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Summary: 18 year old Lily Evans is a Death Eater and 20 year old James Potter is an Auror. When a Death Eater meeting is broken up by a group of aurors, Lily is captured, by you guessed it-James and is taken prisoner.


Flirting With the Enemy

By: Sierra Sitruc

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Chapter 1 Captured

Lily Evans walked next to her fellow Death Eater Severus Snape; talking about the usual things.

"Sev, what's this meeting about, and WHY are they having it in all places; a forest?" Lily asked, as they ducked underneath branches that were hitting them from the trees above them. They were heading to their Death Eater meeting, Voldemort wasn't going to be there, but nobody minded, he scared them all.

Severus sighed, "I think its about this new raid they're going to have next weekend- on muggles." Severus looked at Lily and watched her shiver in fright.

Being muggleborn Lily hated being a Death Eater, but it was either be a Death Eater; or have her parents murdered. Voldemort didn't say much to her; he just wanted followers, he'd wanted Lily on his side for her power, and it was no wonder.

She'd been Head Girl, Prefect, top scores for fifty years in charms. She was brilliant, and she was an awesome fighter, who wouldn't want her? But before Dumbledore had secured her onto their side, Voldemort had gotten a hold of her…

"What about this whole- forest scene, it creeps me out." Lily said shivering again.

"Do you expect me to know everything?"

"Yes." Lily said smiling sweetly at him through the dark, he couldn't see her smiling but he could sense it. There were few smiles among the Death Eaters, not many people made friends with in the circle either; it was too dangerous.

Lily and Severus were only friends because they had one thing in common- they didn't want to be Death Eaters, Lily didn't exactly know why he'd even become one in the first place, but she thought it was because he had been young and afraid of the Dark Lord.

Lily remembered when she'd found out he had turned spy; it had been before they were friends and back when she still hated him (old feelings from school).


Lily was at Hogwarts on business for her 'other' job. A reporter for the Daily Prophet she was interviewing Dumbledore on his latest fights against Voldemort. She had been about to enter his office when she heard Severus' voice through the door. She listened quietly and what she'd heard scared her they were talking about HER.

"Severus, any new Death Eaters I should be wary of?" Dumbledore asked solemnly.

"Well, I don't know if you should be wary of her, she's not likely to kill, but she's powerful and if HE puts the Imperious Curse on her, she's a deadly weapon." Severus said quietly.

"Who Severus?" Dumbledore asked.

"Lily Evans." Lily with held her gasp so as not to get caught.

"Really?" Dumbledore sounded slightly shocked. "I never would have guessed it."

"Me either, she was always Miss Perfect (excuse me Professor) but she was, I would have thought her the last to go, she was such a well respected Ravenclaw after all."

"There maybe more to it they we think, but we will soon find out, Miss Evans do come in."

Lily's legs shook with fright as she entered the room. She looked at Severus whose eyes were wide in fear and his mouth was gaping open. Dumbledore looked amused at Severus' looks.

"Sit down; I suppose you've guessed what Severus is?"

"A spy, traitor, in danger of losing his life." Lily muttered, she had been so sure he'd joined and wouldn't waver in loyalty to the 'Master'.

"Yes, all those things are true, now at the moment, I am most interested in what you think we should do to you, now that we know you are in fact a Death Eater, you obviously let your identity slip to the wrong people." Dumbledore said and his eyes flickered over Severus.

"Professor I don't know what you're talking about." Lily lied quickly thinking of a way to get out of this mess. "I've only come here to do an interview with you for the Daily Prophet, and won't they be interested to hear you have been accusing people of- THAT!" Lily was a good actress, but Dumbledore's eyes grew sad as he saw through EASILY what she was doing.

"Oh, yes I forgot about the appointment." Dumbledore said.

"She is a Death Eater Dumbledore- I would never lie!" Severus exclaimed and glared at Lily.

"I believe you Severus, but Lily is afraid right now she-."

"EXCUSE ME, I'm right here! I am SO leaving; I don't have to take this abuse! I'm telling my editor you were too busy to see me!" Lily said as calmly as she could, and raced out of the door.

Severus started to follow her but Dumbledore stopped him. "She won't tell Severus, she's got too good a heart, but her knowledge of you is more of a danger to her then anyone."

Severus gulped. "What are we going to do? Arrest her, like the others?"

"She's not much of threat, not to anyone but herself. I don't think she truly wants to be a Death Eater and I suggest you find out what her story is."

~End of Flashback~

Lily had sworn Severus to secrecy about why she had really joined, and he hadn't told anyone about it- or so he said, she wasn't sure if she could believe him, but she did as much as she could. He never did tell her why HE had joined in the first place, but she didn't ask.

