†: Diagnosis: Terminal & Needing Him :†
x Their End x


It took a while for the dust to settle from everything that had happened. Inuyasha breaking off his engagement so close to the wedding upset the Miyoko family deeply, particularly his bride-to-be. And those at his work were hardly pleased with him, after all the family donated a lot of their money to Furei research. They all figured that he had ruined it for them. That there would be no more money…

But there was. Midoriko's father felt like the research was more important than a family grudge against one of the researchers and when Inuyasha announced he'd be moving to a different department anyway the money started to flow in like it once had. Then there was the family factor that had to be addressed.

Shortly after Inuyasha found out Kagome shared the news she had Furei with the rest of her family. After all, she had just kept it from them because she didn't want Inuyasha to find out… needless to say, anyone who did not know was devastated to hear it. That wasn't the only thing she had to tell them, either.

She was going to be having twins… and Inuyasha was the father, not Jacques. Again she sent her family into shock but since Inuyasha was there with her for her announcements, holding her hand even, they slowly discovered the truth of everything. It took a while for all to process everything, but once they did they were happy to hear that the two were back together and on the same track they were four years ago.

Preparing to get married.

Kagome was not so certain that was what she wanted. Was Inuyasha wanting to marry her merely because she was going to be the mother of his children or because he really still loved her that much? She really did love him that much, she wanted to be able to call him her husband, and that was why she went through with the very small, purely family, ceremony. It wasn't the wedding she had always dreamed of—in that she didn't have a rounded belly, wasn't pregnant already, and there were a lot more flowers—but it was far better than the first time she got married.

This time, she actually loved the man. But her mind was broken from such reflections while she laid in the bed she shared with her new husband, staring aimlessly up at the ceiling and with a hand on her still growing stomach.

"You shouldn't have left four years ago," Inuyasha stated rather randomly. Reluctantly she pried her eyes away from the ceiling fan to meet his gaze, a curiously raised brow was all she gave him in reply. "Things worked out the same exact way they would have if you had stayed. Now we're just late four years on everything… and having kids before we were even married for a while."

Like they had originally planned, for the two of them children had always been in the future. They had always agreed that once they got married they'd give it a couple of years then start on a family. Originally, that was because Inuyasha was working as a resident at Shikon and didn't have much time to even do the deed let alone deal with being a dad. That and they'd have to save up money for a while before they'd feel comfortable bringing a child—something usually very expensive—into the world.

Still, months after he found out the truth, he held mild resentment for her. She had caused him great pain and he had never really been one for forgiveness anyway. She supposed she'd have to deal with that for the rest of her life… however short that might be.

"I'm sorry," she whispered back, what else could she say? He didn't know that for a fact. She might not have gotten the same results from the Furei treatment in Tokyo as she had in Paris, she could be dead by then already. There were a lot of factors, and they would never really know if things would be different if Kagome hadn't left.

"I know," he said with a sigh. He knew she was sorry and he no longer really held it against her, though he neglected to tell her that. She did what she did out of some sort of love for him and there was no changing that. It just annoyed the hell out of him sometimes when he reflected on it. "It's just… that's so much time that we lost and we aren't going to get back… I want that time back."

"Inuyasha," she whispered while she reached out to take one of his hands. "Everything will work out."

He'd be a great father, whether he believed that or not, and her family would always be there to help him so she knew all would be fine. Whether she was a part of her children's life or not… she knew they'd have a good one. A great one, even.

He wanted to say 'I hope so' but instead he said something far more definite for her sake, to try and reassure her, "of course it will. You'll safely have the twins then enter into the Furei treatment here in Tokyo. I already talked with them, they'd be happy to take you. Then you'll get better like you did in France."

"Right," she replied, instead of whispering the 'I hope so' that she wanted to. For his sake, she'd pretend she believed all of that. For his sake, she'd do anything. "I love you, Inuyasha, very much."

"I know that," how could he not after everything she had done to try and protect him? It had taken a while but all the feeling he thought had gotten rid of for her returned. He could say with complete conviction, "I love you, too."

Because he did… he just feared the slimming possibility of their happy ever after. The one they thought they'd always have. The one he had always wanted with her… the one he didn't know what he'd do without.


Aiko the girl, Aki the boy, two perfectly healthy twins were given to them. Throughout the pregnancy there were many ups and downs, plenty of times were Inuyasha found himself wondering whether children were worth the toll it was taking on Kagome's health. He still wasn't a hundred percent sure but when he got to hold his kids he decided it was at least partially worth it.

The joy of the knowledge that her children were fine brought a beautiful smile to her. One he was relieved to see. One he'd remember forever.

As soon as the kids were home, Kagome found herself back at the hospital to enter the Furei treatment at Shikon just like Inuyasha had always sad. Her health had diminished quiet a bit throughout the pregnancy, Suikotsu was certain she was close to the stage where her illness was always obvious. Soon she'd almost always have a high fever, she'd cough up a storm, have headaches around the clock, and find herself throwing up often.

Inuyasha didn't know what he'd do if she got to the stage, it was always the shortest, and always led to the last stage… the deathbed, when those with Furei couldn't even get out of bed. The stage where there was no turning back, the one that meant they'd be dead soon. He couldn't lose her so soon.

There was really no way in hell that he could figure out how to raise a child on his own, let alone two.

"You'll manage," Kagome assured him as she squeezed his hands tight while he helped her up so that they could leave the treatment center. He had always known that the sessions wore out their patients but it never bothered him before… he knew, for the most part, it helped them more than hurt but watching it happen to Kagome…

It was ten times harder.

"You'll have our family's help," she reminded him while he wrapped an arm around her waist to lead her back to his car. "Mom, Souta, Miroku, Kikyou, everyone."

