at magic school. Wyatt had always had a problem with the school, and in the end Piper had removed him and just sent him to regular school. Chris and the rest of the Halliwells went to magic school part time. Gideon had always seemed so gentle and honest and Chris felt sick at the thought that such a person could betray an innocent baby.

"Why would he do that?" asked Leo.

Wyatt glared at his father, but was forced to answer. "He thought that I was a threat, that I had too much power. I should never have been allowed to be conceived. He told me that just before I tortured him into insanity and killed him in front of the entire underworld. Said that he was right after all – that I was evil and that I had turned into the threat he had predicted."

"What did you say to that?" asked Paige.

Wyatt gritted his teeth before releasing the breath he had held and speaking reluctantly. "That I was the way I was because of him. Because he had forced me to protect myself for months on end while I ran from him and the countless demons I encountered. Even after you found me he continued sending demons to kill me. He didn't give up until I was 18."

Chris stood up then. "This evil didn't manifest in you until you were 20. What caused that?"

Wyatt shrugged. "There was a group. A ritual. I don't remember the specifics."

"What aren't you saying?"

Wyatt stared at Chris for a few beats before saying directly to him. "It was set to release the spell once I had an heir. I tracked them down after Piper was born and they told me that much before I killed them all."

Chris let that comment pass for the moment. He couldn't dwell on the fact that his daughter was the reason the world had gone to hell.

"I tracked down all of your subjects and guards that I met. The future hadn't changed."

Wyatt raised his eyebrows. "All of them? I had hundreds of subjects and guards."

Chris simply nodded.

"It wouldn't have changed anything because I killed all of the demons from when I was little, myself. They were never part of my inner circle or my guard."

Piper spoke up again. "But you know what the demons that did the ritual look like? Are they in the book?"

Wyatt reluctantly nodded.

"If we let you out now do you promise not to attack us or run away?"

Wyatt snorted and said, "no" again.

Piper opened her mouth to say something, but was stopped by a wind passing through her hair and onto the book causing the pages to flip. They carried on until they fell to a page near the end of the book.

Chris remembered the book doing that once in his childhood, but had never known why.

Piper looked up to the ceiling and said, "Thanks Prue."

Chris realised that it was one of their deceased relatives turning the pages, which meant that was who it had been in the future. His eyes filled with tears as he realised it had probably been a deceased Piper turning the pages. He looked over at Wyatt, who was looking at the floor.

Piper picked up the book and carried it over to the crystal cage. "Is this them? The ones that did the ritual?"

Wyatt refused to look.

"Wyatt, why are you being so unhelpful? We are trying to help you."

Chris saw Wyatt clench his jaw again and wondered how Wyatt's teeth were fairing.

"This is a waste of time and will probably get you killed. It will not change anything."

"Why don't you let us worry about that, OK? Now, are these the demons that did the ritual on you?"

Wyatt looked at the page and then nodded. Chris felt relief flood him. Maybe they really could save Wyatt.

Chris hadn't realised that he'd been running on empty until that moment. He hadn't really believed they'd be able to save Wyatt because a part of him believed that Wyatt had been turned after Piper had been killed. Now they knew differently, and they knew what demons had caused Wyatt to be turned, Chris felt hope fill him. He quickly stomped it down, because the disappointment that would follow if this failed would be too much for him to stand.

The sisters and Leo looked at each other then. Piper spoke up first. "Even if we vanquish these demons, it doesn't stop Gideon from hurting Wyatt. We need to stop him too."

Leo nodded. "I'll call a couple of the council down here."

He orbed away before they could ask what he meant.

"This spell requires the power of three and a potion." Said Piper, putting the book on the table.

Paige nodded and said, "I'll get on the potion."

Piper walked over to Wyatt and looked at him with a loving smile on her face. Wyatt looked defiantly back, but Chris could see the cracks starting to show in Wyatt's so far emotionless demeanour.

"I love you, you know that right? We all love you. Even Phoebe is still protecting you even though she knows you killed her in the future."

Wyatt looked away and didn't say anything. Chris suspected Piper hadn't wanted a response. She just stood staring at him. He wondered what she was looking for. All Chris saw was a man in black clothing, long straggly blonde hair and an angry frown on his face that had been there for over 2 years now. Three, if you included the time Chris had spent in the past. This man resembled Wyatt, but he wasn't.

Minutes passed before orbs filled the room. Chris looked around and saw Leo plus two other elders – one male, one female – that he recognised from Up There.

"This is Sandra and Kheel." Said Leo.

The sisters' guards went up immediately, but they obviously knew better than to say anything.

Chris watched as the two elders turned to Wyatt and watched with satisfaction as shock passed through their faces.

Sandra spoke first. "Leo explained the situation to us. Wyatt, please tell us what Gideon did to you."

Wyatt rolled his eyes and repeated what he'd said earlier. "He kidnapped me and took me down to the underworld where he left to fair for myself while he found a way to kill me. After my parents found me, he sent multiple demons to kill me for years. The last one he sent –" Chris shifted then, causing Wyatt stop mid sentence. Wyatt then took a deep breath. "When I turned 20, I tracked him down and tortured him, forcing him to tell me why he did what he did and he told me he had done it because I was a threat and had too much power."

Kheel asked, "And you believe this is what turned you evil?"

Wyatt rolled his eyes and shook his head. "There is no such thing as good and evil, only power and those willing to use it."

Both elders eyebrows shot up then. "You don't believe yourself to be evil?"

Wyatt glared at them. "Please do define evil for me. I always believed evil to be those who went out of their way to hurt other people, but then an elder attacked me and Elders are beings of pure goodness." Wyatt may have spoken sarcastically, but they all knew he meant every word.

The elders nodded and turned to talk to each other in their language. Leo listened in and after a while started clicking away as well.

Chris had always hated that sound, and knew Wyatt did as well as he turned to them and glared before covering his ears momentarily. Chris wondered if he had realised where he was, causing him to lower his hands.

Chris walked over to the sisters who were gathered around the table making the potion. Paige nodded to the elders and asked, "What are they saying?"

Chris shrugged and asked, "How should I know?"

"Thought all Whitelighters spoke click-clack?" said Phoebe. Chris raised an eyebrow at Phoebe, smiling slightly.

Piper turned to him then and said, "But you're not a Whitelighter, are you?"