Its been a little over 100 years since Eddy boy left me in the forest. Since then my life has changed a lot. After he left I packed up my shit and flew to Italy and the Voltrui and talked them into changing me. They also let me eat animal blood. I found out that not only was I shield but I also a copy cat, even in my human life. I happened to copy Edwards, Alice's, Jasper's and James powers. I am lucky enough to be able to turn on and off all of my powers but my shield.

After a few years they let me go and talk to Charlie and tell him the truth. I gave him his options and he chose to become a vampire. He said "If I can spend forever with my daughter then I will take it." He got along really well with the brothers. They all became very close.

I was a part of the guard for 20 years. Marcus considered me a daughter and after those 20 years I was named Princess Isabella of Voltrui. After another 30 years they sent me to America to run this part of the world.

I live in Las Vegas and have my own club called Princess. I got to choose who I wanted to come with me so I took, Charlie, Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri. They all have jobs at the club. Charlie, is head of security, Felix and Demetri run the door, Jane is the house DJ, and Alec is one of many bartenders here. Also a few years ago another vampire couple came here and told me that his gift said he needed to be here. So I hired Peter as a bar back and Char to work in the VIP area when we have them and if we don't she's a bartender.

One of my many powers is glamor. I can glamor them to look older and then after about 20 years I change their looks enough that they look like a daughter, brother, or a much younger sibling. The club is huge. Its 3 stories. The top floor is ½ offices. One for each of the guard members, my assistant, Brady (whom I changed 5 years after we came here) and an office for Charlie. The other half of the top is VIP rooms. The second floor has couches, a few bars but its more of a lounge area. To get in that area you have to buy a top shelf bottle. The bottom floor is bars, tables and a dance floor.

Now you're probably wondering if I'm a vampire why I haven't looked up the Cullens and taken my revenge on Edward. That's for a few reasons. The most important if I go and find them I won't get my mate and I've been waiting a long time for him. If I go to him he won't accept it but if he comes to me he will. The second is because I forgave Edward. It's not my fault hes gay. Yes Edward is gay and when he comes to Vegas he will meet his mate.

Yes I said the Cullen's are coming to town. Tonight actually, woo hoo. So tonight I made it a theme night. A masquerade ball, that way it will be harder for them to figure out who I am. I want to interact with them and see how long it takes for them to figure it out. And not to just figure out who I am but that the Voltrui is in America, and for Jasper to figure out that Peter and Char are here.

Us girls were getting ready. Char is going as a flapper, in a short black flapper dress. Her mask was pink and silver with exotic beaded hackle feathers over the right eye. Jane was in a black w/ red accent dress, dressed as a pirate. Her mask was black red braided trim and a black ostrich feather over the right eye. My dress was a sexy Grecian goddess in white and black trim. My mask was white with silver sequined braiding along the outside and pearls dropping on the bottom. (All outfits will, hopefully, be on my page.)

Demetri's outfit matched his mate, Janes. He was a pirate too. He had a simple red mask. Of course Charlie played a cop, and had a black mask that looked like it was shot on each side. Peter was dressed in a double breasted red and black suit as a gangster with a simple black mask. Brady was dressed in an army costume, with an all black full face mask. Alec was dressed as Neo from the Matrix with a black mask that had a few jewels on it. Felix dressed as Ceaser in a black tunic with a black and white mask.

After we were all dressed we met in my office. When we moved out here I used one of my powers to control everyone's blood-lust while they changed over to the animal diet. "Alright guys tonight's the night" I said looking each one of them in the eyes before continuing "The Cullen's are coming tonight. Alec you are on point." He nodded. He was my best bartender so I needed him at the busiest spot. "Charlie and Felix you're on the door tonight." Since Charlie was reborn he could tell weather anyone was lying or not, it made him great to work the door. "Demetri I need you to be bar back. Peter you will be running the bar upstairs in the VIP area. Char we have a few VIPs tonight, including the Cullen's so I want you playing waitress. Brady and I will be playing host and hostess. Brady take the second floor." He nodded. "I'll take the Cullen's in. You are not to tell them who I am NO MATTER WHAT!" I stressed the last part. "If they ask who you are then tell them your real name. We don't need to lie but if they ask about me then you tell them that I will answer all questions at the end of the night."

We all went down and the rest of the staff was waiting for us to start. Every one of my employees knew that the 8 people who followed me down were my management staff and to go to them before coming to me with issues. The meeting was going to be the basic, keep the guest happy, if you have any problems find Brady, Charlie, Felix, Demetri or me. At the end of the night bring your draws to my office, blah blah blah. I was just ready to open the doors and wait for the Cullen's to arrive. A lot of things were going to happen tonight and I hope they all played out well. Even thou I have visions I don't count on them because they aren't always 100% accurate there is always last minute decisions.

I made sure all my vampire workers had their ear pieces in. It was our way to communicate with each other. It was a little piece in the ear and a clip on earring as the microphone. Simple and easy way to keep in touch. Then I went up to Alec and had him mix me a drink before I had to deal with my frineds. That is one cool thing about being a vampire is we can still drink. It has to be strong and a lot but we can still drink.

As I was finishing my drink I saw that they were coming in. They looked confused. Probably because of the gold eyes. Or maybe its because Charlies at the door. Either way the looks on their confused faces made me want to laugh.

I walked up to them with my clip board "Hi you must be the Cullen party." Carlisle nodded. "I'm Isabella I'll be your hostess tonight. Lets head up to the VIP room you rented."