"Stop it, Kagome," he ordered softly. He didn't want to think like that and he sure as hell didn't want her thinking like that, either. They were going to beat this. They were going to live happily ever after somehow.

For his sake, she'd stop and just smile at him while they walked to the car. Like the gentlemen he really wasn't, he opened the door to let her in to the passenger side before going over and getting behind the wheel.

"Inuyasha," she slowly started as he began the car. He just glanced at her briefly to show he was paying attention then pulled out of the parking space. "I'm really worried about Aiko and Aki…"

"Why?" he asked with a raised brow, "they're perfectly healthy two month olds and your mom is babysitting them right now. What could have gone wrong in the four hours we've been at Shikon?"

"That's not what I mean," she muttered weakly, "you… have Furei family history and so do I. One of them, if not both, is probably going to get it."

"Kagome," he groaned, "why do you have to always think like that? By the time they're thirty I'm sure there will be a proper treatment if not a cure. Don't worry about it."

"Still…" they couldn't be sure of that, and she'd feel so guilty if one of her baby's died because of a gene she passed to them. "I worry…"

"How about you worry about yourself every once and a while, alright?"

"It's easier saying it than doing it," she replied softly. But, like with so many things, for him she'd try to. For him she'd do just about anything, so she found her smile once more as she reached out to take his hand into hers, rubbing his skin with her thumb.

The life they had wasn't a perfect one. Certainly, she'd die before him—though, they both hoped that it wouldn't be for a long while—but she was content with it. Far happier with the life she had then than she could have been if she kept her diagnosis a secret. In a way, everyone was terminal.

Someday everyone would die, her time might be a bit sooner than the rest, but she'd make damn sure it wasn't too soon.


For four years he had lost her, that was time they'd never get back, and he often caught himself still lamenting over that fact years later even after he could watch the twins laugh and play. The last thing he wanted was to lose her… though she had full confidence in his abilities, he wasn't so sure how well he could handle the twins alone.

They were a handful, and how through the treatment and Furei side-effects Kagome was able to keep Aiko and Aki in line was beyond him. When he was at a loss of how to get the two to stop fighting, she'd just walk into the room, clap her hands, talk sternly to the toddlers, and get them to behave. It was like magic.

But he had always known she'd make a great mom. There had never been a question about it. By the time they were four the two had a well established support system, one Kagome made every effort to put into place for them once she was gone. They had their aunt Sango and uncle Miroku, and their four cousins from them, then aunt Sachiko and uncle Souta and their one cousin there, and uncle Suikotsu and aunt Kikyou with their adoptive twin cousins, then grandma Higurashi and great-grandpa Higurashi.

They'd be perfectly fine… even though, more than anything, she didn't want to leave them. How could she? She had never loved anything like she did her twins. Four years ago, before she even had them, she had thought she'd be fine. She thought she accepted the fact that she'd be gone someday soon.

"Four years," Inuyasha murmured while he held her hands gently in his, letting her slid her fingers in between his up and down like she liked to. A small smile on her face. It was the simplest things that she loved the most lately. "We've been together again for over four years now… the twins are already four. I can't believe it. It seems like just yesterday they were constantly crying and refusing to sleep in their cradles… now they just fight over who gets to play with which toy. Time seems to pass by so quickly."

"Mm-hm," she hummed with a nod of her head, she had thought the same thing a week ago when they threw their children a birthday party. That and she was so happy she made it that long. Some points throughout the four years she had felt horrible, so much so that she let herself think that if she just let go everything would be better… and if she didn't have Aiko and Aki she just might have.

Instead, she fought on and for months the treatment seemed to be working well. She had been feeling significantly better as of late. The headaches had dissipated, the fevers were infrequent at most, the nausea hadn't been a problem in months, and she dare say she felt... fine. But she knew better than to think too much on that. It had happened before, and weeks afterwards she felt worse than ever. It was a cycle, one she wished she didn't need to continue going through over and over again.

"I love you, Kagome."

Finally, she looked up from their hands to meet his gaze, "I love you, too."

"Hello, you two," Suikotsu greeted as he finally came into the room they had been waiting in for what seemed like hours for the results of her latest tests.

"Suikotsu," Inuyasha replied with a nod his head. "So, how is she?"

"I feel a lot better than before," Kagome stated, but she knew just because she felt one way didn't necessarily mean she was better. The smile that crept up her cousin-in-law's face assured her that just maybe it was a truly good sign for once.

"I have great news," he told them while he handed over the test results to Inuyasha, so he could see for himself. "It looks like Kagome's Furei has gone into remission, just like the others in the treatment. So far, the ones that went into it haven't had it resurface. One has had Furei in remission for over three years now. In France, there's one that's had it in remission for four years. This is a very, very good sign."

A small, unreal, laugh left Kagome's lips as she slid off the examining table to hug her doctor. She had dreamed that such a fate would become a reality but she had never risen her hopes that high. Maybe… just maybe everything would be alright after all?

"Inuyasha," Kagome gleeful called out while she spun around to look at her husband, who still stared, unblinking, at the results that Suikotsu had given him. Apparently it hadn't sunk in yet… they beat Furei. He had always said they would, constantly told her that this would eventually happen, and that they'd get to live into old age together and watch Aiko and Aki grow up and get married together but… but he had always thought in the back of his head that that wouldn't happen.

That he'd lose her before he should have to… but he didn't now.

He barely looked up from the file before he felt a pair of arms flung around his neck to hold him tight. All he could think to do was wrap his arms around her in reply. Somehow everything was going to work out for them. Their end, the time he had always worried about, was a far, far, ways away now.

Finally, fate appeared to be on their side.

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