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Me! CCL-Fi

Fi took one look at himself in the mirror and didn't know whether to gape or laugh.

He'd gotten up that morning to shave but it was relatively obvious that he wouldn't be shaving anytime soon.

Fi admired himself in the mirror for a moment. For someone who'd been a not too long ago, he'd filled out quite nicely. His short black crop had lengthened out and become peppered with curls. His nose was smaller and his mouth was considerably more plump, but still thin and cute. His eyes were larger and framed with long black lashes.

Fi fluttered his eyelashes and chuckled. It might be possible to actually enjoy this.

He put a hand on his hip and cocked an eyebrow. Oh yes, he could definitely find a way to have some fun while he was like this. Well, for a while at least.

Fi thought for a moment. He'd need some new armour and a new bodysuit. This one definitely didn't fit him; it sagged and showed a little cleavage if he so much as tugged at it slightly. But that, of course, was do-able.

He snickered. Niner was going to go nuts when he saw this.

ALLT (you're gonna like this!)-Slick

Slick had his back pressed against the storage room door. Force he was dead, dead! He placed a hand on his chest, trying to quite his heart enough to hear what was going on outside the door.

"Come on out gorgeous! I promise to be gentle!" There was a chorus of rude noises and snorts on the other side of the door.

Slick wanted to gag. Had this been any other time he would've beaten the snot out of them. They were low level criminals! The only thing they had on him was numbers and he'd been trained to fight from birth ten to one!

But these were not normal circumstances.

"Come on beautiful, just one kiss!"

"Not on your life!" His voice was high, a lot higher than it'd ever been. And that hair that was drooping into his eyes wasn't helping either, though it was still manageable considering the sides where still shaven short.

And so was the problem that had gotten him into the storage closet.

At least he'd slept in full prison garb last night...

Slick didn't even want to THINK about what would have happened to him had he slept in his boxers.

"What's going on here?"

The guard! Finally! Where the kriff had he been, taking a doughnut break? There was a forceful knock on the door.

"Prisoner 182, is that you in there?" It was Papano; he was friendly with the man. He had pulled a few 'escape attempts' and gotten him a pay raise.

"Yes." Slick called; again his voice was way too high. He stepped away from the door just as Papano forced it open.

"What the heck are you-" The guard stopped, blinking rapidly. "182 when did you become a...girl?"

CCL (YAY! ALLT edited)-Walon Vau/Skirata

Kal Skirata took one look at who was calling him and sighed. They had an odd understanding but Vau still exasperated him at the best of time, "What do you want Walon?" Kal pursed his lips.

"What did you do Skirata?" Did you think you found a kirffin' cure for the clone aging and test it on me?" A low female voice hissed. "Tell me Kal, and tell me now before I beat your shebs."

"Vau? Is that you?" Kal raised an eyebrow despite the fact whoever was on the other end of the comm couldn't see him.

"No, it's the Queen of shabla Hapes!" The voice yelled. "Yes it's me di'kut! Now get down to General Zey's office will you?"

"I'm coming." Kal sighed.

Something was definitely up.

General Zey watched Vau pace the office. He was mad.

Well, to be atomically correct, SHE was mad.

Zey sighed, ready to step in if Vau did indeed pin Skirata to the wall. He seemed sure it was Skirata's fault. Or one of his boy's faults. Something along those lines.

Zey on the other hand had his doubts. And proof to back them up. If Vau would listen.

Skirata strode into the room, took one look at Vau and slapped his thigh plate. "Walon, I know you said you weren't the Queen of Hapes but you might as well be her!"

Vau growled. "NOT the time Kal. I want to know how this happened, NOW." He turned to Zey.

Zey sighed. Vau fixed him in, her glare. "We don't know what caused it, but we have had a couple reports of this happening, of course, being that it is quite early in the morning, not many know if it's happened to them yet. Or, they have not been able to report it." He drummed his fingers across his desk.

"General Kenobi alerted us that Commander Cody was affected, though all it was, was a short transmission that sounded like the General couldn't believe it himself. General Skywalker told us to be ready for his report and many Generals are still needed to report so we know what's going on." Zey continued.

Skirata interrupted him. "What about the Commando's and troopers here on Coruscant?"

"Well." Zey sighed. "Captain Maze was affected. Delta has yet to report in and..." He hesitated a moment. "Fi was affected as well, Kal."

Skirata strode out of the room, yelling at the top of his lungs and making good time toward the barracks. "FI!"

ALLT (I edited one tiny part)-Rex/Jester/a whole bunch of other people

Rex tugged at his body suit in a desperate attempt to keep his pants up. Finally he grasped them in one hand, the other reaching up to knock on the door. Gathered behind him were several of his brothers...sisters... Siblings, whatever you wanted to call them.

Among them were Jester (who had managed to sneak away while his squad was busy laughing), Hardcase, Trap and Kix.

There was a moment of silence before a bleary eyed Commander Tano opened the door, yawning.

"Hey boys, what's..." She trailed off, looking at them in shock.

Before breaking down laughing.

"Commander." Rex nodded, trying to his best to keep his pants up and hair out of his face.

There was some shifting behind him and a few of the others started blushing.

Ahsoka continued to laugh, wiping a tear out of her eye. "Force what happened to you guys?" She didn't wait for an answer, just kept laughing.

Rex glared at her for a moment before answering. "Ahsoka, we don't know. Will you please stop laughing?"

"Well." The padawan worked to repress her giggles and burst out once more before continuing. She straightened up to her full height, folded her arms across her chest and smirked. "Looks like I'm taller than you now."

And if you counted the montrals...she actually was.


Rex groaned. "Yes, I see that."

"So why exactly are you HERE, and not reporting to Skyguy?" Ahsoka raised what would've been an eyebrow. "He'll want to know about your guys little...change of heart." She snickered.

Rex was silent for a moment before speaking for all of them. "We need to borrow some clothes."

Ahsoka broke down laughing once again.

CCL (;D I so enjoyed this one and yes, ALLT edited this one too)-Cody

If the General didn't stop gaping soon, Cody was ready to disobey protocol and smack his commanding officer. He could probably get away with it... The commander noticed girls usually could...

"Sir?" Cody tightened his jaw muscles, a life time of training BARELY supplying the self-control. "Sir, could you please stop staring?"

Obi-Wan seemed to snap out of it. "May I come in Commander?"

Cody ushered Obi-Wan into the room and tugged at his bodysuit, the same way he had been for the last hour at least. If only the damn thing had a little stretch to it!

For starters, we need to get you some proper clothing." Obi-Wan almost laughed "What happened?"

Cody rubbed his temples. "I really don't know what's going on, General. I wore up like this."

Obi-Wan let out a strangled laugh. "Well then."

Cody let a deep breath in and out. "General..." He usually tried to refrain from using that warning tone with his superiors but this...THIS called for it.

"I'm sorry's just..." Obi-Wan struggled to hold back another laugh.

"Th look on your face is usually the one Luminara reserves for Anakin." He was trying not to laugh so hard he had tears in his eyes. "And as a works on you quite well."

Cody tried to relax but for some odd reason it offended him. "I look like General Unduli?"

Oh Fierfek, the hormones were setting in!

"No, just the look on your face." Obi-Wan looked up at the ceiling as if asking for support. "You are a very...attractive young woman, Cody."

Obi-Wan couldn't contain his laughter at the look of sheer horror on Cody's face.

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