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Melissa POV

I am now about 3 weeks pregnant or in the case of a half vampire, half human child about 7 months. According to Laurent, since I'm having twins they could come any day. Everyone has been taking great care of me since I can't move too much. I am so thankful for each and everyone of them.

Today I'm worried because the Kings and Queens of Volturi are coming in but if they are like Isabella I shouldn't have much to worry about. But then again Esme is coming in and while she knows I'm Carlisles mate I'm scared she won't like me or that she'll be upset when she sees me. I don't know maybe I'm crazy.

Right now I'm laying here with Carlisle while the imprints are cooking food for any women that can eat and the vampire girls are setting up for the shower. According to Charlies complaining Alyssa has a weird game going to happen. Something about babies for all the women. Should be interesting.

"Carlisle what was your mothers name?" I asked him from my spot on his chest.

"Isabella Rose, why?" he responded from above me.

"My moms name is Sophia Marie. Her parents had an Italian theme going" I said before asking "What about your dad?"

"Nicholas Gregory" Carlisle answered.

"My dads name was Eli Anthony. I'm thinking we can mix our parents names for a boy or girl. Like Nicholas Anthony or Eli Gregory for a boy or both if they are the same sex and Sophia Rose or Isabella Marie for a girl. What do you think?"

"I like that a lot. How are you feeling today?" Carlisle asked like he does almost all day long.

I shrugged "I'm tired and have a little back pain but thats to be expected, I think."

We laid there for a few more minutes when a knock came on our door. "Melissa, its Isabella are you ready to come downstairs?"

I sat up groaning "Yeah I'm ready. Please tell me your carrying me because I don't think I could walk."

Isabella laughed "No I'm not going to make you walk. I'm going to carry you to a room down the hall, to show you your present from Jasper and myself and then I'm going to take you downstairs."

Isabella picked me up with Carlisle on our heels. She stopped at a pair of double doors "Cover your eyes" she said.

I heard the doors open and felt Isabella put me down in a very comfortable plush seat. I opened my eyes and gasped. The room was painted very light blue but had little splashes of different colors everywhere. The couch I was sat on was green and in front of a long picture window and had orange curtains. The cribs were white with white sheets, and a green bed skirt. They had what looked like pinwheel mobiles. On one wall was a yellow dresser with a painting above it. Another wall had books in what looked like a bookshelf but it wasn't shelves "What are thoses shelves made out of?" I asked.

Isabella laughed, that sounded like twinkling bells, "Those are gutters. Alph and the guys came up with it.

I started crying. I was so happy "Thank you so much Isabella. You too Jasper" I said to the man I hadn't seen until now.

"It was our pleasure darlin'" Jasper said coming over to my side hugging me. "Now I hate to do this but I must steal Carlisle. We are going out for a few hours."

"You better be on your best behavior" I said.

"Don't worry sweet pea. We won't be far away" Peter said walking into the room. "Lets go boys. Demetri is picking up the men and Jane is picking up the women. Plus Char has a bath drawn for sweet pea there."

Isabella POV

Once Melissa was ready we headed down to the sitting room. The girls did a great job. They had blue, pink, yellow, green and white streamers everywhere. In one corner of the room was a box full of baby dolls that mom was fussing over. "Mom what are you doing?" I asked.

"Hey Bells" she said standing up. "I was just getting the babies set up. By the way Jane just called. She should be here shortly."

"And what are we doing with these babies mom" I asked with a little fear in my voice.

"You'll see dear" she said with a little evil smile and walked away. After she walked away I went to get a closer look "And don't touch or get near them" Alyssa yelled.

A few minutes later Jane came in with the ladies. After everyone was settled Alyssa stood up. "I thought it would be fun if we all were moms today. So I came up with a few little games. The first is we all get twins, just like Melissa is going to have. Now these babies cry, and you have to figure out what is wrong with them and fix it. If its a feeding issue we have bottles to put in their mouths. Or if they are wet there are diapers. Now the person with the babies that cry the least wins. The babies have chips that will record the crying. The winner will get tickets to Criss Angel Believe and Cirque du Soleile show."

Alyssa handed out the babies and most of them started crying right away. We spent the next hour trying ti figure out how to calm the things down. I have a new found respect for parents. I just had a toy and I was having trouble. It didn't help I was keeping an eye on Esme and Alice to make sure they wouldn't do anything or say anything mean to Melissa but I was surprised to see and feel happiness coming from the pair of them.

