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"Death?" I clutch my skirt tightly in my fists. So he has been killing more people. "What did he look like?" I ask, although I already know the answer.

"Um…. Brown hair. Black eyes. Tall as this." Susan holds her hand up to a height of about five feet. So this isn't the Death I know. Has he taken control of someone else's body? Or maybe there is more than one Death? I force myself to keep quiet and not tell Susan that I've seen a different Death. I give Jake a warning look and small shake of the head, which seems to be enough to keep him quiet, too.

"Death kill…. Death kill…." Susan keeps dropping off the sentence, but I know what her last word would be. So maybe she does know. News gets around Ooo pretty fast, even to anyone who might live in a sewer or cave.

"Yes," I quickly cut her off, not wanting her to have to say the painful name. "Let's not talk… about it." I make an attempt to put my hand over my heart, but instead feel a sharp shock of pain. It's then I realize that the piece of wood is still lodged in my arm. Susan seems to see it, and, giving me a brief look of sympathy, leans over to tug at it. I let out a wail at the pain and sound of my candy flesh being torn. The wood isn't all the way out yet, and Susan tugs at it once again, much harder this time, until it's finally ripped free.

I force myself to look down at my arm, which now has a chunk of flesh ripped out of it. I feel a small gag come to my mouth, but I swallow it quickly. I'm glad I'm not human like Susan, or there would probably be that disgusting red human blood everywhere by now.

"So, Susan," I sit up, ignoring the slight protest of pain from my arm as I push myself up. "I was wondering if you knew someone…. Well, they're human. And blonde." Marceline didn't really give us any other information, so I cross my fingers in the hope that Susan will know what we're talking about.

"Susan know someone! Susan know lady who is human and blonde. Princess and Jake want to see her?" I smile in delight and excitedly stand up.

"Yes! We really want to see her. Can you take us?" Jake's voice is buzzing with excitement equal to my own.

"Yes. Susan take you right away."

I drag my feet slowly up the rocky mountain, only to slip again and fall flat on my face. Who would live up here? Susan said that the woman we wanted to see lived in a cave at the very top of the mountain. I can't help but thinking that if she lives all the way up there, maybe she doesn't want to be found.

"You okay?" Jake's voice interrupts my thoughts.

"I'm fine!" I call out. Susan and Jake are way ahead of me, mostly because I'm the only one who keeps falling. Susan is strong and surprisingly agile for her body type, and Jake just stretches himself up since he's too lazy to do otherwise. I sigh and push myself halfway up to find a large paw in front of me.

"Just hop on." Jake grins at me. I wipe the dirt off of my skirt and lift myself up to sit in the middle of his paw. Jake carries me up to where he is with Susan and, enlarging his whole body, dumps me on his back. I let go of a defeated sigh and flop down on my stomach.

"How much farther?" Jake asks, but by the tone he's using, I feel like he's asking for my sake. If you didn't have magical stretchy powers, I think to myself, you'd be so lazy someone would have to carry you everywhere!

"Almost there! Susan have to warn you, might want to stay out of lady's way. She might think you want hurt her." Susan gives us a reassuring smile.

"Why would she think we want to hurt her?" I can't keep my curiosity from jumping out of my mouth. I wait a while for Susan to answer, but she never does. Her expression holds no evidence of a reaction, so I wonder if she never heard me. But it seems pretty convenient to "not hear" a question that might not have a very pleasant answer.

I shake my head, blocking out the thoughts that could sneak in if I keep thinking like this anymore. I always remember my mother, and what an optimistic person she was. I always wanted to be like her, to find the good side of everything. But I guess that just wasn't me. I'm neither an optimist nor am I unoptimistic. A lot of bad thoughts seep into my mind, clouding my thought process and even occasionally causing me to have to lie down to clear my head. I only let the good thoughts slip out, though. That's why everyone thinks of me as such an optimist, but I have many doubts swirling around inside. Finn always helped me to clear those. He was such an optimist, helping to refresh my mind and bringing me back to a happy place.

