I am putting my other story on hold due to writers block and the fact that it is just a bad story. Princess Bubblegum's POV the whole story.

I remember. I remember it all- the day that ruined my life. It started out like any other normal day… I held a humungous party outside of the castle- almost every single person I knew came. It was crowded like crazy, of course. Everybody was shoulder to shoulder, trying to at least walk through the ocean of people. To keep me out of the crowd, I sat on a large, tall throne and intended to stay there.

The party was going well- people were shouting, dancing, drinking, eating….. It was all fine. Until he showed up. A tall, blue skinned man in a red fancy coat and spiky black hair had come in through the gates. His presence immediately called attention; as soon as he entered, everybody turned around to stare at him. He grinned at the faces that had stopped what they were doing for him. He stopped and kneeled down on his knees in the middle of the party.

"LISTEN TO ME!" He yelped at everyone in an angry tone. The whole party was already looking at him, so there was no reason to tell them to pay attention. "My name is Death." He said, attempting to be scary now. He bared his large pointy, vampire fangs, causing the whole crowd to flinch. "Alright, so I assume everyone is listening. Let me start. You may not talk to me unless I ask you to. I am here on business, so NO ONE disagrees with my decisions. If you do, then…" Death slid his hand over his neck as a symbol of, well, chopping someone's head off.

He lifted himself up off his knees and moved forwards in the crowd. He got back on his knees again when he reached the section of the crowd nearest to me. But he stopped right in front of Finn. He stopped right in front of him and stared him straight in the eyes, seemingly piercing through his soul. My stomach did multiple cartwheels as I slowly covered my mouth with my hand. I knew something horrible was about to happen. Death was staring at Finn, and Finn was paralyzed with fear. Jake frowned and backed away with a horrified face. I held my breath and tried to keep myself calm. Maybe Death just wanted to talk to Finn. Maybe he wanted to ask him something? Just because your name is Death doesn't mean you have to kill everyone you stare straight in the eye. Well, I was wrong. I was so wrong.

Death grabbed Finn by the shirt and lifted him up to his eye level. "I am going to kill you." He plainly stated. "Anyone wondering why? Well, too bad. You can't know- it's too dangerous. I really do have empathy, so, for everyone's sake, no one can find out. Now…." He pulled a pocket knife out of his pocket, "If you'll excuse me…"

I just let my hand fall from my mouth. I let go of my breath and let tears fall down my face, tickling my pink bubblegum cheeks. I didn't bother to look at anything or anyone besides Death and Finn. Death took his pocket knife and stabbed Finn right in the heart. I collapsed in my mental pain as a trickle of blood fell from the wound.

That night was the first night I cried myself to sleep. The first, not the only.

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