"Hey- where is this place anyways?" Lily asked; her feet were getting tired from walking for a few miles. "WHY couldn't we apparate again?"

"Too dangerous, the Ministry started monitoring a lot of the Death Eaters going to this meeting and we don't want Ministry workers showing up here. Now we should be arriving at the spot- now!" Severus answered and they came across a meadow slowly filling with Death Eaters from all different areas of the forest.

"Thank God, let's get this over with." Lily said as she walked over to a small group. Only about 12 or so people were there.

No one else knew what the meeting was about either they only knew it was most likely about muggle killings. Lily didn't like the sound of that.

She hadn't planned on killing anyone if she was forced to go to one of those things, so far she hadn't and she'd been a member for several months- about six. Strangely enough, she was never asked to kill on these 'raids' the only thing she was really used for was the Imperious curse and look out. She was exceptionally good at that and the head Death Eater of her group was some older guy named Malfoy or something she wasn't sure, but he told her what to do; like who to curse and what they had to do.

So far she'd mostly cursed Ministry workers who came upon the scene of the crime before they had apparated, normally she took the curse off after an hour of fooling with their brains, and so they couldn't remember who they'd seen. It kept everyone's names cleared so they weren't under suspicion.

The most important person she'd ever cursed was the Ministry of Magic's advisor whose house they had attacked. Lily always stayed behind while the others killed, she was look out.

Lily had witnessed a good many murders, but she learned how to forget them. She pushed out their screams, their faces of pain when they died; she kept it all in the farthest reaches of her mind. That was the only way she stayed sane.

Lily was talking to Severus when it happened. Someone apparated and not two seconds later- "AURORS, 10 OF THEM COMING THIS WAY!" Lily heard some one call from the other side of the meadow.

Someone had chosen to apparate instead of walking which they had been ordered to do; now they were in trouble, but none as much as Lily and the scarce few others who hadn't passed the apparating test yet. She just panicked when she took the test (all three times) so now she was going to have to run from them.

She heard Severus curse under his breath; he'd be apparating in a matter of seconds.

"Severus! I can't apparate!" Lily squealed in fright, nerves racking her body as people disapparated all around her.

"Lil- I can't." Severus stuttered.

"Go Sev, go!" Lily screamed and he was gone.

Lily took off running, her large cloak that was for these special meeting weighed her down, but she couldn't stop running to take it off, but now she was a lot slower then normal and would probably get herself killed- or worse taken prisoner.

"Potter, there goes one! Get 'em!" She heard someone bellow and she KNEW they were coming for her; she didn't even have time to recognize the familiar name.

She was into the trees, but it was dark, it was around 1:00 in the morning, she was tired, and this Auror was coming up behind her fast, she was dodging curses every which way. Lily could see the curses flashing all around her; thankfully none of them were of the green color- the worst of them all.

Lily was panting for breath and she heard her pursuer coming closer, he was still yelling curses and charms at her every where, Lily was surprised she was still in one piece.

Lily was jumping over tree roots, trying not to trip of few times she stumbled, but pulled her self up, and continued at full speed.

Oh God help, help! I'm going to die! They'll torture me for information! Then I'll be sent to Azkaban! Or worse they'll give me that Dementor's Kiss! Oh that Auror is getting closer! Lily thought to herself she was panicking and trying not to get hysterical, but it was too late for that. She could feel tears of defeat rolling down her cheeks. I should have just told Dumbledore my problem, and then I wouldn't be in such a mess!

Lily could here the person breathing heavily behind her and she did something she hadn't thought of before- do to her panicking. She grabbed her wand and yelled out over her shoulder. "Expelliarmus!" but just as she said it the Auror behind her yelled it too, and their wands BOTH flew out of their hands.

She heard the Auror curse, but he didn't stop running, if anything he sped up. Lily squealed and ran faster, only briefly wondering where her wand was at.

He'd been chasing her for a good 20 minutes when Lily was getting worn out, but it seemed the Auror's energy lasted. Oh God, this is it I'm going to die, and he won't be happy that he had to chase me either.

Lily let out a whimper, before she felt someone tackle her had onto the ground, they pinned her down, with he face down; she panted for breath but it was difficult with the MAN on top of her cutting off her air supply.

The Auror on top of her was apparently catching his breath, because he hadn't said anything to her yet, and she was getting uncomfortable with him on top of her. Think fast Lily you might still get out of this! Stop being optimistic Lily, it's never going to happen.

Finally the Auror said something, but it wasn't to her; it was to someone else. "BLACK! Get your ass over here! I finally got them! Did you all get the rest?!" He bellowed.

