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Dance of the Gypsies

Chapter 1

I always thought that my life would be like any other respectable woman. I always thought that I would marry a respectable gentlemen, perhaps a merchant or a guard, abide by the rules of the Church, and all in all do what was expected of woman of that time.

My future couldn't be further than that.

I was orphaned at a very young age, and found by a small orphanage in Paris. There I lived under the rule of a firm yet kindly older woman, called Valerie. She was optimistic about everything, even though sometimes we didn't even know where our next meal was coming from. I suppose that's where I got my good nature and cheerful attitude. Valerie was also very strict when it came to following orders and getting things done, such as chores and suchlike in the orphanage. We were to be raised as proper young ladies and gentlemen moving up in the world. I was very close with a lot of people in the orphanage, because we were all like family. There was only seven of us, and Valerie, and also Tommy, the handyman who helped out all the time.

I was adopted when I was eleven by the Archdeacon of Notre Dame. I did him a small service, and as thanks he learned of who I was, and took me out of the orphanage to become his ward. That is where I remained until I was seventeen, when things started to pick up in the manner of justice and horror in my story of how my life was changed forever, by one gypsy man.