"Princess okay?" Susan's voice washes all my thoughts away. I must have been looking sad, because she looks very concerned for me. My train of thought goes crazy places sometimes.

"Oh! I'm fine, I'm fine. That's just my… um, vacant expression." I stifle a fake laugh, which changes Susan's expression from concerned to mildly confused.

"Mm! We're here!" She turns her head to face toward a small doorway carved into the shiny, crystal like, blue-tinted rock in front of us.

"What kind of rock is this?" I ask her, skimming my fingers over the cool surface. It's definitely not any rock I've ever seen. Susan simply shrugs her shoulders. Jake shrinks down to his normal size and I hop off him, adjusting my crooked tiara after landing.

Susan leads us into the smoothly cut entrance. I have to duck when we enter, because it's only about five feet tall. As soon as my whole body is in, I feel like I've gone blind. I force myself not to panic. I don't know where anyone is, what is around me, or even how wide or tall the tunnel surrounding me is. I stretch my arms out to the sides and stand on my tippy toes to stretch my arms up to find the width and height. It's about four feet wide and nine feet tall. Now to find Jake and Susan.

"Guys!" I call out. After a few seconds, I hear a call come back.

"Princess! We right in front of you. I know way through these, but stay with me, because you get lost, it's very hard to find the way out. Jake, you hold on to Princess's and my hand?" Susan orders us. I suddenly feel Jake's paw on my shoulder, then feel it slowly move down to reach my hand. I feel him start walking and I follow, carefully placing my steps so I'll be less likely to step on something I don't want to. Soon the darkness slowly fades until I can see the faint outline of Jake in front of me. We come to a fork in the road. The tunnel to the right has a damp, earthy smell and occasional breezes coming from it. The tunnel to the left smells of sea water, and I can hear faint rumbling sounds if I listen closely.

"So, which path will we take?" Jake asks Susan after she doesn't speak for a few moments.

"Doesn't matter, both lead to same place. But… This one." Susan starts down the path to the left. We walk for about twenty minutes through the tunnel that has gone dark again until Susan stops abruptly. The rumbling sound is very loud now, and it sounds like falling water. Susan sounds like she does something that involves getting on her knees, and then, like a flash of lightning, the whole tunnel lights up. But it's not a tunnel anymore. It's a humongous cave. At my right is a waterfall of crystalline water falling elegantly down in a transparent sheet from not boulders, but pure crystal rock. The floor beneath us is the same gorgeous blue rock that made up the entrance to the tunnels. A perfectly cut star shape in the stone ceiling frames the crescent moon which shines a beam of light on the cave floor. Various vines weave themselves among the crystal rock, with beautiful black roses growing among them. I'll certainly have to check out these things on our way back- everything here seems naturally impossible. Several smaller waterfalls around us seem to be almost unreal. Midnight black water carries dozens of small bright sparkles, like little stars along with it as it flows in waves down ruby and sapphire rock. It's like the night sky pouring out in liquid form.

"Pretty…. I know. We got to keep moving, though. It already night. We got to catch her before she go to sleep." Jake and I both nod, too mesmerized by the beauty of the scene around us to talk. Susan leaned down once again and pressed a small crystal button in an emerald rock, which immediately closes the star shaped opening in the ceiling and shuts off the light. We all hold hands again and start walking, but it's only about a minute before we get to the next cave. It's way smaller, about eighteen feet tall and thirty feet wide. A small circle shape in the ceiling lets in the moonlight.

"This where she live. She supposed to be here…" Susan tells us. We look blankly around for a few seconds, until I finally spot a something. Before I can say anything, I'm slammed into the wall by several tiny stilettos that have pinned me by my clothing.

An angelic, smooth voice rings out in a calm tone, "So, who are you?"

Alright, R&R, meow! Also, if you don't know what stilettos are, they're not the shoes- they're little tiny blades, like pocket knives without handles. *Thinking of an example…* If you've ever watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, they are those things that Mai uses.