"Oh James you okay? We were getting worried about you, you'd been gone a while they sent me after you." Lily's ears rang with familiar names James Potter? Could it be him- that Gryffindor guy? And was that SIRIUS Black? What am I thinking, I'm about to die and I'm thinking about two guys I barely even knew! Lily thought angrily to herself, and somehow with the fact that she 'knew' them she found the bravery to speak.

"I can't breath under here would you mind letting me up?" Lily mumbled from her place on the ground.

"I lost my wand- her wand and mine are somewhere over there."

"Accio Wand! Accio wand!" And Sirius handed James his wand back but kept Lily's.

"Looks like you had a nice chase; I guess they couldn't apparate like the rest of them." Sirius said. Yeah just talk about me like I'm not even here.

"Hell yeah, I'm damn tired! Let's get her back to Moody; he'll know what to do." James said, and Lily found herself bounded and floating back to where she came from.

"Who is she anyway?" Sirius asked as he lifted her hood to look at her, Lily cringed. "Holy Shit! You'll never believe this!"

"What who is it- LILY EVANS!" James shouted, "As in Head Girl, Ravenclaw sweet heart?!" James looked appalled so Lily shut her eyes as she spoke.

"Yeah, yeah I know who I am as well as you do, James." Lily said quietly. "I'm going to die." She whispered, trying to get used to the idea.

"It's likely, but I don't know what you've done, they'll put you under Verataseum first to find out what you did and what you know." Sirius told her.

Lily groaned. "That's not going to be pleasant."

"Not likely, but you seem awfully cheery for someone who's going to die." James said grinning slightly- he liked this girl; even though she was the enemy, she was still kind of funny.

"Why thanks, I'm just trying to live my last few moments in peace and harmony." She said groaning as they led her back with magic. "Why, why, why am I going to die?!" Lily cried, and this time she started bawling.

"Never seen anyone do this before." Sirius muttered.

"Me either, she's not like the rest of them." James agreed, but this only made Lily cry harder.

"I'm going to die, I'm going to die!" She repeated over and over until they got to the meadow where she immediately shut up when she met Moody.

"Calm down you stupid girl, you aren't dying yet." Moody said, "Boys the others are already back at Headquarters. Too many of them got away tonight, we only caught three others, not including her so four all together."

Lily couldn't help wondering who they caught, she didn't really care if they died or not- they were horrible people anyways.

"Black you come back with me, a good few Aurors got injured and they'll be needing your help. The rest already took the other prisoners back. Potter take that girl back. By the way good work, I think she's the Imperious person that's been giving us trouble- she might know a lot. Imagine though head girl?" Moody said this all quickly and Lily was astounded at all the information. How'd they know I was the one behind the Imperious Curse? Lily wondered to herself. Where's James going to take me- AZKABAN!? Lily wondered anxiously.

"All right Moody, see you guys in a while, I'll get her questioned and fill out the paper work." James said and Moody and Black disappeared, leaving Lily and James alone in the dark. "Lumos!" James said and they had a small light.

"That's better." Lily said, she was determined not to think about her fate. James started walking her down a path that was in the opposite direction of which she come there.

"You know you're very different from the others I've seen." James said after a while of silence.

"That's great for me; maybe they'll be easy on me and not let me die." Lily said sarcastically.

"Have you ever killed anyone?"

"No, I could NEVER do that." Lily said appalled that anyone would say that to her.

"Have you used an Unforgivable Curses on anyone?"

"Uh, only the Imperious curse, but it's not that terrible or anything, I mean I didn't hurt them- really. It was orders and they would have killed me if I didn't." Lily told him.

"You sure are giving out a lot of information, considering your suppose to hate me and be cussing me out so much that I have to put a silence charm on."

"Is that what everybody else does?" Lily asked getting curious.

"Yup, they aren't the most pleasant bunch, and would certainly never tell me which curses they have and have not done."

"I'll have you know I am different."

"How so?"

Lily seriously considered telling him the real reason she was a Death Eater, but she could do that later. Right then she was more worried about saving her butt, maybe she could convince him she was just at the wrong place at the wrong time, maybe he'd even let her walk then she could escape, but he's just catch her anyways, she didn't even have her wand this time.

"I'm just different, you'll find out after putting me under that severe truth potion, so how long 'til we get there so I can see how long I have to live."

"They probably won't kill you since you haven't killed anyone, but your still going to Azkaban." Lily let out a whimper. James couldn't help but feel sorry for her, he'd never felt sorry for a Death Eater, especially after what they did…

"I don't want to die James." Lily cried, she wished she could see her parents one last time, tell them she did this for them that she's going to Azkaban (where she will die) for them.

