Title: Five hitherto unknown facts about Colonel Everett Young
Author: Shenandoah Risu
: G
Content Flags: none
Spoilers: none
Characters: Everett Young, Airman Dunning, Tamara Johansen
Word Count: 585
Summary: This little sign of what might eventually be is like a visitor from a future that might never happen.
Author's Notes
: Written for a challenge at the LJ Comm stargateland.
Disclaimer: I don't own SGU. I wouldn't know what to do with it. Now, Young... Young I'd know what to do with. ;-)
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Five hitherto unknown facts about Colonel Everett Young

His right foot is bigger than his left foot.

It's something that runs in his family on his mother's side. In order to be truly comfortable, on Earth he would buy two sets of shoes, one size 12 and one size 13 and then wear one shoe each. Or he would stuff his left shoe with whatever he could find to make it fit better. Since his arrival on Destiny he's used mostly styrofoam peanuts from packing crates which he pilfers every so often. Nobody takes any notice, except for Airman Dunning who has the exact same problem. They toast each other with a handful of peanuts and a furtive smile, and then go their own ways to stuff their shoes.

He discovered his first grey hair at age 28.

He remembers being pretty stunned at that. He's also not sure when he actually started going grey, since most of his adult life his hair was regulation short. He found the grey one during an extended period of undercover field work while his hair was much longer, and one morning, there it was, in his hair brush. He still has it, tucked into the pages of an old journal. He worries occasionally that his job will kill him before he can have truly grey hair, and so this little sign of what might eventually be is like a visitor from a future that might never happen.

He likes Hello Kitty.

He can't explain that one to himself or anyone one else, except that the cartoon character with the big head and little bow tie makes him smile. He'd never admit it to anyone, either, but TJ somehow found out anyway, and whenever he had to see her for some bloodwork back on Icarus she always drew a little Hello Kitty head on the band aid before she taped it on the punctured vein. It never failed to make him chuckle. It was like a secret code between them, and they never talked about it even once.

He can ride a bicycle backwards.

As a result of a teenage dare Young knows how to find his balance sitting on the handlebars of a bicycle and pushing the pedals the opposite way. It's a skill that was acquired through countless scrapes and falls and more busted elbows and knees that he can remember. Oddly enough, this talent later helped him tremendously with gun training, since it required a steady hand and good balance as well. It also came in amazingly handy in flight school, where his uncanny ability to maintain the horizon line got him the highest marks on all aerial maneuvers.

His childhood hero was Jim Lovell, commander of the Apollo 13 mission.

He was just a wee little boy in 1970, but the events of Apollo 13 captivated him like nothing else. He wanted to be the commander of a spaceship, just like Jim Lovell, and he wanted to be good enough to keep his crew alive and well and on target to get them home safely. He actually met Lovell in person when he was about to ship out to Icarus, and the former astronaut's friendliness and honesty left him with deep admiration for the man. And when things get really bad on the Destiny, he thinks of Flight Director Gene Krantz' motto "Failure is not an option", and in it he finds the strength to carry on with his daily struggles.