"Alright now we can do presents" Jane said jumping up and down on her heels like a little school girl who found out her crush liked her.

Before we could get started I got a text message.

To Isabella Volturi

From Peter Whitlock

Cake first, then presents or you won't make it to cake. Make sure you know the babies names. We will be back in time.

To Peter Whitlock

From Isabella Volturi

Thanks for the heads up Pete.

After the text message I spoke to the group. "Sorry we will get to the presents later. We should eat cake first."

Half way into eating her cake, Melissa dropped her plate and grabbed her stomach, screaming in pain. I bolted to her side. "The babies their coming" she said quietly.

"Char call Peter. Get them here now" I barked out while picking up Melissa. "Lily, mom come with me. I might need your help."

I rushed into the room we were using to deliver the babies and laid her down on the table. "Melissa we can't wait for the guys" I said ripping her shirt off. "I have to get the babies out and change you before they cause too much harm. The more there is to fix the longer the change takes."

"Thats fine. Make sure the babies are safe" Melissa said grabbing her stomach. Taking a deep breath she continued "If Carlisle, Peter and Jasper don't make it please change me."

"No need we are here" Peter said striding in like having vampire/human babies is an everyday thing.

"Quit with the smugness Peter" Jasper said pushing him over.

"Melissa, you okay baby" Carlisle asked running to Melissa's side.

"I'm fine, just hurts like a son of a bitch" Melissa said.

"Okay lets get theses babies out" Laurent said. "Now Melissa, Isabella and I are going to bite threw your stomach and the fetus' and get the babies out. After that the guys will start your change." Laurent drew back his lips and said "Now Isabella!" and we both started biting Melissa's stomach.

It took us seconds of tearing Melissa's stomach before we got to the fetus'. The were hard, almost like metal, but soft enough that we could get to the babies. "A girl" Laurent said pulling a crying baby out.

Once I tore enough away I saw a little baby reaching out. I picked it up and looked for a gender "A boy."

"Now Carlisle!" Laurent said as Melissa's eyes started rolling back.

All three men pumped venom into Melissa as quickly as possible while Laurent and I cleaned the babies. The girl, Melissa wanted named, Sophia Rose, was screaming her head off, while the boy who was in my arms, named Nicholas Anthony, was cooing quietly until he saw Lily.

Nicholas reached for Lily. "I have to get you measured first little guy" I said quietly. That wasn't the answer he wanted because he screamed as loud as his little lungs would let him. "Lily can come with us okay? I'll be as fast as possible" I whispered to him. I measured him as quickly as I could. "He weighs 8 lbs 10 oz and is 20 inchs long. You're a big boy. Now how about I let Lily get you dressed." Nicholas gurgled his reply. "Lily meet Nicholas Anthony Cullen" I said handing him over.

"My mate" she whispered while looking into his eyes.

"Oh fuck" I heard behind me.

I turned around to the door and saw Embry standing there eyes locked on one little girl named, Sophia. He walked slowly to her and Sophia kept her eyes on his. Embry took her from Laurent's arms and nuzzled his head into her neck.

"Please tell me he did not just imprint on my daughter" Carlisle said with a strain in his voice.

"Embry," I said with both of my hands up showing I meant no harm. He still growled. "I mean no harm. I know you just got your imprint but can she please have time with her father." Embry nodded his head and handed Sophia to Carlisle. "Lily can you give Nicholas to Carlisle too. Its the only way we can get him calm enough to talk about this." She nodded and handed Nicholas to his father. "Now everyone but Jasper leave. Mom can you please get a couple bottles of blood for these little ones?"

"Yeah" she said zipping off.

"Carlisle you are right Embry did imprint on Sophia" Jasper said "and Nicholas is Lily's mate." Carlisle growled pulling his babies closer.

"They are just babies" he whispered once he calmed down.

"Yes they are and until they are of age, which will happen quickly, Embry and Lily will be nothing more than a best friend or sibling to them. You still have time. Enjoy it but don't shut them out. It won't be good if you do" I said.

Carlisle nodded "okay I'll try."

"I'm going to leave you with the babies and Melissa. Keep them close to her, it helps her with her change. I'll check on you later. Now I'm off for a shower. Care to join me cowboy?" I said walking out of the room.

"Yes ma'am" Jasper said picking me up and throwing me over his shoulder carrying me to our rooms so we could clean each other.

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