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It had been three months since Margo had visited Mark's house. As the days went by they learned more about each other and grew very close. They were often found under the only tree in the entire school yard talking or the library. Margo got fed up with having Alice and Natalie tease her about liking him and actually asked Mark to sit in the empty desk in their group of four desks so they wouldn't tease her during class. Of course, it just meant that Alice and Natalie would tease her even more outside of school and in the change room.

When Ms. Liaber handed out the English assignments back all graded she said that all of the assignments sucked and the only one that didn't get a bad mark belonged to Mark and Margo. When one of the students got mad and said it wasn't fair Mr. Liaber threw a ruler at him.

"I think you might want to stop that," Mark said pointing to Margo who was being dragged by Alice.

"Why?" Alice asked.

"Because I think she's unconscious from you dragging her around everywhere."

"She's fine."

"No she's not."

"Yes she is."

"Alice! She has a black eye because you almost hit her into a rock."

"But I didn't hit her into a rock."

"Yes, but right after you hit her into flag pole."

"No I didn't."

"Yes you-" Mark held his hand against his forehead. "Never mind."

Mark grabbed Margo and started walking off.

"Where are you going?" Alice cried.

"To the school doctor," Mark didn't look back.

"I hope they don't do anything they'll regret later when she wakes up," Alice said.

Natalie cocked an eyebrow. "You really have a dirty mind."


"That's not supposed to be a good thing."

Margo woke up not knowing where she was. She raised her self up and looked around. She was in one of the hospital beds kept in the mini hospital at the school. No one else was in the room. She heard a creak as the door to the room opened and Nurse Duncan and Mark came in.

"Oh good, you're awake," Nurse Duncan said.

"How'd I get here?" Margo asked while rubbing her head.

"This nice young fellow here brought you in."

"What happened to me?"

"Alice and Natalie knocked you unconscious while dragging you around." Mark said, sighing.

Margo got out of the bed and started walking towards the door. "Let's go Mark. We're late for class."

Margo and Mark walked into Ms. Liaber's class. Ms. Liaber looked at them and told them to take a seat, not even asking why they were late or giving them a detention.

"How come they don't get a detention for being late?" A student cried.

"Because they aren't almost always half-an-hour late for class everyday," Ms. Liaber hissed.

"But that's not fair!"

"Neither is life, shut up."

Margo and Mark sat down beside each other in the desks across from Alice and Natalie. Margo looked at the bored to see what they were doing for the period. Written on the whiteboard. It said Self Study. "Ms. Liaber clearly doesn't want to teach us."

"I don't think she's ever actually taught a class," Natalie said not looking up from her binder full of math equations.

"Then why would she ever be hired to be a teacher?" Mark asked.

"I heard it was because she slept with the principle," Alice whispered working on her french assignment.

"Is there ever a time when your mind isn't filled with perverted thoughts?" Margo asked.

"Hey, I'm just saying what I've heard."

"Alice," Margo said. "I have no idea why I'm friends with you."

"It's 'cause I'm awesome."

"Yeah right," Natalie snickered. "I'm sure that's the reason."

Mark looked at Margo and whispered in her ear, "You have some weird friends."

Margo rolled her eyes, "Yeah, I know."

"Where's Ms. Liaber?" Mark asked staring at where she usually would sit. "She's later than usual."

"I know," Margo said. "Maybe she decided not to come into work today."

"I don't really care what's happened to her," Natalie stated blankly. "I don't think anyone will miss her."

"I'm sure no one will notice she's gone," Alice said.

The classroom door opened and everyone turned their attention to the person who entered. It was Ms. Duncan. She was wearing a white blouse with a navy blue blazer over top and a flannel skirt. She walked into the front of the classroom and bowed, with her hands holding books in front of her.

"Hello class," Ms. Duncan smiled. "Ms. Liaber won't be back for a while so I'll be filling in as your new teacher."

"What happened to Ms. Liaber?" Mark asked.

"She decided to take a little vacation. Of course, a little vacation probably means that she won't be coming back for a while."

Everyone looked at Ms. Duncan with disbelief. What kind of teacher would ditch their job during the school year to go on a vacation?

"How on earth did Ms. Liaber ever become a teacher?" Margo burst out.

"I'll tell you guys later," Ms. Duncan replied. "I've got something important to go over. On Friday the class is going to have to pick a student to be the class representative. Any one who wants to campaign must give a speech about why they would like to become the representative and then the rest of the students will vote."

Ms. Duncan looked at the clock above the door, "You should get going to your next class. The bell for the end of homeroom is going go any minute."

The students all got up and walked towards the door. Ms. Duncan smiled as she saw Mark and Margo laugh while walking out the doors. I have a feeling I already know who the class rep is going to be.

The lunch room was lively with everyone talking about who should be the student to represent their class. Most were having arguments over who the would be a good rep. Several fist fights managed to break out and many people were being sent to the principles office to be scolded.

"You should totally go for being class rep Margo!" Alice exclaimed.

"You don't need to scream," Natalie said looking up from her book. "We're not fifty miles away you know."

Alice totally ignored Natalie's remark. "Seriously Margo, you should."

"No way!" Margo said. "I'd be a terrible class rep. Being class rep comes with huge responsibilities and I would probably freak out from all the pressure."

"I think you would be a great class rep," Mark said.

Margo's face turned a slight shade of pink. "Y-you think so?"

Alice and Natalie exchanged smirks.

"Actually, I think you're the best person for being the class rep," Margo said to Mark.

"I'm going to agree with you Margo," Natalie said. "Mark would probably be the best student in our class for the job. If you decide to go for being the class rep then you'll definitely get it."

"What makes you say that?"

"Mark, ever single year the class rep candidates are idiots. So far the students in our class have always just voted for the one who's the smartest. Which isn't saying much," Alice explained.

Mark thought about it for a while. There was a long pause before he finally came to a decision. "I'll do it."