"Who DOES want to die?" James asked looking down at her floating body. "Oh by the way we'll be there in a LONG time, I have to walk through this forest then I have to take you through Floo Powder when we get to the nearest house; they won't mind me bringing a Death Eater in." James said grinning slightly.

Lily laughed slightly. "I hate that name 'Death Eater', considering Voldemort is suppose to be some kind of Genius he sucks at names. What's it suppose to mean eater of death, death doesn't sound like an appealing meal to me."

James stared at her.

"What?" She asked.

"You said his name AND made fun of him; you're weird." James said his eyes slightly popping out of his head.


"Well, EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE I've heard about calls Voldemort their Master and they are afraid to say his proper name. And they worship the ground he walks on- you didn't do any of that and you made fun of him!" James said in disbelief.

"Well, he should get used to it."

James grinned at this. "You know under different circumstances, I probably would have been hitting on you by now."

Lily laughed quietly. In truth Lily was beautiful, she'd been popular in school and wanted by mot guys; but her studies were more important the boys back then, now dating was out of the question. "Yeah, under VERY different circumstances, and may I ask are you flirting with your prisoner?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow.

"No, where'd you get that idea?" James asked laughing all the while thinking, Why does she have to be a Death Eater? She's too sweet, kind, funny- wait a second I just met her! Well you did go to school with her- James that doesn't count- stop arguing with yourself. Okay.

"I can't believe you, what would your boss say. I yes sir I was flirting with the prisoner, here you can kill her now."

"I like this better 'flirting with the enemy'. Stop obsessing with you death.

"I can't help it! What would you do if you found out you were doomed to live in Azkaban for the rest of your life which wouldn't be very long since your going THERE?"

"For starters, I wouldn't have joined up with Voldemort." James said gravely.

"Yeah, I wish I hadn't done that my self. It wasn't one of my brighter choices." Lily just tell him, its not that hard- I joined to save my parents lives. No that sounds stupid.

The two continued to talk for a while, just like old friends, considering the situation it was unbelievable. Then a thunderstorm started.

"Oh great, I'm tied up AND it's pouring down rain on me." Lily moaned as rain got in her face.

James looked at her in pity and sighed. "Here I'll do a quick binding charm so we stick together and that way you can at least walk, do you promise to behave?"

"Are you for real?"

"Yeah, do you promise to behave and not try to run away?"

"I promise!" Lily squealed giggling like a little kid as James bound them together and Lily couldn't step two feet away from him, and she could walk. She looks better standing up James thought to himself.

The rain continued to pour and they could barely see where they were going. "Where is this house you were talking about?" Lily asked loudly through the rain.

"Uh, a long ways still."

Lily groaned, she was soaked to the bone and was freezing cold. "This isn't going to be easy." James said a loud.

"No kidding and you aren't the one on their march to death." Lily muttered, her legs were hurting and she was dead tired. "Can we take a break, I'm ready to fall over and go straight to sleep."

"Yeah I guess, here-." James and Lily stopped walking and James conjured a large umbrella that covered a big area so they could stay dry, with chairs underneath it they both sat down relaxing for the moment.

James' worries about getting fired for untying Lily melted away as he saw how peaceful she looked with her eyes closed. It wasn't fair she was going to be sent to Azkaban, he decided he was going to have to try and help her anyway he could.

Lily's worries about dying were still there, but they seemed less important then before and she had no idea why.


Lily woke up in the chair she had been sitting in, she had obviously dozed off, and so had James. He was still sleeping directly next to her.

Lily grinned; he was so adorable when he slept.

Then she had an idea. I could steal his wand undo the spell and get out of here! But I couldn't do that to him, he'd get in trouble probably fired, he shouldn't have even untied me in the first place and he's obviously trusting me, but I don't want to die! The sun was coming up and Lily knew he would be waking up soon and she'd be easier to find in day light, and they knew who she was so she'd be living her life running from the Ministry.

Life was so unfair.

Lily finally broke down and woke James up feeling guilty and wanting to get the day over with as soon as possible. Plus they were probably wondering why James hadn't shown up with her yet.

"James- James wake up." Lily said shaking him awake.

"Its too early- go away Sirius!" James said and shoved Lily away hard enough that it knocked her off balance and since they were under the spell it brought James down too.

"Ouch, James get off me!" Lily mumbled from underneath him.

"What, oh Lily! Sorry about that." James said helping her stand up, she noted he was blushing, but she didn't comment as she was probably matching her hair color.

"Let's get going, I want to hurry up and end my life-achoo!'" Lily sneezed; she was getting sick; that's what happens when you sleep in wet clothes for a few hours.

"Your right we do have to hurry or I'll be in more trouble then I already am." James said and they took off walking quickly, all the while talking or flirting; something you just aren't allowed to do with the enemy.


Chapter 2--