My friend Commander "Shrimp Pie" had this wonderful inspiration.


Another sleepless night for Lieutenant Rei Fukai, it has been three days, but his Yukikaze is still not come back.

Commemorate #1:

She's still alive, in his heart, in his blood.


"My daughter, you can be with him in shape of human, but remember to report back to hangar before 12:00 midnight."

Tragedy #1:

Yukikaze is still waiting her beloved pilot to get on board, she doesn't know the definition of "death" to human.


"Both of your body and soul are mine, lieutenant."


Yukikaze's instrument panel feels cool, very comfortable.


"Yuki-chan, if you wanna kill me, do it."


A couple is hugging no very far, suddenly Rei feels his seat belts tighten up silently.


My proscenium is the battlefield of blaze, my navigation beacon is your gaze of warmth.


To fly in the skies above this planet which is given the name "Fairy", we need wings forged by iron and steel.


Rei comes back to his cell, opens the door, and then figures out on his bed there is…

Time Travel:

A young boy, Rei Fukai, is sleeping on Yukikaze's wing, and is having a sweet dream of flying.

Envy #1:

Rei and Jack are walking out from hangar shoulder by shoulder, while Yukikaze is staring at them from behind.


Rei kissingly fondles Yukikaze's instrument panel: "Dance with me, Yuki-chan."

Control Tower: "Wait lieutenant, sensors show B-3's system temperature suddenly rockets high."

Envy #2:

During a battle.

Rei: "That JAM is strange in shape…a new type?"

Yukikaze's main screen: "I have control." Then lock on target, fire!

Envy #3:

Rei: "Look, that's Jack…Yuki-chan, why do you tighten up seat belts and lock up canopy?"


The combat is already over, but in the sky, transmissions of "B-3 calling for friendlies" are still not stop.


"This is control tower, lieutenant, B-3 demands you to scrub her body yourself."

Commemorate #2:

Her outer form is flying in the sky, but her soul, had already been engraved on the tombstone.

Commemorate #3:

"When I first saw her, she was like this…" Rei describes with a smile, and gesticulates an outline by fingers, but he can't stop tears pouring out from eyes.

Tragedy #2:

Jack: "Monster, now are you satisfied? Do you know he still worries about you even in his last moment?"

Commemorate #4:

On Rei's palm is a tiny piece of metal: "This is the only thing she left…"


Rei: "Yuki-chan, please dance with me one more time."

Yukikaze's main screen: "No, this time you dance with me, lieutenant."


Somewhere on Planet Earth, a flight strip.

Rei opens gate of hangar: "Wanna dance with me, Yuki-chan?"

Roar of high-performance engines emerges.