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18th century Italy

For as long as I can remember, Feliciano has been Grandpa's favorite. He's been everyone's favorite for that matter. Being the first born, I've always thought that I would get some type of recognition or honor. No. Everyone loves Feliciano. I never show it, but it hurts.

Always being silently reminded of how you're always second best. I could never live up to my brother's cheerful and faithful persona. Charming everyone around him with his smile, while I just stand beside with a damn frown on my face.

I've never really had the chance to call something my own. Yes, material possessions, but nothing in the sense of a person. Like love. That's why I could never let Feliciano near Antonio. My Antonio.

"Fratello, hurry! I want to ride our horses before lunchtime!" Feliciano called out to me as he ran ahead.

I rolled my eyes then muttered a "bastardo" before setting off after him.

Every Sunday, after Mass, Feliciano and I would ride our horses (courtesy of our Grandpa) for hours through the forest just beyond our home.

We were a wealthy family, yes. And a religious one, also. This was the most difficult thing for me. Growing up with a strict Catholic background, homosexuality was extremely frowned upon.

I never thought this would be such an issue until Antonio came along.

Grandpa hired him as our stable boy less than a year ago. He was gorgeous and delicious. I wanted him so badly the very first time I saw him. His tanned skin, ruffled brown locks, striking green eyes, seductive smile, and desirable body made him all the more irresistible.

He was from Spain, the country of passion, and poor as a church mouse. No family or friends. Just Antonio.

From that day on, I vowed to have him. To seduce him, to love him. Every chance I got, I would block Feliciano from him. I still do, in fear that he will again take something from me.

"Here, go out to the. forest already and I'll bring our horses, si?" I asked him once we had reached the stables.

"Si, fratello! Don't be too long!"

"Yeah, yeah. Just go!"

Finally, he was gone.

I rush of excitement took over me as I started to walk into the stables, just seeing his face could be enough to set me off, as embarrassing as that sounds. I had to keep my composure, though. I couldn't let him believe I was weak and couldn't handle things.

As I turned the corner, there he was. He had a sack of oats over his right shoulder, tiny beads of sweat fell down from his forehead, he panted slightly and licked his lips.

"Nnnng," I breathed, biting my bottom lip slightly, the sight was so strangly…erotic. But all he was doing was carrying a fucking sack of oats!

He looked up from his concentration and saw me staring at him. Rather than ask why he smiled then said, "Hola, Lovino! Come to get the horses again?

I was almost in a daze, but snapped out quickly and answered, "Y-yes."

As he turned and went to retrieve the horses, I glanced down at him. His tight, brown pants made it so prominent and…wonderful.

His ass.

Perfectly rounded and fit. I just wanted to touch it so badly dammit! It's like he's always teasing me, but he never realizes it. My heart pounded and pulse quickened, I knew my face had to have resembled that of a sweet, ripe tomato.

I wondered what it would be like for him to touch me with his rough, nimble hands. To kiss me with his smooth, full lips. To pound into me with his big….you know.

I tried to look cute. Flirtatious. But I knew I was failing. I bit my index finger slightly and kept my eyes lustily fixated on him. Watching every movement, every muscle in his beautiful body move. It was a miracle and a blessing that I didn't become hard then and there. I would have died of embarrassment.

"Here you are!" he came back with the two horses.

I didn't even like the stupid beasts, but I would pretend to for his sake. To come back as often as I could and see him. To try and be with him as much as possible. To have a small hope in my life.

As he turned again to resume his work, I suddenly said something to him, "You know, it isn't good to over work yourself. I wouldn't want you to get hurt or worse," I slowly licked my lips gently blinked my eyes.

He chuckled then picked up the sack once more.

"Don't worry about me, I can manage."

I swear in those single moments after he spoke, I saw a wink. I know I did. I hoped I did. Even if my failed attempts of being seductive and desirous did not work, I still knew he wanted me.

At least I think he does.

Desiderio - Desire (Italian)

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